Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summer Fashion Haul

So, I thought I'd bring you guys a little something different today. While I wouldn't ever consider myself to be a high fashion fanatic, I definitely enjoy adding new clothes to my wardrobe. Lately I feel like I've been trying to refine my style and incorporate pieces that mix, match and layer well so that I can create an endless number of killer outfits. Yesterday my mom and I went to the new Tanger Outlets at Foxwoods and I picked up a few really great things that I thought might be fun to share with you all. I love bargain shopping, and I got some pretty crazy deals while I was there. Let me show you what I got!

What do you guys think of the whole video format thing? I've been trying to get a little more brave and explore the whole video blogging thing. Talking to a camera is way harder than it looks! Still, it's a fun change of pace, and in some ways, a better medium I think for talking about certain subjects. If you guys dig the videos I will definitely continue to throw them in now and again, hopefully with continually improving quality!

Do you dig outlet shopping? What have been some of your greatest bargain finds?

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