Thursday, September 26, 2013

September 2013 Ipsy Glambag

This month's Ipsy Glambag is all about classic beauty. I've always been a huge fan of timeless style, so this bag definitely struck a chord with me. I got five makeup items (4 of which were full sized!!) that are versatile enough to go from retro to rocker.

$19, Full Size

I was super excited to see that I got this Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in my bag this month. I had received their gel eyeliner in my June bag and really loved it, so I definitely was interested in trying more of their products. This lip balm is actually in the same packaging format as the eyeliner - a pot-style product with a brush built into the lid. Product-wise I would call this balm more of a balm/stain/lipstick hybrid. It's a bit more sheer than a lipstick, and has a very matte finish, but the color can be built to be quite intense and opaque. The built in brush is handy for precise application and touch ups on the go. You won't be needing to do too much touching up, though, because this stuff has some serious lasting power. It sets to a dry finish, so it doesn't transfer easily and stays put all day. The only downside to this is that it feels drying on the lips, so you may want to apply gloss on top if you need more moisturization. All of us Ipsters got the color Big Apple - the perfect choice for a classic red lip. I got inspired after using this to dig through my red lip selection and write a review on my favorites, so stay tuned for that!

$4.50, Full Size

Ipsy also gave me my first introduction to NYX back in June, which I have found to be a really great brand if you are looking for affordable cosmetics. This month I received a NYX eyeshadow in the color Morocco - a deep shimmering purple. For less than $5, I am pretty happy with this product. The color payout is decent, and the shade makes for a really beautiful smokey eye (perhaps I'll have to take some pics?). I typically use my NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base underneath any eye makeup, so I can't speak too well about how this holds up without it

$12.00, Full Size

To follow suit with the last two products, I received yet another product from a company I'd first been introduced to in my June Glambag - Starlooks. Unfortunately I was not as big of a fan of this eyeliner as I was of the lipliner that I received previously. I may be biased a bit, because I'm generally more of a  gel and liquid liner person, but I still think that there are better performing eye pencils out there regardless. I felt like the formula was a little bit too hard (as sometimes is the case with pencils that need to stand up to sharpening) which meant lots of tugging and skipping when you try to apply. With primer the lasting power was average, but I didn't find that this stayed on too well if applied to the waterline. On the flip side, you definitely get your money's worth as this pencil is huge. It makes me a little sad that I didn't like this more, because it'll feel like a waste to not use it (especially when there's so much product to use).

$14, Full Size

Until recently I don't think I realized how important it is to fill in and groom your brows to finish off your look. In the past I think I had used products that were too dark to look natural, which may have deterred me for a while, but since I've been sent a few brow products through Ipsy and Birchbox I'm beginning to sing a different tune. This Victoria Jackson Taupe Brow Pencil is another universal product that can be used on just about anyone to make their brows look fuller and more defined. I think this is the creamiest eyebrow pencil that I've ever tried, which means it definitely glides on easily, but is also easy to overdo if you aren't careful. I really like the self sharpening format, especially in something that you don't have to create a perfectly precise line with. This taupe shade, even though it is quite a few shades lighter than my natural hair color looks much less harsh than a dark brown pencil. I think I will definitely be incorporating this into my everyday makeup routine!

Travel Size, $8 Value ($19.99 Full Size)

Mascara is an absolute beauty staple in my book, so you would think I should be more excited to get mascara samples in my subscription bags and boxes. I think the only reason I feel indifferent is that I've managed to amass about 30 different trial sized mascaras, and I feel somewhat overwhelmed as it is at the prospect of trying and testing them all, let alone adding a few more to the mix. Still, I did make an effort to try out this mascara. I'd never heard of Elizabeth Mott before, so this was my first introduction to the brand. I think this is definitely a solid product, although maybe not the most amazing mascara I've ever tried. It doesn't label itself as being waterproof, but from the way that it wears and especially the way it washes off it definitely seems to be. I actually would look at this more favorably as a waterproof mascara, because a lot of them tend to fall flat on adding volume, and this one definitely does give you the look of fuller lashes. Also, for the couple of times that I tried this out there wasn't any flaking and smudging. I don't think I'll end up buying the full size (especially at a $20 price point), but I will definitely continue to use this sample.

Total Bag Value: $57.50

I think this is my second highest valued Glambag to date! Ipsy definitely outdoes itself every month by giving its subscribers a great selection of products, and almost always at least including one or two full-sized items. When my life is less insane I promise I will post more pictures of these products in action.

As always, if you're interested in becoming an Ipsy subscriber, let them know I sent you their way by using this handy referral link. It's only $10 a month to subscribe, and I have yet to have a bag that didn't at least double the value of what I paid.

Until next time, stay gorgeous!