Monday, June 24, 2013

Benefit's Pretty Committee Available at Ulta!

I always think it's funny how you can stumble across something unexpectedly.

I've been trying to really get the pinterest account that I made specifically for this blog going. It takes a while to find quality pins!  I was looking up Butter London nailpolish on the Ulta website and lo and behold, I saw something amazing.

Ulta is carrying The Pretty Committee set by Benefit.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 2013 Ipsy Glam Bag!

Good morning!

It's Saturday! (Finally)

I love Saturday mornings. Firstly, it feels SO good to be able to sleep in. (Yes, 8:00 is considered "sleeping in"...for me, anyway). And when I do decide to get up, I can make myself a cup of coffee, snuggle back up in bed, and drink it while I check up on my email, read my favorite blogs, and generally just have some quiet me-time before the craziness of the day has to begin.

I don't know what to say about this week. I think my lack of posts despite the fact that I have some awesome stuff to write about speaks for itself. Work has been extra stressful, and my free time post-work has basically been non existent. And even with all of my running around, and cleaning, and cooking I still have a very large basket of clean clothes that needs to be ironed, and a refrigerator that is looking sadly empty.


But, such is adulthood. Chores are never ending. That being said, I'm not going to keep postponing posting an update because I've got a million other things to attend to.

Monday I not only got in my recent Sephora online order, I FINALLY received my first-ever Ipsy Glam Bag. Ipsy is a company that was co-founded by Michelle Phan, a Beauty Guru who got her start vloging on youtube. Ipsy subscribers can create "looks" on their website, in which you share and describe a makeup, hair, or fashion style, link it to helpful video tutorials, and tag recommended products. For $10 subscribers also get a Glam Bag each month with products specially recommended for them. Ipsy also has special look"challenges", where you create a look that centers around a particular theme and product from the Glam Bag. Challenge winners get special prizes as well as have their look featured on the Ipsy home page.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sample Subscriptions and My Birchbox for June 2013

In my recent exploration of the beauty world, I've finally be clued in on the concept of the sample subscription box. It seems that the craze has touched just about all areas of commercial goods, but somehow I managed to stay in the dark about beauty specific ones. For those of you who aren't familiar with the concept, companies are cropping up all over the web that allow you to purchase subscriptions where you are mailed a selection of deluxe samples of different beauty and lifestyle products. Subscribers are usually offered some kind of discount or reward to put toward buying full sized versions of the items they receive. Every company has it own unique range of offerings, and a price point to match. It's a really fun way to try out new types of products or learn about different or up and coming brands. After doing a little research I decided to sign up for two popular sites on the lower end of the price range: Birchbox and Ipsy.

So far I've received two Birchboxes and my first Ipsy Glambag is on its way. My May Birchbox has well gone to use, but since I just got my June Birchbox a few days ago I thought I'd share my goodies (and my first impressions on them) with you!

A little birdie told me...

Hi there!  I want to welcome you all to my new (and sort of first official) beauty blog! I am a lifetime lover of all things bath, body, and beauty related and can't wait to share my musings and discoveries with the world. By day I am a typical 8-5 office worker type. By night I am perusing beauty forums, playing with my embarassingly large makeup collection, reading about the latest and greatest tips, techniques, and products, writing reviews, and generally doing anything and everything I can to further my beauty education. I'm really hoping that with this blog (and my new camera!) I'll be able to put my own stamp on the beauty world, while hopefully inspiring others to explore and experiment right along with me.

So, by way of introductions, here are a few fun random facts about me. I'm sure that over time I will elaborate on them, but also feel free to post in the comments if you want to know more!