Goulishly Good Bath Time Treats From LUSH

It’s hard to believe that Halloween is only a week away! Aside from stockpiling candy and practicing my favorite spooky makeup looks, one of my favorite ways to get in the holiday spirit is by jumping in the tub with a Halloween themed LUSH bath bomb or bubble bar. Every year brings a new collection of seasonal goodies that I can’t wait to get my hands on. Let me show you what treats (and hopefully not tricks) I took home with me!

Lord of Misrule
Bath Bomb, $6.95

Spicy and sweet, the Lord of Misrule bath bomb was so loved last year that LUSH decided to bring it back! I actually did a review of this product last October and even filmed a video of it in all it’s fizzy glory. It was by far one of my favorite bath bombs I’ve ever tried, so I was SO pumped to see that I’d be able to buy one again for this Halloween. The blend of patchouli, black pepper, and vanilla is a little bit sexy, and oh so cozy. Once you pop this bath bomb in the tub, all you’ll need is a glass of red wine and a devilishly good read to kick off a perfectly relaxing Halloween night in.

Bubble Bar, $7.95

Somehow, LUSH is always able to create the most ADORABLE bath products I have ever seen. For Halloween, Wizard takes the cake with his iridescent purple cape, gold twinkles, and little yellow star. Apparently he rocks the same fragrance as Jingle Spells, which I have not tried before, but is a warming and comforting blend of tangerine, ylang ylang and juniper berry. I’m still saving him for a special occasion, but apparently he’ll turn your bath water into a shimmering purple lagoon of bubbly bliss. He’s so cute I’m a bit sad to have to crumble him up, but I’m sure the bath that follows will be worth it!

Sparkly Pumpkin
Bubble Bar, $7.95

I made such a mess trying to photograph this bedazzled bubble bar. When they say sparkly pumpkin, they mean it! This bath bomb is coated in a layer of gold glitter that will surely make for quite the bath time experience. Having used glitter coated bath bombs before they are surprisingly not that difficult to clean up, and leave just a hint of shimmer on your skin. With lots of invigorating citrus oils, this would be the perfect pre-party bath bomb to get your revved up for a night out (Halloween does fall on a Friday this year, after all).

Bath Bomb, $6.95

As a fan of the Rose Jam Bubbleroon there was no way I could pass up the Sparkler Bath Bomb, which dons the same delicate floral scent. Filled with glitter and popping candies, Sparkler promises to bring plenty of excitement to your bath tub.  This is also the first bath bomb I’ve seen in a stick form, which means it could probably be easily split into two pieces for double the bath time fun.

If you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited about this haul of amazing bath goodies. While I’m really looking forward to trying them all out, I’ll probably save them for special occasions, or those days when I really need a pick-me-up. I’m a bit sad that all these products are limited edition for the Halloween season. Just got to make sure you stock up before they’re gone! You can also check out the rest of the LUSH Halloween collection here.

Have you tried any LUSH Halloween products? What was your favorite?