Saturday, August 6, 2016

A Little Birdie Told Me...Vol. 5 | Insta-Obsessed

Every time I run into someone who says they aren't a fan of Instagram, I can't help but wonder "HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!". Twitter can be a little OTT for sure, and I get that Snapchat is silly, but to not like Instagram?! My brain has trouble wrapping itself around the concept.

As a blogger I feel like I'm constantly trying to boost all of my social media efforts, but hands down my favorite platform to invest time and energy into is Instagram. It's one of the easiest places to discover other people who share your hobbies and to support their efforts, it isn't overly spammy (my biggest gripe with Twitter), and most of all, it's a place filled with oh-so-much pretty. As someone who follows almost exclusively MUAs, fashionistas, and my fellow beauty bloggers there are a lot of gorgeous pictures to be had. After a few minutes I'm almost always feeling inspired - be it to experiment with a new look, write a new blog post, or add a new product to my wish list.

I've been thinking a lot recently about how I kind of let my A Little Birdie Told Me... feature fall through the cracks, and that it's totally a shame. There are so many other amazing people out there in the blogging and YouTube world, and for all of the support and positivity I've gotten, I think I'm long overdue to give some back. And so, what a more perfect way to bring back this series than by cluing you in to nine amazing ladies you seriously need to start following on Instagram. And if you're one of those aforementioned people who don't see what the insta-fuss is about, perhaps they'll be able to sway you better than I can!

Photo credit: @sharondd

Sharon Dubois (@sharondd)
I came across Sharon's account while perusing the Ipsy OS Facebook forum and was immediately entranced by her work. She's a MUA out of the UK and seriously rocks highlighter like no other. Her artistry is flawless, she's hella creative, and I think she deserves WAY more attention than she's getting! If fall as in love with her makeup as I did, you should also check out her YouTube channel. She's got step-by-step tutorials showing you how to recreate the looks in her pictures (and some other great how-to guides too). Also, British accents. Basically the best.

Photo Credit: @beautythroughbowie

Stacey Bowie (@beautythroughbowie)
I honestly don't remember when I started following Stacey on Instagram, or which one of us was the one to discover the other, but I can tell you two things for certain. 1. She has been absolutely sweet and so supportive of my page and 2. Her product shots are BOMB. I can totally see her graphic design influence coming though, because her entire page has this amazingly cheery, colorful aesthetic that ties her entire account together. If starting at pretty pictures of makeup isn't your jam, she's also got some pretty rad outfit shots of her chic, modern fashion style.

Photo Credit: @hashtagfablife
Natalie (@hashtagfablife)
Natalie is a fellow YouTuber who is hustling so hard to make beauty and fashion her career. She has fantastic taste in clothing, films awesome product reviews, and isn't afraid to rock a bold lip. Her Instagram account has a great mix of fashion and beauty, and I think you guys are going to absolutely love her!

Photo Credit: @chyism

Cindy Hyue (@chyism)
I have such a strong appreciation for the minimalist vibe (even if in real life I'm about as extra as it gets), and Cindy's Instagram account is essentially #goals. Her pictures have this amazingly soft, airy quality about them that I just can't get enough of. Her accompanying blog also has quite a bit of lifestyle and travel bits in addition to all of the beauty goodness and is definitely worth checking out!

Photo Credit: @stylesprinter

Katya Bychkova (@stylesprinter)
Katya is such a boss. Her blog incorporates awesome beauty reviews, gorgeous outfit ideas, and a lot more. Her Instagram account will not only key you in to whenever she posts new content, but also shares snippets of her day to day life. Her vibe is bright and playful, with a hint of that NY girlboss class.

Photo Credit @thebeauparlour

An Dang (@thebeauparlour)
I love me a good flatlay, and An is the queen. How she doesn't have thousands more followers yet I do not understand. Go out there and show her some love, people! In addition to having gorgeous pictures, she also shares a lot of helpful information about the products she's featuring and her experience with them. If you're a beauty lover, she's definitely a must-follow.

Photo Credit: @foxandbloomco

Daniella Siebert (@foxandbloomco)
The only thing that makes me sad about Daniella's account is that I wish she posted more often! If you're someone who doesn't relate to high fashion blogs, Fox & Bloom might be right up your alley. Her style is modern and sleek, but also casual and relatable to the everyday girl. Hopefully you'll love her outfit inspiration as much as I do! Also, can I just say, her hair is AMAZING *insert heart-eyed emoji here*

Photo Credit: @hellohimawarii

Mika (@hellohimawarii)
This is another one for you beauty junkies. Mika writes a fantastic beauty blog and has the most stunning Instagram account to go alongside it. She features a healthy mix of skincare and makeup, and mostly reviews higher end brands. If you're all about that luxury beauty life, you're going to totally fall in love with her account! Also she's got a particular passion for Asian beauty products (which are quickly becoming all the rage), and is a great resource to go to if you're curious to explore what's out there.

Photo credit @jessica.grant

Jessica Grant (@jessica.grant)
Don't let her cute as a button appearance fool you. Jessica is a kick ass MUA. She also started her journey sharing her looks on Instagram, and has now branched out into YouTube. I remember when she had JUST started her account and had maybe a hundred or so people following her, and now she's got over 10K! She's a hard working girl and her makeup application techniques are seriously on point. I can't wait to see where the next year takes her!

I hope you guys are as excited about this feature revival as I am. I'm hoping to make it a monthly thing, and to switch up the focus each time (be it specific blog posts, YouTube channels, etc.). If there's someone you think I'll love and need to check out, definitely Tweet me or post a comment down below to let me know!

What Instagram accounts have you been loving lately?