Sunday, October 26, 2014

Julep Maven Welcome Box

As a self proclaimed nail polish junkie, it's kind of surprising that it's taken me this long to become a Julep Maven. Prior to now I've owned approximately 1 Julep polish (compliments of this Limited Edition Birchbox from last year) in a bright cherry red color. I loved the formula, but I never ended up biting the bullet and splurging on other shades. I did, however, subscribe to emails from the website, just to keep myself in the loop with sales and other discounts that might be going on.

Of course, when the word was spread about the Julep Trick or Treat Mystery box, my interest was piqued. I love all things Halloween, and I had just recently purged my nail polish collection. While I was hemming and hawing over whether or not to splurge and buy it, I decided to revisit the whole Maven subscription idea. With a code to get your first box free, and free shipping on my order (since I did, in fact, order the mystery box after all) I decided to take a chance and give Maven a try.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Julep Maven box, it's a subscription service that sends over $40 worth of nail polish and other beauty goodies to your doorstep each month. A monthly subscription costs $24.99, however, if you pay for three months in advance (which is what I chose to do) each box is reduced to a fee of $19.99. Compared to other subscription boxes, one of the neat things about the Maven box is that it's completely customizable! You can choose a preset box of goodies, or swap items out for others from that month's collection if you'd prefer something totally different. You can also upgrade and add on additional products for a discounted price if you feel like treating yourself to something extra.

If that isn't enough, there are also a ton of other perks to being a Maven. All subscribers receive a 20% discount on Julep products with ANY order they place. There is also a points reward system that you can put towards free boxes and product upgrades. Lastly, Mavens also get access to special sales and a secret online store so they can snag some of the hottest and limited run items before anyone else (and at a bargain at that)!

If you're still a bit iffy as to whether or not Maven is right for you, there are always promotional codes to get your first box free. Right now you can use the code "FREEFALL" with your first order. If this code expires, the Julep website usually has an advertisement with the current free code on the home page.

So let's get in to my welcome box! Unlike your usual monthly box, your welcome box is not customizable, although you will have an option to purchase add-ons at crazy discounts if you so choose. New subscribers should take the beauty quiz and also fill out their beauty profile to help them figure out which Maven category they best fit into. Apparently my style is "Bombshell", which I can't complain about. Now that my box has arrived I was a little confused to see that I hadn't received any Bombshell products. Regardless, I was still really happy with what I got!

My welcome box contained three nail polish shades and a Gel Eye Glider with a total value of $58! That's not too bad considering I was able to get it for free. Here's a closer look at each of the products I received.

(Classic With a Twist)
Finish: Silk/Satin
Color Description: Charcoal Purple Satin

This is probably one of the first "finish effects" polishes I've added to my collection. I know there are a million of them out there with different textures and looks, but what can I say? Glitter is usually as adventurous as I'll go. Anyway, this Satin Finish polish was really interesting. First off, I love the color, which is a rich, smoky purple with strong blue undertones. I never get enough of these moody colors for fall. The satin finish is somewhere between a matte and a gloss, delivering just as you would think. It's got just a tiny bit of shine, like you would with satin sheets, but without any glossiness. What's also nice is that you can easily layer over a glossy top coat if you aren't a fan of this look. I've also seen some cool nail art designs that utilize strategically placed glossy top coat to make patterns on the polish. Perhaps I'll have to try that out sometime!

(Classic With a Twist)
Finish: Sheer/Frost/Pearl
Color Description: Sheer soft pink crème

I'm not usually a fan of sheer polish formulas, but I think this one will definitely have a useful place in my arsenal. This soft pink color is perfect as a base for a french manicure, which I do like to rock from time to time. I actually don't have a shade like this on hand, so I'm kind of glad to have received it. The following swatches are with two coats, just to give you a perspective on how sheer this formula is. If you're a fan of the naked nail look you may even be happy with the look of a single coat.

(It Girl)
Finish: Metallic/Chrome
Color Description: Titanium metallic

Even though I'm more of a creme polish kind of a girl, I think this metallic polish is gorgeous! It's made of a very fine microglitter that leaves a really brilliant, opaque finish after two coats. Metallics and chromes often look lovely with fall and winter wardrobes, so I think I'll be sporting this color more than once in the coming months!


While Julep is widely known for their awesome polishes, they also have a constantly growing range of beauty and skincare products as well. I don't have an eyeliner shade similar to this one, so I am happy to have gotten it! A soft, shimmery taupe will be really beautiful for everyday wear, as I find black is often a little bit of an overkill for the work day. It glides on very smoothly without tugging, and sets incredibly well. I did a smudge test on this hand swatch and after 30 seconds you seriously could not get this stuff to budge. Even with soap and water it's difficult to remove. Long story short, eye makeup remover is a must for this bad boy.

I have to say, I'm really pleased with my first Julep experience. I liked all four products I received and think I'll be able to use them all quite a bit. The quality of everything was also on point. From the sleek design, to a well functioning brush, to a smooth and streak free formula, Julep makes some amazing nail polish. I was also pleasantly surprised at how good the eyeliner I received was. The wear on it is quite impressive.

I also received my Trick or Treat Mystery Box at the same time as my welcome box, and that was equally (if not even moreso) impressive! Be on the lookout for a full review of that coming soon.

Are you interested in becoming a Julep Maven? Let me refer you!