Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Playing Catch-up

You know that feeling you get when you realize you've neglected to respond to a text, and it's been just long enough that saying something now feels incredibly awkward?

This is what I feel like when I come back from a blogging hiatus.

As my co-worker Gigi has reprimanded me (lovingly, of course), "Lauren, you're slacking!"

It's true. I've been pretty absent for a while now.

There are a good 6 or 7 posts-in-progress crying for my attention. And I've got what feels like a billion other things to write about. But I've been pretty distracted with the happenings of life outside the blogosphere. Between the gentle (or sometimes not so gentle) words of encouragement of my friends and readers, as well as some excellent news that's come my way, I've decided I was way overdue to say hello.

While I haven't been blogging, I have been busy with quite a few fun things. I had my first-ever music festival experience this past June at Firefly. Let me tell you. 80,000 people is a lot of people. And even though it sounds like a lot, to actually be in a crowd that massive is kind of surreal.

Also vaguely claustrophobic.

To give you a general idea, this is what a small area around me looked like. If you could only see the sea of people extending out behind us.


Aside from the sheer magnitude of people, the festival was definitely an experience. Lots of good music, lots of good company. While I'm not sure if I have the energy in me anymore to do this kind of thing with any regular frequency, I'm really glad I went.

Speaking of firsts, I also ran my first 5K! Now, I am not a runner. Like, really. I kind of hate running. But I had seen pictures of these color races and they looked fun enough to make the whole running part worth it. To be honest, in attempting to train for said race I actually found that going for a run wasn't so bad. Maybe even…enjoyable. There's something about being alone with your thoughts and some good tunes that does wonders for the mind.

Anyway, Run or Dye was basically awesome. My best friend and I finished in about 35 minutes, which for us felt like an accomplishment. We also totally busted out some ridiculous moves at the finish line dance party.

That's right. There was a dance party. It looked something like this:

Needless to say, I've already signed up to do my next fun run in the fall. I still wouldn't classify myself as a runner, but I definitely have more positive feelings towards it now than I ever have before.

My last bit of catch-up news is that my parents got a SUPER ADORABLE PUPPY. Just look at her.

I mean, really. How can I not get distracted by something that cute?! Her name is Mia, she's part Yorkie, part Maltese, and is completely aware of how much everyone loves her.

So, now that you know a few of the things I've been busy with since…May (May? Really?), I hope to have lots more posts coming your way. Product reviews. Recipes. General musings from my crazy mind.

And perhaps also some fun news, too!

Until then,
<3 Lauren