Saturday, March 5, 2016

Why Not...Stay In? LE Birchbox Review

Ladies, it's time to get excited, because another Limited Edition Birchbox is here! These beautiful little collections are an absolutely fantastic value, so whether you want to #treatyoself to some new beauty products, or are in need of an easy gift idea, I'd highly recommend checking them out. This newest box is appropriately titled "Why Not...Stay In?" and is packed full of super luxurious, pampering products for the ultimate me-time experience. Want to see everything inside? Let's take a look together!

As always, Birchbox gets a serious A+ when it comes to their packaging and presentation. I absolutely adore the light pink box, the polka dot motif, and dainty rose gold logo. If you were giving this box as a gift you wouldn't even need to wrap it! It's also totally pretty enough to recycle and proudly display on your shelves as storage for whatever bits and bobs you may have lying around.

Inside you'll find nine products, ranging from skincare, to lifestyle items, to hair and nails. Birchbox really hit the nail on the head when it came to curating a box that fit the theme they chose. If you're looking to stay home, relax, and pamper yourself, all of your bases are covered (including creating some ambience!). Here's a quick breakdown of everything you'll get:
  • TokyoMilk French Kiss Candle Tin (travel size)
  • The Body Shop Shea Butter Body Scrub (travel size)
  • Richer Poorer Striped Fuzzy Socks
  • Nails Inc. NailKale Superfood Base Coat
  • Nails Inc. NailKale Nail Polish in Westbourne Park Road
  • Kokostar Nail Therapy (1 package)
  • amika Nourishing Mask (travel size)
  • WEI Multitask Mult-Mask Collection
  • Stephanie Johnson Eye Mask
Overall there's a pretty nice range of one-time-use, travel sized, and full sized products in this collection. For the most part, you'll be able to get many cozy nights in out of everything that's included. Shall we take a closer look at everything individually? Perfect. I'm glad we're in agreement.

Add the fresh scents of mandarin, tuberose, gardenia, and vetiver to any space with this travel candle.

Full Size, 4 oz ($12)

There's nothing like creating a bit of ambiance to get your mind in a more relaxed place, and candles are by far one of my favorite ways to set the mood. This TokyoMilk travel candle smells lovely, with a sophisticated blend of fruity and floral notes. I haven't burned this yet, as I've got a few other candles I'd like to finish up first, so I looked up other reviews to see what the general consensus is. It looks like a few people have complained about this candle not giving off a lot of scent while its burning, which would be a bummer if that was the case. Either way, the tin is pretty to look at, and it'll add a romantic glow to whatever room you're chilling out in.

Get supersoft, moisturized skin head-to-toe with this exfoliating sugar and salt scrub.

Travel Size, 1.65 oz ($7)
Full Size, 7.9 oz ($20)

If you've been frequenting my blog over the last three years, you'll know that The Body Shop's Body Scrubs are no strangers to these parts. They're perhaps my favorite body exfoliators out there (the coconut one especially), and get your skin feeling super smooth from head to toe. I personally haven't tried the Shea one yet, so I was pretty excited that this was the formula they chose. From looking at it I think it's going to be super hydrating, and has a lovely but not overpowering scent. My only warning to those of you who may be using this scrub for pre-shave exfoliation is that the butters and oils in this formula will leave a bit of a residue behind on your skin which will clog up your razor.

Made from soft, fluffy microfiber with grips on the bottoms, these socks will be your go-to for lounging.

One Pair ($15)

Who doesn't love a good pair of fuzzy socks? These white and gray slipper socks are super cozy and soft to the touch, and are long enough to keep your calves nice and warm on a chilly night. Fortunately winter is on its way out, which means I probably won't get a ton of use out of these before the warmer weather comes. I may just put these socks aside for next year in lieu of the pairs I've been using that have probably seen better days.

Fast-drying base coat leave you with touchable, perfectly dry nails after just 45 seconds.

Full Size, 14 ml ($15)

This polish taps the antioxidant power of kale to delivery stronger, healthier-looking nails.

