Sunday, September 7, 2014

100th Post Special - Why I Love Blogging

100 posts.

It seems a bit surreal.

Looking back over 99 different reviews, tutorials, and general ramblings I've got to say that I feel a certain sense of accomplishment. Blogging has become quite the beloved hobby of mine, that despite life being…well…life, I always enjoy coming back to. I thought, in honor of such a special occasion, I would share the 5 things I've most enjoyed about my blogging experience so far.

1. I'm always discovering new things.

Since I've started blogging my beauty collection has probably increased exponentially. Being immersed in the beauty world has definitely helped steer me in the direction of new products to try and fall in love with on an almost daily basis. It's also greatly expanded my knowledge base, both through my own experimentation, and through the trials and tribulations of the gurus I follow. Most importantly, though, blogging is full of self-discovery, letting me figure out what I love, defining my own personal tastes, and developing the confidence to share who I am with the world.

2. I've become part of an amazing blogger community.

One of the most awesome part of writing a blog is getting to share your passion for something with other bloggers out there. With the amount of time and energy that goes in to writing a blog, it's no surprise that we're a motivated, enthusiastic bunch of individuals who appreciate each other's unique stories and opinions. I've come across so many talented and supportive people in my blogging adventures, and they definitely are a huge source of inspiration for me.

3. I get to create something and share it with others.

There is something incredibly rewarding to me about the process of creation. While I'm all for sticking my nose in a book, snuggling up to watch a movie, or sitting down for a rousing evening of board games, I think I'm happiest when I have something to show for my free time. Blogging does involve quite of effort. I've got to test a multitude of products, try out different looks, photograph and edit hundreds of pictures, write posts, constantly maintain my social media accounts. It's hard work, but totally worth it for the satisfying feeling of hitting that "Publish" button. Beyond that, every comment or tweet that I get about something I posted seriously makes my day. To know that I made something that another person out there found helpful or entertaining is kind of the best feeling ever.

4. Blogging opens the door for unique experiences and opportunities.

Sometimes I look back at the things I've gotten to do as a result of writing this blog and think, "How awesome is that?!". I've had brands reach out to me to review products that normally I might never have thought to try. I've gone to New York to attend an exclusive Birchbox event, AND I got to be featured as their Birchblogger of the month in August. I've networked with visiting makeup artists that I've bumped into at ULTA or Sephora. I feel exhilarated and humbled by the experiences that I've got to have so far, and can't wait to see where my blogging adventures take me next!

5. Blogging is everything I love rolled in to one.

There is seriously no aspect of blogging that I don't enjoy. Not only do I get to utilize my writing and photography skills, I also get to utilize them in a way that expresses my passion for every other hobby I've got. From my skincare routine, to my love of pretty office supplies, to a new recipe I came up with, blogging gives me a place to share all of the things that make me happy. Life is so often full of stress and responsibilities that it's easy to lose sight of these little things. Blogging helps me to recenter, to lighten up, and most importantly, to have fun.