Thursday, June 13, 2013

A little birdie told me...

Hi there!  I want to welcome you all to my new (and sort of first official) beauty blog! I am a lifetime lover of all things bath, body, and beauty related and can't wait to share my musings and discoveries with the world. By day I am a typical 8-5 office worker type. By night I am perusing beauty forums, playing with my embarassingly large makeup collection, reading about the latest and greatest tips, techniques, and products, writing reviews, and generally doing anything and everything I can to further my beauty education. I'm really hoping that with this blog (and my new camera!) I'll be able to put my own stamp on the beauty world, while hopefully inspiring others to explore and experiment right along with me.

So, by way of introductions, here are a few fun random facts about me. I'm sure that over time I will elaborate on them, but also feel free to post in the comments if you want to know more!
1. I used to be a competitive ballroom dancer. I joined a team in college, and stuck with it for several years afterward, but recently decided to take a hiatus to give myself time to focus on other things (like maybe this blog, perhaps?). Doing so definitely did give me lots of practice at doing crazy complicated eye makeup and using false lashes (which I STILL have yet to totally master).

2. I love things in miniature, especially beauty products. The packaging is also usually adorable, which, for me sometimes is enough to suck me in. Plus, I feel like it's so much less wasteful when it comes to things that probably should be chucked after a few months (aka mascara). 

3. I love the smell of lemons. Like...I'm kind of obsessed.

4. I really like nailpolish. I'm kind of lazy about actually painting my nails, because I hate not being able to use my hands for an extended period of time (let's be serious, I'm Italian, my hands probably speak as much if not more than my mouth), but I can't stop buying new colors.

5. In my humble opinion, bubble baths are basically the best. A hot shower is great to wake you up in the morning, but nothing beats a long soak in the tub.

6. I've somehow turned into a huge foodie. Barring things that are particularly weird and/or gross, I will eat just about anything, or at least try something once. I love cooking, and I love eating.

7. I'm a huge crafting/DIY advocate. I've got an entire room dedicated to my crafting supplies in the basement....yeah.

I'm sure that over time more fun facts will come to light, but I figure this is enough to start out with. Thank you all for reading, and I hope you'll stay tuned for my upcoming posts!

Stay gorgeous,