Monday, February 15, 2016

Giant Unboxing Video

Today's post is all about an exercise in will power.

Somehow I've managed to put all of my beauty mail aside for almost an entire week so that we could unbox it together. Dedication, man. It's the mark of a true beauty blogger.

In today's unboxing post we're going to take a look at everything inside my February Birchbox, one of the latest Target Beauty Boxes, as well as my Wantable Accessories Collection. Hopefully my being patient will be worth your getting to see my absolute first reactions and impressions to everything I got!

If you guys enjoyed this format of video, definitely let me know in the comments down below. And if you are also subscribed to any of these boxes, I'd love to see what you got as well. Post a link or tweet it to me @blushingbirdie so I can check it out!