Spring Pastels – My Nail Polish Picks

Spring Pastel Nail Polish

Somehow, magically, the temperature has decided it was going to go from the teens everyday to the 40s.

*Does happy dance*

If it doesn’t snow again until November I would TOTALLY be okay with that. If you haven’t noticed my griping about the sub-arctic temperatures around New England, the long story short is that I am a summer baby, and I am counting the days to when I can be reunited with my flip flops.

For now, though, 40 degrees feels like a heat wave and I am ready to welcome spring with open arms. Open arms with perfectly manicured hands, that is. Nothing says springtime to me like soft, creamy pastel shades. Whether you’re a fan of lilac, coral, or mint, I’ve got a rainbow of dreamy nail polishes to share that are perfect for setting the mood for spring.

Julep “Ali”, $14

Somewhere in the past few years, mint has become one of the signature colors for spring, and I am right on the bandwagon with everyone else. This new polish from Julep features a “soft focus finish” which is a nice hybrid between glossy and matte. Of course, if you’re more of a glossy girl a layer of topcoat will set everything straight. The formula is rather sheer on this one, so you’ll need three coats to get an opaque finish.

Zoya “Blu”, $9

This off-white blue is surprisingly bright and cheery on the nails. It also instantly makes your hands look tanner (if that is a thing you’re going for)! This formula is by far the most pigmented of the bunch and two coats are all you’ll need for an opaque finish.

China Glaze “In a Lily Bit”, $7.50

Purple lovers should definitely check out this pretty lilac hue. You’ll need three coats to get an opaque finish with this one as well. Also, the finish on this particular polish is definitely not glossy. It’s almost got a sort of powdery/chalk board kind of look to it. Much like the Julep polish, if you like the look you can wear as is, or you can gloss it up with a shiny top coat.

Essie “Tart Deco”, $8.50

A creamy coral, Tart Deco has been a long standing springtime favorite of mine. I usually need about three thin coats to get an opaque finish. Tips for my nail art fans, this color also looks amazing with gold glitter!

Revlon Parfumerie “Pink Pineapple”, $4.79

I love this whole line from Revlon. Is scented nail polish gimmicky? Maybe, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying it. Pink Pineapple is a very sheer pink. One coat will give you a “your nails but better” kind of glossy shine, and three layers will give you an opaque finish.

All of this talk of nail polish has totally got me in the mood for a manicure (if it happens, I am sure to instagram a picture). Remember, when working with sheer polishes like this, your best way to avoid streakiness is to apply them in thin layers, letting them dry completely in between coats. Yes, it’s a bit more time consuming than maybe some other one-and-done polishes, but the end result is often pretty enough to be worth it!