Thursday, August 11, 2016

Product Fails | More Things That Disappointed Me

Anyone who's been around these parts for a while knows I enjoy spreading the love and positivity. I get somewhat irrationally excited about new beauty products I've discovered and can't wait to share them with you guys. Unfortunately, one of the consequences of trying a whole lotta makeup is that you're bound to encounter a few duds. And, as your resident beauty enthusiast, I feel that its my civic duty to give you guys a heads up to the things that I wasn't a huge fan of. I want you to be better informed before you head to the store, and avoid the tragedy that is buyers remorse. And while I understand that throwing some shade at much loved products may offend a few, hopefully you can still at least appreciate my honest feedback.

So, if you're not already cozy, I recommend getting yourself a snack, maybe a cup of tea, and snuggling up for another epic beauty rant session with yours truly.

Man, it feels so good to get all of that off my chest (and also to get all of these products out of my cabinets). If there are products that have disappointed you lately, I would love to hear about them. Rant to me in the comments down below. Let it all out (I promise you'll feel better too). If watching this video has you craving more feedback about things I couldn't fall in love with, you can see all of my disappointing products posts here.

To end this post on a happier note, I decided to go full on Anastasia Beverly Hills for my eyeshadow in this video and I LOVE how it came out. I reached for my Self Made Palette as well as a few select choices from my Z Palette to create this super glammed out pink and purple look. That lid shade? Pink Champagne. While the Self Made Palette that I have it in is Limited Edition, that shade is not, and you can totally buy it in a single pan. Pat it on top of some glitter glue and the shimmer becomes UNREAL.

Have any products disappointed you lately?