Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'm Alive! - A post blogger-break update

Hello there beautiful readers!

In case you haven't noticed, I've been a bit MIA for the past few months. It certainly wasn't my intention to neglect my much loved blog, but...you know...life.

It happens.

But, after a good night's sleep, waking up early and perusing bloglovin' for the first time in ages, I had a moment of serious longing and decided to post an update.

I've been thinking a lot about the focus of Little Blushing Birdie during my hiatus. Obviously I'm a pretty huge beauty fanatic, and of course I plan on continuing to post reviews and tutorials of my favorite discoveries. But, I also have a lot of other hobbies that I was thinking may be fun to write about and share with you all.

In particular, I love to cook. When I was first thinking about starting a blog I was very much conflicted as to whether or not I should write a food themed blog, or a beauty blog, as enjoy both topics immensely. Ultimately, though, I knew I was much too lazy and sporadic with my food-related activities to blog reliably about them, and thus, a beauty blogger I became! And blogging about beauty related topics has been awesome. I've learned a ton, tried what feels like a million new products, and met some really cool new people who share my passion for nail polish and body scrubs.

Still, I had a moment of enlightenment recently. Who says I can't be a beauty blogger and ALSO blog about my latest recipe finds or interesting craft projects or other fun things I've come across in life? And so, my hope for this new year is to transform Little Blushing Birdie into a place that is a more honest reflection of who I am as a person, and all of the little things that I'd love to share with the world.

So stay tuned lovelies for new posts, new content, and all kinds of fun things to come your way. If there's anything in particular you'd love to read more about, write me a comment!  Feedback is the best.

Until soon!