Full Size, 14 ml ($14)

Nails Inc. is a brand that I've generally been pretty happy with in the past. I've been really curious about trying their new NailKale line, so I was pretty stoked to see Birchbox include both a polish and the NailKale base coat in this box. And while I've only given myself one proper manicure with them so far, I am SO impressed. First off, the new packaging on Nails Inc. polishes is absolutely stunning, and the new brushes are perfect. I should note that I have generally large nail beds, so I tend to prefer polishes with a wide, flat brush opposed to a long skinny one. Both the base coat and polishes applied with incredible ease, and the polish was completely opaque with two coats. I sealed everything off with my Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar Top Coat (a personal favorite of mine) and I kid you not, my manicure went completely chip free for 5 days. It honestly could have even lasted longer, but I wanted to change things up last night. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy this shade, which I think is a gorgeous mauvey-taupe I will find myself wearing again and again. I just love switching up my polish shades a couple times a week.

To make things even better, the entire NailKale line promises to make your nails stronger and healthier over time. The base coat is even infused with aloe, lemon, and ginseng extract and can be used on its own as a nail treatment on those days where you feel like going polish free. I'm really excited to test these products out long term and let you know how they work out for me!

This botanical treatment protects and repairs nails while strengthening against splitting and peeling.

1 package ($3.50)
5 pack bundle ($17)

While I haven't cracked into this packet yet, I get a feeling that this nail therapy treatment is going to be a lot like a sheet mask for your fingers. I know that my digits could use some extra TLC after so many months of cold, dry weather, and I look forward to sitting down (maybe this weekend?) and trying it out. I'm not sure how often its recommended that you do these treatments, so I could see it getting expensive if you made using them a regular thing. However, as a single-use splurge, its still way more affordable than a sheet mask or even a bath bomb.

This paraben-free treatment conditions and repairs with superfruit sea buckthorn berry.

Travel Size, 60 ml ($12)

I actually just included this very product in my last empties video, complete with a glowing review. This hair mask smells BOMB and leaves your hair feeling incredibly silky and soft. I hadn't repurchased since I used up my last tub, so I am more than happy to have more on hand. I use this product once a week in lieu of my normal conditioner, or whenever my hair is feeling extra fried from heat styling. If you've never tried a hair mask, it'll seriously rock your world!

Three single-use masks target specific skincare concerns, giving you a healthy, glowing complexion.

Full Size ($20)

I think the universe is trying to tell me that it's time to man up and try WEI's Manuka Bee Venom mask. I got it as a sample in a Birchbox many moons ago, but was kind of freaked out by the idea of putting bee venom all over my face. However, now I've got another little pot, along with two other masks to try. On its own I don't know if I would spend $20 on a set like this, especially if the masks are supposed to be single use pods. However, I'm more than happy to see it in a collection like this. The brush is also a really cute little touch and brings that spa feel to your bathroom. Personally I'm most excited to try the Purifying Mud Mask, which will hopefully help to degunk my large pores.

Upgrade your beauty sleep and say goodnight to insomnia with this eye mask.

Full Size ($29)

Truthfully, I know I have at least one or two other eye masks lying around somewhere in my bedroom, but I can't say that I've ever made regular use out of them. This will certainly be the prettiest one I've ever owned, and the silky texture will be extra gentle on my skin, but odds are this will end up spending most of its life buried somewhere in my nightstand.

I'm definitely happy with my choice to pick up this limited edition collection. While Birchbox claims its a $131 value, my calculations say its more like $127.50. I couldn't find the exact eye mask or slipper socks included and guestimated their prices based on other similar items from the brand, so it's possible that those two could be slightly more pricey than I was led to believe. Either way, you can score all of this for only $45, which is truly pretty incredible. Just the nail polishes alone are worth almost $30, which were amazing enough to make this box totally worth it for me.

Also, don't forget that you can use your points or coupon codes towards your purchase of one of these boxes. I was able to snag mine for less than $30 using the ones I had on hand! If you're loving what you see, you can order your own Why Not...Stay In? LE Birchbox here. You don't have to be a subscriber to purchase from the shop, and if it's your first time buying you can use the promo code WELCOME10 to save 10%! If you aren't already familiar with the love that is Birchbox, you can read more about how the subscription works and check out my previous monthly box reviews here.

Will you be picking up this box? Which of these products are you most excited to try?