Friday, February 27, 2015

February 2015 Glambag

It's February and this month Ipsy is showing us the love with pretty makeup and pampering treats tucked inside of this adorable geometrically patterned bag. Did I end up being smitten with any of the products I received? Read more to find out.

So, I had a bit of a happy accident with my Glambag this month. Somehow I ended up getting products that were different from what my Glamroom indicated. My intended bag should have had a Cargo Lip Gloss instead of the City Color Lip Balm, and a perfume instead of the Glamglow Brightmud. However, I think I actually prefer the products that I ended up with, so I'm not even going to bother contacting Customer Service about it. Here are quick links to each of my individual reviews!

The perfect pearl shadow in a silky crease-resistant formula, designed by one of Hollywood's premier makeup artists exclusively for 'Tini Beauty. Great to highlight brow bones and illuminate inner eyes.

Full Size: 1.6 g ($12)

This eyeshadow single is a decent highlighter, but unfortunately not that personally exciting given how many other similar things I've got sitting at home. It adds shimmer without glitter, and is actually pretty creamy and well pigmented. It also swatches much lighter on the skin than it appears in the pan, with a bright, almost whiteish sheen. While the quality is decent, I'm also not sure I'd spend $12 on this product. The packaging feels kind of cheap, and I think you can easily get more bang for your buck in a nice quality palette that contains shades like this and so much more.  Since I'm not sure how much use I'd get out of this particular product I might try to find it a new home.

City Color Lip Balm is packed with Vitamin E to help nourish and soften lips while providing a splash of color. This ultra-creamy formula glides on your lips providing moisture for deep hydration, and leaving behind fabulous color. Available in 16 natural shades.

Full Size: 2.10 g ($3.99)

For the price this "balm" packs a lot of color punch. It wears much more like a lipstick in terms of pigmentation, and has a nice satiny finish. However, it does have a very lightweight feel on the lips. While the packaging is very light and plastic-y, which to me feels kind of cheap, I think the product itself is actually pretty good. The berry shade I got is a pretty bold magenta color, which looks nice with a downplayed eye.

ModelCo’s BLUSH Cheek Powder creates a beaming, rosy glow to brighten every complexion. The micronized colour pigments and luxurious, pressed powder delivers a sheer, natural radiance that lasts all day.

Full Size: 8.0 g ($18.00)
Sample Size: 3.6 oz ($8.10)

I adore peachy tones, especially in the spring, so this blush is coming to me at the perfect time. The formula is really silky and very pigmented, so a little product goes a long way! This particular shade also has fine fine flecks of gold shimmer that add a nice glow to your cheeks. I'm definitely looking forward to using this more in the coming weeks!

Get the ultimate blowout with this multi-tasking spray! The light-weight formula adds volume and texture to hair, while protecting against heat for healthier styling.

Full Size: 8.0 oz ($24.00)
Sample Size: 1.0 oz ($3.00)

Any hair product that promises volume and texture intrigues me. This spray, while not a game changer, is definitely pretty solid. It smells fresh and almost citrusy (which I am a huge fan off) and does seem to add some bounce to your hair without making it sticky or stiff. I'm not sure it's amazing enough to warrant a full-sized purchase, but I'll definitely continue to use this sample.

BRIGHTMUD® Single-Use Sealed Chrome Cells with TAPWipe™ Bioactive Technology. The World's First TAP ON + WIPE OFF Reverse Action Under Eye & Orbital Eye Treatment. Designed for Instant 3-Minute Results. For Men & Women of All Ages and All Skin Types. BRIGHTMUD® for your New Super Bright Super Sexy Eyes.

Full Size: 8.0 g ($18.00)
Sample Size: 3.6 oz ($8.10)

If you're looking for a skincare splurge, Glamglow is frequently a recommended brand. A Hollywood fav, their masks and facial treatments will give your skin the star treatment (with a proportional price tag). I'm fortunately not too prone to eye related complaints, which is probably why I wasn't actually supposed to receive this product in the first place, but now that I've got them I'm definitely looking forward to giving them a go. Since I've got two single use treatments I'm going to save them for a day where my eyes need a serious pick me up (which I'm thinking will be more likely as allergy season approaches).

Back by popular demand! Our Mojito Lip Balm is as soothing to the lips as it is to the senses. Flavored with (MALIN+GOETZ) Mojito, our lip balm is scientifically blended to restore and replenish. Our hydrating lip gel easily integrates for daily maintenance, prevention and treatment of dry, irritated lips. Color and paraben free.

Full Size: 0.20 oz ($12.00)

When I saw this lip balm was available as a 500 point reward I had to snag it. After discovering it in an Ipsy bag a year ago I've been totally obsessed. It wears more like a gloss with a super shiny finish, but is incredibly hydrating and nourishing on the lips. Not to mention the fact that it smells as delicious as it sounds like it would. Basically, it's one of those products that I'm totally happy to have a backup for.

From top to bottom: Pearl Fizz Powder Shadow, City Color Berry Lip Balm, Model Co Peach Bellini Blush
Did Ipsy manage to win my heart back with this bag? Kind of. The fact that I was happier with a bag that I wasn't supposed to get troubles me a little. I've re-taken the quiz in hopes that maybe that will improve my future bags. Still, I think once I can cash in on the rest of my Ipsy points I might take a little break from my subscription. My total bag value cashes in at $35.19, or $47.19 if you include the bonus perk I redeemed, which may seem like a good investment of $10. However, the only product I'm really excited about is the blush, which I'm not sure is worth the $10 I spent alone.

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