Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wantable Accessories September 2015

Oh Wantable. You basically make my life.

I'm so smitten with this month's box it's kind of unreal. From the moment I opened the package I'm pretty sure my eyes turned into hearts. With a mix of delicate and chunky pieces, elegant and glam styling, everything inside is so incredibly me. I do make it a point to review all of the pieces I get each month, and over time I think my stylists have really honed in on my personal tastes. I haven't included any kind of special message to my stylist either, so this was entirely based on my profile and what I've liked before. So, without any further rambling, let's take a look at each piece up close.

The Skinny on Wantable

Wantable is a personalized styling service that delivers on-trend beauty and fashion to your doorstep. They currently offer three different "collections" (makeup, accessories, and intimates) and two different "edits" (style and fitness).

What it costs: $40 per collection, or a $20 styling fee for each edit, plus the cost of whatever you choose to keep.

Why it's special: Having your own personal shopper may seem like a glamorous indulgence, but Wantable makes it totally accessible to the everyday girl. You can choose which type of collection or edit suits your fancy, and then complete an extensive profile for that collection detailing your personal tastes. Wantable will make sure you never get a product type or style you mark as "disliked". You can also change up your profile each month as your needs/preferences change, and even write your stylist a note to help steer them in the right direction! If you still end up getting something you don't love, returns are totally free and easy. You can either return your entire box for full credit, or just a few items for partial credit. If you need a break, skipping a month is also incredibly easy to do. This also makes it easy to alternate months between collections if you'd like to try a few!

What you get back: for each complete collection that you'll keep, you get a $4 credit towards your next collection.

Interested in checking out Wantable? Join today using my referral link to let them know I clued you in.

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Madelyn Bracelet
Style Tip: Wear with a nude polish

Retail Price: $28
Wantable Price: $12.04

How awesome is this statement bracelet?! I don't have anything else quite like it in my collection. It's got this super bejeweled gem cuff with a variety of peach and navy colored stones. The metal itself is also sort of an antiqued gold which gives the whole bracelet a slightly less formal feel. I think the colors will be awesome for fall and will go with a ton of outfits I can put together from my closet. The ONLY downside is that this is kind of super huge on my tiny little wrist. The actual stone portion covers three quarters of my wrist as it is, so the actual chain, even when clasped on the tightest wrung, still lets the bracelet slip right over my hand. I really don't want to return this, cause its so darn pretty, so I'm going to try to bust out my jewelry making know-how to adjust the tightness a little bit.

Kate Earrings

Retail Price: $17
Wantable Price: $7.31

These earrings are so great! I love the filigree design created by all the little lacey cutouts. I think it's a perfect mixture of boho and glam that is easy to both dress up and dress down. It may be hard to tell in this picture alone, but these earrings are also kind of massive. the bottom of the pendant part actually almost grazes my shoulder.  Luckily, the metal itself is really lightweight, so it doesn't feel heavy or pull down on my ears. I'll definitely be wearing these a ton.

Rayna Necklace
Style Tip: Pair with a basic black maxi dress!

Retail Price: $34
Wantable Price: $14.62

This necklace is so stunning. It's a bit fancier than the previous pieces, so I'll probably only be wearing this with dresses or some other type of going-out outfit. I absolutely LOVE the styling on the pendant itself, with a combination of pearls, rhinestones, and blue gemstones. I also really like the delicate twisted detail on the chain. It's actually got a double strand, which makes it feel a little sturdier with such large pendant. While the chain is adjustable, this is a very long drop necklace, which means it would also be nice to layer with some shorter, delicate chains.

Lindsey Studs Gold
Style Tip: Pair with a dark pink lipstick

Retail Price: $40
Wantable Price: $6.02

These earrings are going to fit PERFECTLY into my collection. They're a nice, neutral shade, they have a little bit of sparkle, and they will match a TON of necklaces that I currently own. It's hard to tell from the way these lay on a flat surface, but they actually hang diamond shaped rather than square shaped in the ear. They're also a nice, medium size - not too dainty, but not to large and chunky either. I think that I'll really enjoy wearing these on nights out when I want to dress up a little bit!

I've got to give Wantable all the props because my collection this month really impressed me. Aside from the fact that I'll get a ton of use out of each of these pieces of jewelry, the total value of my box added up to $93, more than double the $40 that I spent. Can you seriously get much better than that?? Now I can't wait to see what October has in store!

What accessories have you been wearing this month?