Monday, April 27, 2015

Limited Edition Lovely Day Birchbox

Mother's Day is right around the corner, and Birchbox has released another amazing Limited Edition collection that would make a perfect gift for a hardworking mom in your life (or even a special treat for yourself). The Lovely Day Birchbox has a lovely assortment of pampering goodies guaranteed to make even the most stressful of days feel a little brighter. Let me show you a closer look!

As you can see, this box is jam packed with some gorgeously luxe, full-sized items, and is packaged up really beautifully. You get a little bit of everything - from candles and tea, to makeup and perfume, to nail polish and hand cream. With a total value of more than $180, this box is a steal at $62. And of course, if you have any Birchbox points or coupon codes at your disposal, you may even be able to snag it at an additional discount!

I've had a few days to start playing with all of these lovely goodies, and I'm really excited to share my first impressions with you! Here's a quick list of everything you'll get in your Lovely Day Birchbox:

Notes of freesia, amber, and white tea combine for an elegant and relaxing fragrance.

Full Size, 6 oz ($10)

I'm not always a huge fan of overly floral scents but this candle is AMAZING. I think the notes of amber and white tea add a subtle sweetness and freshness that rounds everything out. The packaging is beautiful (I just love the flower design) and it promises 35-45 hours of burn time. I was in need of a spring-y candle, so this is perfect!

An addictive scent inspired by the brand's cult favorite home fragrances.

Full Size, 0.22 oz ($14)

When I saw that scents varied on these rollerballs I was secretly hoping I'd get this scent, and it's as luscious and amazing as I had hoped. As one would expect with a name like Coconut Milk Mango, this fragrance is incredibly sweet and juicy, and just screams summertime. It doesn't have the most ridiculous lasting power, but fortunately rollerballs are easily portable so you can always touch up on-the-go. Also, how stunning is the packaging tube it comes in?! I only wish the rollerball itself could sport some of that beautiful coral and gold pattern.

This lightweight powder blush gives cheeks the perfect warm-weather glow.

Full Size, 0.31 oz ($26)

I think Cargo is a totally under appreciated brand. Ever since they stopped being carried at Sephora I think they've been a little neglected, so I was really happy to see Birchbox include them. Blush colors will vary with individual boxes, and I got the shade Cannes, a lovely matte peach shade. I truly have nothing quite like this at home, which is great. The pan is a really generous size, and the blush itself is the perfect level of pigmentation so that you can both easily blend it but also not have to use a ton of product. It's a bit soft and powdery in texture, so use a light touch and a soft brush to not overdo it.

From the fashion-forward UK brand, this innovative polish  creates the same high-gloss, plumped gel finish of a salon manicure.

Full Size, 14 ml ($14)

I just about fell over when I saw that not only one, but TWO full sized Nails Inc polishes came in this box. I had been hemming and hawing about buying some during the VIB sale, and apparently the universe was trying to do me right by telling me to wait. Mayfair Lane and Porchester Square are both beautiful pastelly neutrals that are super chic and perfect for spring. As for the polish formula itself, it's good, although maybe a little finicky. Light shades are often sheer, and if you apply with care you can probably get a nice non streaky finish with two coats. I'm not so sure about the whole "gel effect" claim. This polish is very shiny, although I didn't notice any plumping. Honestly I think if you want a gel like finish it's all about the topcoat you use. Nails Inc does have one, so I would be curious to try the whole system together and see how it finishes!

This oil-free treatment uses grape-derived antioxidants to fade dark spots, even out tone, and leave skin luminous.

Full Size, 30ml ($79)
Sample Size, 10 ml ($26.33)

I have so much love for Caudalie, and I've heard so many good things about this serum. I was very seriously considering splurging and purchasing it around Christmas time, but the giant price tag was a little intimidating. I'm so glad I get to try it out now and see whether or not it's worth the pricey investment. I've tried it once so far, and it does feel pretty lovely. It's a thin serum that sinks in to skin but does leave it feeling a little bit tacky. It also has the same sort of signature scent that all the Vinoperfect products carry. I've got plenty of acne scars and whatnot that I'd like to fade, so we'll see if this helps with a bit of regular use!

This science-backed solution is like beauty sleep for your hair. You'll wake up to smooth, glossy, fuller strands come morning.

Full Size, 4 fl oz ($28)
Sample Size, 1 fl oz ($7)

Jennifer Aniston has good reason to get so much love for her hair, so any product line backed by her has got to have some street cred. I also feel like Living Proof is totally innovative when it comes to their products and are always coming up with new and interesting things. I've always toyed with the idea of switching my shower routine from the am to pm, but the biggest deterrent has been how my hair always seems to look when I wake up. Maybe this product would be a total game changer!

Infused with eucalyptus and rosemary, this refreshing cleanser turns into a luxurious foam when mixed with water.

Full Size, 200ml ($15)
Sample Size, 50 ml ($3.75)

There's something about shower foams that totally pleases my inner child. Much like a shaving cream, this starts out as a gel that immediately begins to puff up into a rich foam as you work it in your hands. The rosemary and eucalyptus fragrance is totally spa-like and will turn your shower into a place of zen. It also cleans well and isn't overly drying to your skin. A winner in my book!

This eco-conscious formula uses antioxidant plant oils to oisturize skin and fight the signs of premature aging.

Full Size, 50 ml ($14)

Even though I own more hand cream than I could probably use in a lifetime, I still get excited about trying new ones. We often are so concerned with fighting signs of aging on our faces, yet hands are one of the first places we may start to notice our skin looking papery or wrinkled. This tube is a pretty generous size, and compared to other luxe brands the $14 price point is really not that outrageous. Definitely looking forward to trying this!

Packed with seed-derived oils and butters, this formula delivers nourishing, come-out-and-play color that lasts all day.

Full Size, ($24)

Oh Jouer. Everything you make is so chic and lovely. This formula of this lipstick is absolutely heavenly. It feels so creamy and rich on the lips, while not being overly heavy. The shade I received, Meg, is a very soft nude-pink that will be great either paired with a smokey eye or for a toned-down everyday look at work. I don't think the formula is as incredibly long lasting as it claims, especially in a light shade like this which doesn't stain the lips as much as a darker one might. However, being so light and sheer it's also really easy to touch up if you need to.

Rich and flavorful tea blends from the family-owned craft brand.

Full Size, 20 sachets ($9.60)

I will never say no to more Harney & Sons tea. Thanks to Birchbox, who likes to throw tea freebies into their shop orders now, I've gotten to try a ton of different flavors, and I've yet to find one I dislike. Hot Cinnamon Spice may just be my favorite of the bunch, though! There were 7 different wrapped sachets that came in this box, some of which are new to me (Pomegranate Oolong? Nom.). I definitely look forward to having a cup in the near future!

I have to give it to Birchbox, this collection is on point. I think the products they've chosen are classic and universal enough to be enjoyed by someone at any age. So whether you're in need of a Mother's Day gift, have an upcoming college grad you want to spoil, or just feel like treating yourself, this box is a wonderful option. If you want to up your indulgence game even more, I'd also recommend checking out the Limited Edition Vanity Affair Birchbox, which I reviewed here. It's a bit more pricey, but you get over $300 worth of luxury beauty products and other special little treats.

Are you planning on purchasing the Lovely Day Birchbox? Have you ever purchased a LE box before? What was your favorite?