Monday, February 23, 2015

Limited Edition Fresh Start Birchbox Review

As February winds down and we move farther and farther away from that day of new resolutions, the hustle and bustle of everyday life may be starting to drag you back into old habits. If you need a little motivation to stay motivated, you may want to consider gifting yourself the latest Limited Edition box from Birchbox. The Fresh Start box has a ton of good-for-you beauty products and gym bag essentials that may re-inspire you to throw on your workout clothes and get back to it!

There are 8 amazing products tucked away in this adorable, geometrically patterned box for you to try. Use this quick list to jump to the product you'd like to read more about:

Nonsticky gloss made from coconut oil and shea butter for supersoft, naturally luminous lips.

Full Size: 0.11 oz ($24)

In my oh-so-humble opinion you can never go wrong with a your-lips-but-better gloss. While I think I'm going to try to use up more of my current arsenal before I crack this open, I really am quite excited to have this in the queue. The ingredients list has an impressive lineup of organic seed and plant oils and extracts that I think will be extra nourishing to the lips.

This leave-in conditioning spray is chock-full of vitamins and minerals that keep hair healthy and protect against heat damage.

Full Size: 4.0 oz ($19.80)
Sample Size: 2.0 oz ($9.90)

In the past few years I've developed a new appreciation for leave-in conditioners. This all natural formula has a fresh, almost citrusy scent that detangles and leaves hair feeling silky smooth without weighing it down. I like to spray it liberally on to the ends of my damp hair and combing it through, and then air or blow dry (depending on how lazy of a morning I'm having).

Armed with vitamin C and organic fruit acids, this all-natural hydrator works to fade dark spots and brighten dull skin.

Full Size: 2.0 oz ($12.00)

My hands have been incredibly dry all winter, so hand cream has become an everyday essential. This formula has a really lovely fruity fragrance, and nourishes skin without being greasy. I also like that it has anti-aging properties that help to improve the look of your hands over time. You don't realize how much of a beating your hands can take and how quickly they can start to show signs of sun damage and aging!

Made with BPA-free plastic and a dribble-free Perfect Spout, this ergonomic vessel makes it easy (and superchic) to stay hydrated.

Full Size: 500ml ($9.95)

I've been loving this handy little water bottle, which now accompanies me to my weekly yoga classes. The screw top lid is a little bit less quick and easy than a flip-top cap, but it's very easy to clean, and doesn't make me worry about leaks. It's lightweight, stylish, and a comfortable size to carry around.

Handcrafted balm that soothes a roster of skin woes - from dryness to razor burn - with organic herbs and botanical essences.

Full Size: 1.7 oz ($20.00)
Sample Size: 0.5 oz ($5.88)

This ultra rich and nourishing balm is a multitasking wonder (and it also smells pretty awesome). The little tin is also the perfect size to throw in a purse to use on-the-go. Whether you've got a chapped post-flu nose, burned yourself on your curling iron, or managed to get bitten by the only bug that managed to live through the winter, this combination of plant oils and vitamin E will provide soothing relief to your irritated skin.

Ultracreamy, easy-to-blend pigment for cheeks, lips, and eyes - made from skin-calming organic and mineral ingredients.

Full Size: 0.24 oz ($36.00)
Sample Size: 0.15 oz ($22.50)

Color sticks are so handy for easy, on-the-go makeup application. Once again I think I'm going to hold on to this for a little bit before I use it, because I've already got a few similar products I'm in the middle of. However, this shade is pretty, a deep dusty rose, and looks like it will be flattering on a lot of skin tones. It also has a very botanical smell to it, which makes sense with the organic ingredients list.

These organic, scented bath salts work to soothe sore muscles and joints. Toss a handful into warm water for an uber-relaxing soak.

Full Size: 18 oz ($40.00)
Sample Size: 2.0 oz? ($4.40)

I've been saving these bath salts for a special occasion, and I'm really quite excited to give them a try. Bath salts are known for their soothing and detoxifying properties, so I'm thinking they'll feel lovely maybe after my next intense yoga workout. Their scent is very strong and perfumey from the bottle, so I'm curious to see how it carries in the water. Also, just have to say that the full-sized bottle of these is SO PRETTY. Truly, I would love to have it displayed proudly in my bathroom.

These Peruvian-cotton socks have blister tabs and invisible toe seams for maximum comfort. One pair is donated for every pair sold.

Full Size: 1 pair ($9.00)

I suppose I've never put too much thought into the socks I buy, but maybe I should. These feel great and are really comfy to wear. The honeycomb arch support definitely is something I've never experienced before, and sort of hugs the middle of your foot. Since my greatest form of working out is usually a sockless experience in the winter, I'm looking forward to when it gets warmer and I can wear these while going for a run outdoors.

This box truly is a great value, and contains some seriously quality products. My estimation puts the retail value around $98, while Birchbox says its $107 (I'm assuming the discrepancy comes in the fact that some brands place a higher per ounce value on travel sized products than on the full sized ones). Regardless, you are definitely getting your money's worth with the $42 price tag! Also, you can use coupon codes and Birchbox points towards the purchase of any limited edition box, so you may even be able to get this for a serious steal.

So, if you're looking for ways to gear up for your next workout or to pamper your achey self afterwards, definitely give this box a go! Curious about the other LE Boxes Birchbox has to offer? You can find all the ones currently available for purchase here, and if I've reviewed one of them, you'll find my post here.

Have you purchased the Fresh Start box? What is your favorite product in it, or what would you be most excited to try?