Saturday, May 30, 2015

Two Year Birchbox Anniversary & Haul

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you're probably aware that I'm a huge fan of Birchbox. I review my boxes religiously, frequently make amazing purchases from their shop, and get maybe a little too excited each time a new Limited Edition box launches. Heck, I even have a Birchbox T-shirt. Needless to say, I'm never afraid to show my love for a company that I think is pretty flippin' great, and Birchbox is perhaps at the top of my list. As of this month I've officially been subscribed for two whole years. That means 25 Birchboxes have graced my mailbox. 25 boxes worth of little treasures and disappointments. That being said, my Birchbox experience in these past two years has definitely extended beyond my monthly subscription, and I thought it might be nice to take a look back and share some of my favorite moments, features, and other Birchbox related things with you!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 2015 Birchbox

Hello friends! It's that time again where we delve into my favorite little box and chat about my next round of curated samples. This month Birchbox paired up with none other than Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere to help subscribers discover products they could use to "elevate their everyday life". I've read quite a bit of Emily's blog in my day, and I think it's really awesome to see Birchbox reach out to her and show it's support for the blogging community. It's always really inspiring to see the opportunities and successes of other bloggers, and the kinds of doors that open up for you with years of hard work. Maybe it's a bit of a stretch to believe that I could achieve that level of recognition, but hey, no hurt in dreaming big.

This also happens to mark a very special time in my Birchbox subscription history. I got my first box two years ago in May, which means this is my 25th Birchbox! It's kind of crazy to think about. To honor the occasion I'm planning on writing another post to look back and reflect on my Birchbox experience so far and share some of my favorite product finds to date. Hopefully I'll have it written up soon! In the meantime, let's check out the products in my May box.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lorac Front of the Line Pro Liquid Eyeliner Review

*Cues choir of angels*

Friends...get your wallets/wish lists ready. I think we may have entered into Holy Grail territory.

Friday, May 22, 2015

May 2015 Wantable Accessories Collection

Another Wantable Accessories box has made it's way to my doorstep, and it's a good one! I actually managed to score my collection for free this month after winning one of Wantable's Photo Friday contests. All you need to do is share a picture of your Wantable collection on Instagram with the hashtag #Wantable and you're automatically entered to win! When I posted a picture of my April collection I totally wasn't expecting anything, so hearing from them was definitely a pleasant surprise.

This month I had two specific requests for my stylist. I said that I would really like a versatile statement necklace, and that I also was looking for more pieces to layer with. How well did she do? Pretty darn well, I think. Let me show you!

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Laura Mercier Artist's Palette is Back! (and Looking Better Than Ever)

So, I'm bumming around the Sephora website, not looking for anything particular, and lo and behold, a miraculous sight appears before my eyes. Laura Mercier has re-released their Artist's Palette for Eyes (now called the Eye Art Artist's Palette) and it looks like it might just be part of their permanent collection! I can barely contain my excitement.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Stenciled Mug DIY

When it comes to blogging, I can talk about my favorite lipsticks, new ways to combat your skin woes, and the latest product launches all day every day. Trying new makeup, sharing my recommendations, and imparting some of my beauty wisdom is something I really look forward to doing, and don't anticipate wanting to stop anytime soon. Still, every once in a while I get an itch to liven things up a bit and write about something totally new and different. When I was doing my recent design overhaul I realized that in my sidebar mini bio I professed my addiction to craft projects, but have never actually shared a project idea here. What kind of a craft-a-holic am I?

To be honest, ever since I started blogging more regularly I've become increasingly neglectful toward my craft room. And while I love photographing and writing posts, I also miss being up to my ears in paint brushes and glitter and scrapbook paper. So, in the spirit of trying to invest my creative energies into something a bit more hands on, I thought I'd share a quick DIY with you all. This stenciled mug design is surprisingly easy to achieve, and only requires a few things from your local craft store.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 2015 Julep Maven Box

In the past few days, I have decided something. For all the credit New England gets for having seasons, we always seem to get jipped on spring. It was snowing in April and less than a month later its 90 degrees outside. Fortunately for me I love summer weather, so I'm not minding the heat too much. I just would have liked to have more of a transition period. Still, it's all too fitting that the weather has me ready to pack up and head to the beach because my May Julep Maven Box already had me mentally halfway there. This month's theme is "Set Sail", featuring some gorgeous nautical inspired beauty products and polishes. Let's just hop on an imaginary cruise ship for a moment (headed somewhere tropical, preferably) and chat about the awesome products I picked!

Monday, May 11, 2015

200th Post Giveaway - Little Blushing Birdie Favorites

I’m still a little in awe about the fact that this is my 200th post on Little Blushing Birdie. That’s a whole lot of reviews, tutorials, and general rambling! It’s been a pretty excellent journey thus far, and I decided that I wanted to do a little something special to celebrate. I've rounded up a collection of some of my all-time favorite beauty products to give away to one lucky reader!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Makeover

Happy Mother's Day! I know it's a bit late in the day for well wishes, but I'm just now finally sitting down, relaxing, and have a moment to chat. Even though I'm not yet a mom myself, Mother's Day is one of my favorite holidays of the year. My mom and I have always been pretty close, and I really love having an extra excuse to do something special for her. Unfortunately we both have been pretty busy lately, so we had to keep things relatively simple this year. Our festivities involved going out for a delicious brunch and a mini makeover. While we were too impatient to take pictures of our meals before we dug in (eggs benedict were involved, I can't be held responsible), I've got plenty to share with you from our little beauty session. My mom and I dug through her makeup stash and picked out some of her most loved products to create a slightly glammed up version of her everyday look.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Target Beauty Box Spring 2015

Every time I get my hands on a new beauty sampling box I basically feel like a kid on Christmas. You know, just substituting the sugar plums for visions of lipsticks and nail polishes.

This time around I got my hands on a Target Beauty Box, and the value kind of blew my mind a little. Just wait until you see what's inside!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Bite Beauty Minis - 5 Night Fix & New Luminous Créme Lipstick Duos

Who loves Bite Beauty? This girl. Who is kind of obsessed with anything in miniature? Also this girl. Combine the two together and you've basically created something that's impossible for me to resist. And really, why would I want to? Not only are these little lippies downright adorable, they're also a ridiculous value. Gorgeous colors, a buttery smooth formula, pocket friendly packaging, AND a price tag that rivals the drugstore? It might sound to good to be true, but oh...just you wait and see.