Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 2015 Julep Maven Box

When the reveal for this month's Maven box went up a few weeks back, I found myself even more excited than usual about the amazing choices we had to pick from - gorgeous pastel polishes, an entirely new line of lipsticks, liquid liner, an eye brightener and a makeup erasing pen. While I would have loved to have purchased add-ons galore, I decided to try and keep it simple and stick to the standard three products that come in my box. What did I decide to take home from the POP! Collection? Just you wait and see.

Naturally the products I went for are all things I adore - a felt tipped liquid eyeliner pen, a pretty pink lipstick, and a creamy mint nail polish. I've been really impressed with the quality of Julep products, so I was excited to see their take on some of my most-loved items.

Full Size: 0.12 oz ($22, $17.60 for Mavens)

I've become such a lipstick girl in the last year. I'm still relatively new at trying different brands and formulas, so I jump at any opportunity to get my hands on something I haven't tried. These lipsticks promise full-coverage color with a light, weightless feel. The packaging is sleek and pretty, and has a really handy magnetically closing cap that not only feels extra luxe, but also adds extra reassurance against accidental opening in your purse. I chose the shade twirl, a slightly cool toned carnation pink, which I thought would be perfect for spring.

My first impressions upon actually wearing this lipstick out and about are generally positive. I do like the texture, which has enough slip to feel comfortable on the lips, but is not too creamy or wet as to feel like it's going to feather and bleed all over the place. They also did achieve the weightless feel they were going for, although (at least with this particular shade) I think doing so was a trade-off for the promised full-coverage. While it wasn't totally sheer, you can definitely see your natural lip color coming through. Because of that, I find that this lipstick accentuates any dry or rough patches on your lips, so I highly advise some good exfoliation before you apply! The color does wear well and is relatively long lasting, requiring only one or two touch ups wearing it from morning to night. If I was going to purchase another one of these lipsticks I think I'd like to try a darker shade for comparison to see if it goes on any differently.

Full Size: 0.037 oz ($20, $16.00 for Mavens)

I love the look of a good cat eye, especially when I want to amp up the drama when I go out in the evening. And for me, the felt tipped pen is my absolute favorite way to achieve the look. The first thing I noticed about this particular liner is that the nib is comparatively teeny tiny. It's also quite stiff (especially being brand new), meaning you can draw a ridiculously precise, sharp line. That being said, in a way it actually makes it a little trickier to create a thicker line if you want to make a bigger wing. I think I'm going to have to play around with this a little more and see how it continues to work after consecutive uses. The formula, though, is spot on. It's jet black, dries quickly, and is totally smudge proof once set.

Boho Glam
Finish: Silk/Satin
Color Description: Hint of mint soft focus (semi-matte)
Full Size: 0.42 oz ($14, $11.20 for Mavens)

Mint is probably my most favorite spring time color to rock, so it's no surprise that I needed to have this polish. Having tried a few of the other silk and satin finish polishes from Julep, I was curious about the new soft focus and how it would compare. The finish is definitely somewhere between glossy and matte, having a bit of shine without being super light reflective. The only downside to me about these special finish polishes is that in order to see the effect, you can't use your normal top coat to finish, which I find generally means my polish doesn't hold up quite as long. Also, while I really love the shade of this polish, I do wish the formula was a little less sheer. It took three coats for me to get an opaque finish, and I still feel like it was ever so slightly streaky.

All in all I was pretty happy with my box this month. While there were pros and cons to every product that I tried, I do generally like them all and think I will be able to continue to use them often. My total box value rings in at $56, so I'd say my $20 investment was well spent! If you're also a Maven subscriber I'd love to hear if you also tried any of these products and what you think about them. And always, if you aren't a subscriber yet and are interested in joining, use my referral link and let them know I sent you their way! You can also view reviews of all of my previous Maven boxes here.