Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 2015 Julep Maven Box

Paradise is a state of mind indeed. It certainly hasn't been feeling tropical in this neck of the woods, but I am always up for channeling those summer vibes (especially with the help of my latest Julep Maven box). This month I went straight for the polish, choosing two vibrant shades as well as the new Bonding Base Coat. Base coat was the one manicure essential I was missing in my Julep collection, so I definitely had to jump at the chance of snagging one at a discount!

I just have to say, I love the little details that go into every Maven box. From the coordinating paper crinkles and tissue paper, to the addition of a fun little candy treat, it really does add that extra something special that makes me treasure my box that much more. Here's a closer look at each of the products I chose!

A adhesive base coat powered by Oxygen Technology. This quick-drying formula helps polish last longer and improves the health of your nails.
$18 ($14.40 for Mavens)

I'm so excited to finally have a Julep base coat! It appears that this and the Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat are the only two available options, with this one being a brand new launch. I've only used it for a few manis, so the verdict is still out on how much I like this. It does seem to go on really smoothly and dries pretty quick. But since it creates a sort of sticky base for your polish I think it can make the whole color application process a little less smooth. I'm also not entirely sure whether or not this extends the wear time of my polish at all. The first manicure I did using this I kind of immediately abused with housework and Easter festivities, so I kind of feel like that was an unfair trial. I'll definitely have to report back later when I've given this more of a go!

Boho Glam
Finish: Créme
Color Description: Vermillion crème
$14 ($11.20 for Mavens)

This nail polish color was a bit of an impulse selection when I was customizing my box, but my instincts apparently did me right! This firey red-orange shade is an instant confidence booster. I recently paired it with my NARS Iberico Matte Lip Pencil and basically felt like a million bucks all day. Formula wise, this one is really quite awesome. The swatch above is just a single coat of polish, to give you an idea of how opaque it is! It's exactly the kind of finish I look for in a cream polish.

Classic With a Twist
Finish: Créme
Color Description: Hot magenta plum crème
$14 ($11.20 for Mavens)

Purple is such a fun color, and I had nothing like this electric plum shade in my polish collection. I will say that the formula on this one did kind of throw me for a loop. I was expecting a créme finish much like the April polish, however this one is much more sheer and has an almost jelly like texture to it. Two coats is not quite opaque, and if you aren't careful the end result can be a little uneven. I wouldn't say that I totally dislike the end look, I just needed to readjust my expectations a bit. (Also, please forgive the appearance of my ring finger in that last photograph. Let's just say I had some technical difficulties that may have resulted in some non expert polishing).

Another decent month for my Maven box. It's kind of hard to be too disappointed when you get to choose exactly what products you're receiving. Have you tried anything from the Paradise collection? Is there anything on your wish list?

Interested in becoming a Julep Maven? Use my referral link to join and you'll let them know I sent you their way! You can also read reviews of all my previous boxes here.