Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Getting Organized | Travel Bag Hack

Spontaneity certainly adds some spice to life. If I get a last minute invitation to go away for the weekend, I am almost always up for the adventure. On the other hand,  I am also a planner. My personality type is INFJ...with a strong emphasis on the J. So for me there's always a sweet spot to be found between having everything in my life mapped out to the hour, and being open and flexible to whatever opportunities arise. Which is exactly why this travel hack has been one of the best ideas I've ever had. Stress from packing (or not having enough time to pack) should never be the reason to turn down a fun night. For me, running around trying to find all my toiletries was always the part of the process that took the longest, and always the step where I was most likely to forget something.

My solution? Always keep a pre-packed bag with everything I need for an overnight stay. That way, whenever I need to pack I can focus on picking out some cute outfits to bring and what makeup I might want to wear, and the rest is a complete no-brainer. It's saved me so much time, and also forever solved the problem of getting ready away from home and realizing I don't have deodorant. So let's chat a little bit about what I pack in my bag and how you can recreate this hack for yourself!

As I said in the video, I've found this to be one of the best ways to make sure I utilize all of the beauty minis I get from my subscription boxes or as point perks and rewards from shopping. I actually use my old Birchboxes to store all of my unused samples (sorted by type to make it easy for me to find what I need) and then know exactly where to reach whenever I need to replace something from the bag. If you don't have a giant stockpile at home like me, never fear! There are tons of places to find travel-friendly beauty.

Target and Bed Bath & Beyond have perhaps my favorite selection of travel-sized products. They both carry some really excellent brands that you might not find elsewhere. Another awesome way to get your hands on some mini-sized products while also getting to try new and fun things is to pick up a sampler or value kit from Sephora or Ulta (I've had my eye on this set from Milk for a while now). Sephora also always has GWP codes available so you can add a deluxe sample to your online orders, as well as super cute point perks you can redeem.

I hope you all found this little hack helpful! If you decide to create your own pre-packed travel bag, let me know! I'd love to know what you decided to put in yours. Personally I'm thinking of adding a travel-sized Wet Brush to mine, because right now I'm always needing to remember to grab my full-sized one. Is there anything else you would recommend?

What are some of your favorite travel hacks?

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