Monday, November 10, 2014

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick Review

Call me lame, but I totally get excited whenever I stumble across a new beauty launch. I was perusing the aisles of ULTA a few weeks ago when a Revlon display caught my eye and totally ended up sucking me in (I even ended up taking a pic and instagraming it because, once again, I am a beauty nerd). These Ultra HD Lipsticks and Lacquers are apparently going to be part of the permanent Revlon line, although they have yet to appear anywhere on their website. The lipstick collection includes 12 shades, each named after a flower (which I think is oh-so-pretty), while the lacquer collection contains 15 (not 100% sure) shades named after gemstones (also very pretty). Since I personally am on a lipstick kick lately I decided to try them out first, and picked up three shades to swatch and play with.

Before I get into the specific shades I chose, let's talk a little bit about the packaging. Appearance wise I think it's gorgeous. I love the shiny metallic base, and the clear plastic top is cut in a way that mimics the look of crystal. I think it's a really pretty, luxe touch. I also like that you can see the product through the lid, making it easier to judge the actual color of the product without opening it. That all being said, there is one huge flaw with this design. Because the product does not twist down completely into the tube, it's really easy to accidentally nick the product with the cap and smear it inside. And then of course the whole crystal clear packaging just looks messy. I've managed to keep mine pretty clean so far, but that means being extra cautious every time you take the cap off or put it back on. In the words of a wise woman, "ain't nobody got time for that".

The line as a whole does offer a nice range of shades, including a few different reds, nudes, and coral colors. I decided to get a little variety and picked up three different shades to try. HD Rose is a subtle pink, HD Orchid is a vibrant fuschia, and HD Petunia is a bold berry wine. After having swatched and tried on all three of these shades, I was surprised to see how wildly different they all seemed to wear on the lips. HD Rose was very sheer, HD Petunia was incredibly opaque, and HD Orchid fell somewhere in between. I'm not sure why, but in my pictures the HD Petunia looks quite a bit brighter than it does on the lips, so I've included another picture of it in action that I think better represents the color.

I do think all of these colors actually look pretty beautiful on. I actually appreciate that the HD Rose and HD Orchid shades are on the sheer side, because I find that it makes them very wearable. HD Orchid in particular is a shade that is very bright and bold, and by letting a little of your natural lip color shine through, I think it feels a little less in your face. HD Petunia is a really rich, berry red that I think is so flattering for this time of year.

From left to right: HD Petunia, HD Orchid, HD Rose

From top to bottom: HD Rose, HD Orchid, HD Petunia
Rocking HD Petunia, a perfect fall berry shade
The formula itself is definitely solid, while perhaps not being the most impressive lipstick I've ever tried. It's very creamy and moisturizing on the lips, which I appreciate. However, I have noticed that with the HD Petunia shade, the extra slip makes it prone to bleeding and feathering. I think this is less noticeable with the other lighter shades because they're more sheer. Lip primer or liner is a definite must beneath these to help keep them in place. The finish is very shiny, with an almost wet look, and is very light reflective (I'm guessing this is the HD part?).

Without eating or drinking I think these lipsticks do hold up well and will last for several hours. But as with any creamy formula, they will not be a friend to your coffee mug. While the lighter shades are easy to reapply, HD Petunia definitely requires a little more precision, so it's slightly more cumbersome to touch up.

Speaking of application, I'm also not totally sold on the flat cut top of the product. The more you wear lipstick the more you start to appreciate how the cut of a lipstick can affect how easy it is to apply. This has a very large surface, which can make it a bit tricky to apply evenly and precisely. Once again, this is more of a problem with HD Petunia, which is more opaque and therefore less forgiving.

Last, but not least, there's the subject of smell and taste. These lipsticks do have a definite fragrance to them, which I would describe best as fruity. It may be a little strong or off putting to some, but I don't mind it. I also don't find that these lipsticks taste particularly bad, although I don't believe they are actually flavored in any way. 

Long story short I'm generally pretty happy with the new Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks. I think there are a few design flaws that make them a little finicky to use and apply, but they feel really nice on the lips and the three colors I purchased suit me well. As much work as HD Petunia is to put on, I love the way it looks, so I definitely will continue to wear it!

Have you tried anything from the new Ultra HD line? Were you a fan?

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