Thursday, November 3, 2016

Holiday 2016: Wish-List Worthy Eyeshadow Palettes

Now that Halloween has officially past, I think it's safe to admit that the holiday shopping season is in full swing! If the rest of the year is any indication, the weeks between now and Christmas are going to absolutely fly by, which means you have way less time to get everything on your shopping list checked off than you think. If you're feeling a little lost and uninspired, don't you worry. I'm going to be posting tons of awesome beauty-related (and maybe some non-beauty related) gift ideas over the coming weeks to help get you started.

In true Lauren fashion, I'm kicking things off with perhaps my greatest weakness among makeup products - the eyeshadow palette. There have been SO many incredible launches this year it was hard to narrow down my list of recommendations. But after having spent a slightly embarrassing amount of time researching what's new, what's hyped, and what might be a hidden gem I think I've got a pretty solid list for you to check out!

1. Kat Von D Metal Matte Palette ($60) // Okay, so you're probably sick of hearing me rave about this palette. I promise this will be the last time I bring it up (okay...maybe I shouldn't promise, but I know you all get the point). It's just such an amazing value, and has a gorgeous selection of colors to play with. If you haven't already checked out my full review, go see the swatches and you'll understand.

2. Bare Minerals The Wishlist Eyeshadow Palette ($45) // If you like to play it a little more safe with your eyeshadow and gravitate towards no-fuss, easily wearable everyday shades, this palette is probably going to be right up your alley. You get twelve beautiful neutrals (mostly leaning towards a flattering warm tone) in matte and shimmery finishes.

3. Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics ($54) // Is it just me, or has 2016 seriously been the year of the neutral palette? Between my Z-Palette and the rest of my makeup collection, this palette wasn't something that personally excited me, but I think it'd be an awesome option for a person who is just starting to build up their makeup collection. You get 12 buttery matte neutral shadows that are perfect for blending, transitioning, and defining your eyes. Plus the rose gold packaging is flippin' gorgeous.

4. Marc Jacobs About Last Night Style Eye Con No 20 Eyeshadow Palette ($99) // As far as luxury eyeshadows go, Marc Jacobs has one of the best formulas on the market. Silky smooth and beautifully pigmented, I'm sure that this palette will not disappoint. It contains a gorgeous selection of cool purples, warm pinks, and lovely neutrals to balance everything out. As far as value goes, this is definitely on the pricey side. But if you're a makeup collector or really want to go all out and treat someone, it's definitely a beautiful option.

5. Tarte Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette ($53) // Somehow I've managed to hold off thus far on investing in any of the "Tartelette" palettes Tarte has launched, despite their rave reviews. I've got so many other palettes that are too similar to justify dropping the cash. But then Tarte had to go and launch this bad boy and make my life 100 times more difficult. This palette has 16 warm-toned matte shadows and 4 buttery metallics that will give you serious palette envy. I'm going to try and resist but man...the struggle is real.

6. Natasha Denona Star Palette ($169) // Full disclosure, I could not imagine myself ever spending $169 on an eyeshadow palette. Considering there are so many amazing alternatives at such a significantly lower price point I don't know how I could ever justify dropping that kind of cash on a single product. That being said, if you are one who is cool with splurging on luxury makeup, I've heard nothing but good things about Natasha Denona shadows. This particular palette seems to be a nice middle ground between her smaller palettes (that are still close to $100) and her big 32 pan ones (that retail for $239). Also, the Star Palette is full of really beautiful warmed toned neutrals that have been all the rage this fall.

7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette ($42) // Even though this palette is technically not a holiday launch, it's been flying off the shelves since the summer and will surely be a popular buy at this time of year. Anastasia eyeshadows have one of my absolute favorite formulas - buttery smooth, richly pigmented, and long-wearing - and I've yet to meet a palette of theirs I did not like. This one, though, with its rich, warm collection of shades, has been getting absolutely rave reviews from every person that seems to manage to get their hands on it.

8. Ciaté London Chloe Morello Beauty Haul Set ($49) // Does this palette not look totally stunning?! If the quality of the shadows is remotely on par with the ones in their smaller palettes I think it's going to be a huge seller this holiday season. Plus you also get minis of their Liquid Velvet lipstick (one of my personal faves formula-wise), Wonderland mascara, and a super cute bag to throw it all in!

9. Huda Beauty Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette ($65) // Did I save the best for last? All of these palettes are amazing in their own way, but this one is probably at the top of my personal wish list. I've heard the packaging on this palette leaves something to be desired, but the colors. THE COLORS. This is a warm-toned eyeshadow lovers dream. The metallic shadows look insanely gorgeous, and the mattes are just to die for. Ugh. I can't. #shutupandtakemymoney

Are any eyeshadow palettes on your wish list this year?

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