Sunday, January 11, 2015

Getting Organized - Displaying Your Everyday Beauty Essentials

Writing a beauty blog is an incredible amount of fun. It also means I acquire more beauty products than I know what to do with. Over time they can easily become a source of clutter and chaos. And sure, I can keep my space looking clean by stashing everything away in cabinets and drawers, but that whole "out of sight out of mind" thing usually results in amazing products being totally forgotten and neglected.

This year one of my blogging resolutions is to focus less on trying and reviewing the next new thing, and more on using the products I already have and telling you why I love them and different ways to incorporate them into your beauty routine. While I've got lots of ideas to keep me on track (aside from locking up my credit card), the first thing I decided needed to happen was putting things out in plain sight to encourage me to rediscover products on a daily basis. There are a ton of pretty ways to proudly display your everyday essentials, and I'll show you a few of my favorites with this tour of my newly revamped dresser.

I think apothecary jars are oh-so-pretty, and can make even boring staple like cotton balls look good. If you need a way to store your massive collection of eyeliner and eyeshadow pencils, take a trip through the glassware section of your local Homegoods. I found this gorgeous gold striped tumbler for $3, and think it is a totally chic way keep them within arms reach. It also happens to coordinate with the gorgeous porcelain vessel I got from my Limited Edition Vanity Affair Birchbox, which I've been using to store my ever growing collection of perfume samples.

Speaking of perfumes, they are hands down the most expensive (and prettiest) part of my beauty collection, so naturally I was inclined to put them on a pedestal. I used a small cake plate to visually separate and lift them up from everything else, rather than leaving them sitting clustered on the dresser itself.

I've got a lot of haircare products that I like to rotate through on a regular basis. I keep them, as well as my comb and hair elastics, at the ready in a cute little basket.

The most traditional form of beauty product storage has to be this crystal organizer. I've found that it's the best way for me to keep everything I need to do my makeup together and easily visible. Also, being a bit of a palette junkie, I can't help but keep my favorites nearby. I haven't come up with a particularly creative way to store these yet, so for now I use my other storage systems as bookends to keep them standing up.

Perhaps the find that I'm most proud of are these decorative metal containers. They are actually sleeves to go over jar candles, and only cost a few bucks. Kohls had quite the selection of interesting patterns, but I chose this diamond duo to house my makeup brushes and lip glosses.

Last, but certainly not least a vase partially filled with glass stones has become the home of nail essentials - files, clippers, cuticle oil, and a selection of polishes for the season.

And there you have it! There are so many pretty and inexpensive ways to organize and display your beauty products out there if you're willing to get a little creative. Putting things out in the open where I see them every morning has also definitely helped me to use things more consistently.  The plan is to swap things out on a weekly or monthly basis to encourage me to rotate through my larger stash. At some point I'll have to tackle the bath, body and skincare products that are piling up in the bathroom, but for now, one step at a time.

How to you keep your essentials organized? Do you have any favorite tips or tricks to share?