Saturday, March 21, 2015

March 2015 Birchbox

Happy Saturday, friends! Today has been one of those lazy, snuggly, curl-up-and-watch-Netflix kind of days. There's a fresh coat of snow on the ground, despite the calendar telling me that spring has officially begun, which means I'm staying huddled under a blanket in my sweats for the rest of the night. Of course, such nights are perfect for catching up on blogging. First up on the agenda is taking a peak at my March Birchbox.

I'm totally loving this month's theme of Creativity, including the gorgeously artistic box design that accompanies it. Blogging is probably my current favorite creative outlet, although I also I'm also partial to knitting, making jewelry, taking pictures, and whipping up pretty cookies in the kitchen. Whether or not these particular products will help me get those creative juices flowing is hard to say, but they'll at least help me to look pretty in the meantime. Here's a quick list of everything I received:

Vitamin-rich botanicals gently purify hair while restoring lost moisture and shine.

Full Size, 8.5 oz ($32)
Sample Size, 1.0 oz ($3.76)

Infuses moisture and protein into strands, leaving hair soft, shiny, and in far better shape than it was before.

Full Size, 5.1 oz ($58)
Sample Size, 0.25 oz ($2.84)

I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to using products in my hair, so build up is not something that occurs all that frequently. However, a good clarifying shampoo is always nice to have on hand when your hair needs a serious refresh. This formula from Number 4 looks awesome, and is free of sulfates and other harsh ingredients that can strip your hair of its natural moisture. It smells really fresh and I can't wait to give it a try. As an extra bonus I also got a sample of the Number 4 Reconstructing Masque, which I think would be perfect to try after my next day of serious heat styling.

Lightweight styler that volumizes, smooths, and protects for a sleek yet bouncy 'do.

Full Size, 8 oz ($24)
Sample Size, 1 oz ($3)

Amika is one of those brands it's hard not to love. In addition to making great products (which also happen to smell amazing), they also have beautifully happy packaging. Yes, they're a little splurgey price-wise. But so often it's totally worth it for the ensuing good hair days. This blowout spray definitely helps to add some lift to your roots without making your hair stiff or crunchy. I was kind of hoping that it'd have the same tell tale amazing scent as the Amika Nourishing Mask and Dry Shampoo, but alas, it does not. That's not to say that it smells bad, just different.

Luxe hydrator that nourishes and soothes skin with 70% organic ingredients.

Full Size, 8 oz ($19)
Sample Size, 0.5 oz ($1.20)

All natural body cream? Yes, please. This lotion is very lightweight without skimping on the moisture. You may need something with a little more oomph for super dry spots, but as an everyday lotion it definitely does the job. While I'm a fan of the formula, the rosemary eucalyptus scent isn't my favorite. The herbaceous fragrance is reminiscent of being at a fancy spa, however my nose is just not personally too keen of it. My mom seemed to think it was nice, so I think I will pass it along to her to make sure it gets put to good use.

This one-step formula is an antiaging cream, foundation, serum, toner, and primer.

Full Size, 20 ml ($48)
Sample Size, 7 ml ($16.80)

I wish I could get a better feel for how this tinted moisturizer performs on my skin, alas the shade I received is unwearably off (unless Oompa Loompa is the look I'm going for). There are four colors available, and no where on this package could I find the name of the one I received, however I'm pretty positive it isn't light. That being said, from a test on the back of my hand the formula does feel pretty nice. It's very lightweight, and dries down to a satiny finish that isn't in the slightest bit greasy. I also dig the vaguely perfume-y scent. Maybe once I've gotten a summer tan I can revisit this, otherwise it's finding a new home!

This hydrating lip crayon delivers bold, long-lasting color with a smooth and shiny finish.

Full Size, 3g ($22)
Sample Size, 1.5 g ($11)

At first glance I was expecting this lip shade to wear like a bold red, but it's actually quite a soft, sheer strawberry shade with lots of gold shimmer. The formula is really lightweight and silky, and feels quite nice on the lips. My only gripe is that I find shimmery lip products to be drying and a little bit grittier than their creamy counterparts. Lip chapping potential aside, this lip pencil gives you a wash of color and shine reminiscent of a glossy stain, and looks really quite pretty and not too overdone.

While there were a few nitpicky disappointments with this box (namely getting a too-dark tinted moisturizer and lotion in a scent I didn't love) I was still pretty happy with it overall. The total value rings in at $38.60, with just the Glossy Kiss sample alone making up for my $10 subscription fee (which might just be my favorite product of the bunch).

Are you a Birchbox subscriber? What was your favorite product from this month? Looking to join? Sign up using my referral link and give me credit for sending you their way. You can also check out reviews of all my previous boxes here!