Monday, February 9, 2015

Birchbox Aces Sale Picks

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably know how much of an avid Birchbox fan I am. Being a subscriber has so many amazing benefits, and I never regret the $10 I spend each month to stay one! In the last year Birchbox rolled out a new loyalty program, called Birchbox Aces. Becoming a Birchbox Ace comes with all kinds of perks - from having early access to your monthly sample choice, to getting special gifts and treats, to receiving exclusive promo codes you can use on your shop orders. To obtain Ace status all you need to do is earn 500 Birchbox points in a calendar year, which you can do from referring friends, reviewing the products in your monthly box, or making purchases from the Birchbox shop.

Last week Birchbox had a special Ace exclusive sale, with over 300 products available to purchase at 40% with free shipping! I mean, seriously. How could I not resist picking up a few things?

I've got makeup and skincare coming out the ears, so I decided to be a little bit pickier in what I purchased and go for a few things I could make use of immediately. I chose a gorgeous candle from Illume, a luxe hair mask from Beauty Protector, and a box of delicious mint tea. I also received some amazing bonus freebies along with my order that I was super excited to see.

I actually was originally going to purchase a different Illume candle than this one, but was a little too slow in the checkout process and it was sold out before I hit the order button. Alas, I am maybe even happier with this beautiful Illume Arlo Ceramic Candle. It looks like they were a Limited Edition design for the holidays, and while currently sold out on the Birchbox website, are still available from Illume for $13.50. I was able to get 40% off the discounted price, so I only paid $8.10 for this beauty. The Heirloom Pumpkin scent is divine, with notes of cinnamon, clove, and sweet cream against fresh pumpkin. Perhaps it's a little out of season, but as a pumpkin feind I kind of don't care. The gilded ceramic container is also stunning. I will definitely be keeping it to store something long after the candle has burned out!

Way back in 2013, in my first ever Birchbox, I received a sample of the cult favorite Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle, a leave-in conditioning spray. It is, and has been, one of my all-time favorite hair products I've ever come across. It helps me comb my long hair out with minimal breakage, leaves it feeling silky smooth without being weighed down, and smells unbelievably AMAZING. Since then the Beauty Protector line has expanded to include a whole range of other haircare products, and now even some body care as well. So of course, when I saw that the Protect & Treat Treatment Mask was available at a 40% discount, I was all over it. It has the same amazing scent as all other Beauty Protector products, and is a luxuriously moisturizing treat for your hair. With how cold and dry this winter has been I'm desperately in need of this type of product to keep my long ends looking healthy.

Does it really surprise you that I picked up a box of tea? After my love affair with Harney & Sons Paris tea (which you can read all about here) I was looking forward to trying some new flavors. There's something lovely and refreshing about a mint tea, and I'm kind of addicted to all things lemon, so I was intrigued by this particular blend. I'll admit, I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but I'm really looking forward to it. As an herbal blend I'm thinking it'll be perfect as the kind of tea to unwind with after dinner. A box of Harney & Sons Mint Verbena Tea retails for $9.60, and there are a ton of other yummy flavors available in the Birchbox shop.

As with any Birchbox order, I had to throw in my free Mystery Sample Pack. The $10 fee is waived for any order over $35, which mine was before my 40% off discount code was applied. My last few sample packs have been kind of blah, but this was a great one! I got a full-sized Model Co Party Proof Matte Lipstick in Get Naked and a sample of ellovi vanilla butter. Both of these products are things I've received in previous Birchboxes, so I may not keep them, but they would make great additions to my giveaway basket!

I also received TWO bonus freebie packs which made my inner tea enthusiast do a happy dance. 

The first was a sample pack of six different Harney & Sons teas. All six are totally new to me, and since I was legitimately just thinking about how I wanted to try more of their tea it was like someone over at Birchbox was reading my mind. I seriously can't wait to try these!

I also got this sampler from Mighty Leaf with three delicious teas to try. I've gotten some Mighty Leaf teas to try in a Birchbox before, but all of these flavors are new to me.

With a savings of almost $30 and all of these extra teas to try I am so so happy I decided to make this purchase. I feel like I've got all the trappings for a cozy evening on hand, which, considering how New England is constantly being pummeled with snow lately, is something I think I'll be having a lot of in the coming weeks!

Are you a Birchbox Ace? Did you purchase anything from last week's sale? I'd love to hear about your finds from the shop!