Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tarte Airblush Maracuja Blush & Glamazon Lipstick Reviews

Good morning everyone! Today is my Friday (hooray!) and I wanted to kick off the day with some happy makeup-related vibes. A few weeks ago I posted about the crazy, gigantic Sephora End of Summer Sale along with some of my recommendations of products to snag. While I pretty much wanted to buy everything, I decided to reel it in a little and only add this lovely pair of products from Tarte to my shopping cart. For those of you who may not be familiar with the awesomeness that is the Tarte brand, they create cruelty-free, ingredient-conscious beauty products that offer serious performance without lots of junk and fillers. From their Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes to the ever popular Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara, Tarte has a number of well loved products in the beauty community. Did these beauties follow suit? Come find out!

As someone who can never have enough blush or lipstick, the two products I decided needed to be mine were the Tarte Airblush Maracuja Blush in Shimmering Pink ($26) and the Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipstick in Foxy ($26 on sale for $16). Because I was able to shop during the sale I was able to snag the blush for only $16 and the lipstick for $14, and together I think they were a total steal for $30. Before I get into the individual reviews, I also want to point out that the packaging on both of these products is totally gorgeous! I hate to say that I get suckered into buying a product by looks alone, but truth be told it certainly is a factor in what catches my eye. In general I find that Tarte products have this sort of fun, feminine style, but with a sort of chic edge that makes them look more sophisticated than childish.

I'd heard quite a few positive things about the Glamazon Lipsticks when they first launched, and had always wanted to try them. I'm wondering if they're retiring or reformulating the line, because it looks like there are only two shades left available for purchase. It'd be a shame if that was the case, because now that I've actually gotten to give them a go I think they're really quite awesome! The shade I picked up (Foxy) is a very deep, yet bright, cool-toned berry pink. I think it'll be gorgeous for that summer-into-fall transition where you're ready to be done with bubblegum tones but aren't quite ready for something super deep and vampy.

The texture on these lipsticks is quite creamy on application, but dries down to a comfortable, matte finish. They are incredibly long wearing, and this shade in particular does a fantastic job of sort of staining the lips so that the color lasts and lasts throughout the day. I don't think it lasts a full 12 hours if you do any eating or drinking in that time (and I'd be surprised/sorry if you didn't), but I typically find that I only need to do one reapplication post-lunch to have fantastic looking lips all day. It doesn't bleed or feather and truly stays put wherever you put it.

Since this is an incredibly pigmented lipstick it does take a little bit of care to apply. I usually will start by applying the bullet directly to the center of the lip, and then use a lip brush to create a precise line around the edges of my mouth.

Unlike the lipstick I purchased, I had never heard of the Airblush Maracuja Blush before seeing it on sale. I'm a huge fan of Tarte's powder blushes, and was intrigued to see how well they did a cream formula. Maracuja oil is high in Vitamin C, which helps to nourish and brighten the skin, and it seems to be one of the new staple ingredients of Tarte products. This particular blush promises to be long wearing and easily blendable to give you a sort of airbrushed finish. I was a little worried about the fact that it was a "shimmering" formula, because I'm not a huge fan of chunky glitter in my cheek products (or any products, really), but I figured at the sale price it was worth taking the risk and trying it out.

It's a good thing that I decided to take a leap of faith because I LOVE this blush. It really is incredibly natural looking and gives you the perfect flush. Rather than applying directly from the pan to my face using my fingers, I'll pat a stippling or flat topped brush in the product and swirl it on to my cheeks to further that sort of "airbrushed" look. It's rather glowy in finish, but not sticky, and chunky glitter is nowhere to be found.

I think the combination of these two products together on the face is stunning! They're both cool toned pinks, so I think the shades compliment each other really well. Also, with Foxy being such a bold lip shade I think the soft pink blush is a nice counterbalance that doesn't make you look overdone.

So there you have it! I think I made an excellent choice of products with my mini sale haul and will be surely using these products a lot this month. I'm really hoping that Tarte brings back the Glamazon lipstick range because it's really quite lovely and I don't think they have any other similar matte styled lip product in their lineup. On the plus side, it does look like you can still pick up this shade and one other at a discounted price from the Tarte website, so if you're curious about it, now would be a great time to nab it!

What are your favorite Tarte products?