Friday, June 26, 2015

June 2015 Wantable Accessories

There's nothing like a couple of new accessories to spruce up any wardrobe. Clothing you've worn a million times can all of a sudden look fabulous when paired with a funky necklace or chic pair of earrings. Naturally, this means I'm always stoked to see what kinds of surprises await me in my Wantable Accessories box. Who knows what kind of inspiration I'll find next? My June box arrived a while ago, and I'm definitely excited to share my thoughts on it with you!

The Skinny on Wantable

Wantable is a personalized styling service that delivers on-trend beauty and fashion to your doorstep. They currently offer three different "collections" (makeup, accessories, and intimates) and two different "edits" (style and fitness).

What it costs: $40 per collection, or a $20 styling fee for each edit, plus the cost of whatever you choose to keep.

Why it's special: Having your own personal shopper may seem like a glamorous indulgence, but Wantable makes it totally accessible to the everyday girl. You can choose which type of collection or edit suits your fancy, and then complete an extensive profile for that collection detailing your personal tastes. Wantable will make sure you never get a product type or style you mark as "disliked". You can also change up your profile each month as your needs/preferences change, and even write your stylist a note to help steer them in the right direction! If you still end up getting something you don't love, returns are totally free and easy. You can either return your entire box for full credit, or just a few items for partial credit. If you need a break, skipping a month is also incredibly easy to do. This also makes it easy to alternate months between collections if you'd like to try a few!

What you get back: for each complete collection that you'll keep, you get a $4 credit towards your next collection.

Interested in checking out Wantable? Join today using my referral link to let them know I clued you in.

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June's accessory collections were all about spicing up your wardrobe, with mixing and matching of styles and textures. My box seems pretty heavily Boho in style with a slight sort of classic edge. I was mostly pleased with what I got, but I actually think I'll be returning some pieces for the first time. Some of these items were outside my comfort zone, but actually grew on me, while others I realized I wouldn't be excited to wear and decided that I shouldn't hold on to them.

Susan Earrings
These earrings have an oval shaped natural stone with tassel chain.

Retail Value: $17
Wantable Price: $7.56

These earrings are a nice mix of classic glam and funky boho, and while I probably wouldn't have normally picked them out for myself, I'm happy to have them now. I think they also go really well with some of the necklaces that I received in previous accessories collections, so I'm happy to have something that mixes and matches well with my current jewelry stash. I also like the simple white on gold color scheme, which goes with just about everything. I can definitely see myself wearing these with a simple, flowy dress on a summer night!

Isabel Necklace Mint
This necklace features a mint druzy pendant.

Retail Value: $17
Wantable Price: $7.56

As much as I absolutely love mint and gold, the whole druzy craze is really not my thing. I can get behind natural stone to an extent, but I think this is a bit too bulky and rough for me to get behind. I also think that the quality of this particular pendant looks a bit plastic-y and fake, which to me is also kind of off putting. I do like the delicate chain, and wouldn't even mind another boho styled necklace, I just don't see myself reaching for this particular one very often.

Isa Necklace
The Isa necklace is a layered metal and pastel necklace.

Retail Value: $28
Wantable Price: $12.44

This necklace, on the other hand, while also having a lot of color and texture going on, has really grown on me quite a bit. I really love the combination of soft pastels against the antiqued gold metal. I have quite a few solid colored tops and dresses I like to wear, and this necklace will definitely pop against them. Definitely a boho style that I can get behind!

Sandy Watch
This watch features cork-like details.

Retail Value: $28 Wantable Price: $12.44

This watch was probably the biggest disappointment of my box as a whole. Normally I have watches set to "dislike" because I'm really picky about them. However, I've seen some pictures of some gorgeous watches in other people's collections and decided to take a chance and add watches in. I even wrote my stylist a note saying that I would like a watch that was "classic with a bit of feminine flare". Maybe it's just me, but the watch that I got feels neither classic nor feminine to me. First of all, I find the face really difficult to read due to the dark mottled background. Second, I really just can't get into the faux cork wristband. This just feels way more boho to me than classic, although the styling of the watch itself is very simple, and not really feminine at all.

As you might expect, I've decided to return both the watch and the druzy necklace for a partial refund on my box. I'm all for trying something new and different, but those two pieces never really grew on me, and I hate the idea of holding onto something that's just going to collect dust in my jewelry box. The other two pieces are great, though, and will work well with my summer wardrobe.

I ultimately decided to take a break from accessories next month and give the intimates collection a go instead. From the sounds of the July collection there are some really cute, flirty pieces going out, and I'm excited to see what I end up getting. I'm not so sure how I feel about sharing my undergarments on the internet, but we shall see. I've got no lack of other things to post about!

Have you tried Wantable? What collection would you like to try most?