Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 2013 Birchbox

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I don't think I truly started appreciating the 4 day span of a long Thanksgiving weekend until the past few years. As a kid Thanksgiving is a holiday without presents. As an adult I see Thanksgiving as giving me the best gifts I could ask for - a few days off from work to spend doing things I enjoy, an opportunity to cook and eat delicious food, and most of all, the opportunity to see people who make me happy.

So, before I get to cooking and other preparations for dinner later today, I thought I would savor these moments of getting to lay around in bed and take some time to finally review my November Birchbox!
My box this month was pretty awesome, with a perfect selection of everyday staples that will come in handy not only in these colder months, but really any time of year. So, without me rambling on, let me dive right into to the goodies I got!

Sample Value - $4.00 ($8.00 Full-size)

I can never have too much nailpolish, and this shimmery champagne-y copper color is a perfect addition to my collection for the holiday season.  Two coats give you an opaque metallic finish that takes neutral to the next level for those days or nights you need a little extra glam.

Color Club has personally never been my absolute favorite polish formula, but it is decent overall. The texture of this particular polish, especially having a metallic sheen, makes it a little bit more finicky. You'll have to take your time applying it, as brush strokes are easily visible. I would also say the wear time of this polish is nothing special, but will hold up for at least a couple days without chipping.

Sample Value - $5.00 ($20.00 Full-Size)

Tocca is a more recent beauty discovery for me, but the more I continue to explore the line, the more I absolutely fall in love with it. This hand cream is no exception. It's got a silky, luxurious feel and absorbs quickly into your skin. The Cleopatra scent is a lovely combination of citrusy Grapefruit and refreshing cucumber that reminds me of springtime. And even if that isn't quite up your alley, Tocca offers a huge range of scents for their products, so I'm positive there will be one you'll love!

Full-Sized, $18.00

It's always an amazing surprise to see a full-sized product in a subscription box - especially one that you love. I actually received this same pencil in my Ipsy Glambag back in June and it immediately became one of my everyday beauty staples. It's a super creamy highlighter that can be used to add brightness all over your face. Since it blends like a dream, it can be applied anywhere without looking chalky or unnatural. I most frequently use mine under my brow arches, on the bridge of my nose, the inner corners of my eyes, or on my cupids bow. I also really appreciate the fact that it's a matte product, as so many highlighters use shimmery particles to brighten and reflect light.

Sample Value - $1.25 (Full-Size $6.00)

I have encountered very few people who don't feel happier after eating a piece of chocolate. I am not one of them. A little bit of chocolate is a surefire way to cheer me up regardless of what kind of day I've been having. This little Choco Pod was an adorable and tasty treat, and I loved the unique flavor combination of orange and bergamot with dark chocolate. It was definitely an exercise in willpower to not eat it immediately after opening my box!

You can purchase a full-sized bar in the Birchbox shop for $6.00. Or, if you are looking for some variety, you can also purchase this set of 8 Choco Pods and sample all of the unique flavors that Chuao has to offer. I personally decided to go that route, as I thought a sampling of different chocolates would be really fun to pair with wine for a girl's night in.

Sample Value - $5.67 (Full-Size $34.00)

A good exfoliating scrub is definitely a winter-time skincare staple. I've tried quite a few, and this one from Vasanti is definitely up there as one of the best. It combines both chemical and physical exfoliants to help you slough off that dry winter skin, without being overly harsh or irritating. Papaya extract helps to start breaking down the dead skin cells, while the super-fine micro-crystals let you buff them away. An added combination of aloe and vitamins also protect and nourish your freshly exfoliated skin. Since my skin is extra sensitive and acne prone I have to be very careful about what exfoliants I use and not going overboard with using them. But, so far I haven't had any irritation from using this scrub!

So there you have it! Another solid month for Birchbox in my humble opinion. I would also highly recommend checking out the Birchbox website. They have so many fun Holiday promotions and excellent gift ideas in their shop that it's definitely worth checking out. Or, if you aren't already a subscriber, perhaps you should consider giving yourself a Christmas present that will keep on giving all year round and sign up!

Total Box Value: $33.92

And now I'm off to help my mom finish up cooking all kinds of delicious eats. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Stay gorgeous,