April 2015 Wantable Accessories

Fellow accessory fanatics, today’s post may be of particular interest to you. If you’re itching to spice up your collection of jewelry, scarves, sunnies and the like, and are also feeling a little bit adventurous, Wantable may just be your new best friend. A subscription box company unlike any other, Wantable has five different categories that you can pick from – makeup, fitness, intimates, style, and (you guessed it) accessories. After creating a customized profile, one of the Wantable stylists will hand pick items based on your personal preferences to send to you. I’ve seen some great collections from other bloggers (Rebs, I’m looking at you), so I decided it was worth giving a try! Here’s a closer look at my first foray with Wantable Accessories.

When filling out your accessories profile you have the ability to designate whether or not you love, like, or dislike a particular style or category of items. Your stylist will never send you an item type or of a style you’ve said you dislike, which to me is a great function of customization I haven’t seen in other subscriptions. There are also helpful pictures to illustrate the types of items they feel fall into different style categories (aka what they think is classic versus glam). As an example of my profile choices, necklaces and earrings were two of my loves, while I added sunglasses to my dislike because it’s an item I’m really selective about and would rather shop for myself. I said I loved classic styles but disliked rock n’ roll. You also have the ability to free text a note to your stylist if there’s anything specific you’d like him or her to know. My note this month was that I love feminine pieces and anything with a natural or floral inspired motif.

For my very first box I think my stylist did a pretty great job of picking out pieces for me. I had specified that I “loved” gold toned pieces and just “liked” silver, so it’s no surprise to me that all of the items I received were gold.

Maddie Necklace (Gold)
The Maddie necklace is a beautiful short gold necklace with simple ivory geometric stones.
Retail Value ($26)
Wantable Price ($6.93)

I think this necklace was my favorite out of the bunch. It’s sophisticated and chic and could easily be worn with a casual outfit or a cocktail dress. The ivory/gold combination is also totally versatile and will go well with tons of outfits.

Justine Earrings (Gold)
These gold drop earrings feature mini ivory beading around a center stone.
Retail Value ($14)
Wantable Price ($3.73)

I think these earrings are so pretty. They’re definitely a little bit more on the glam side, and I think they pair really well with the Maddie necklace.

Witney Necklace
The Witney necklace features a short gold adjustable chain with a semi precious stone pendant.
Retail Value ($21)
Wantable Price ($5.60)

I think this piece was probably the farthest from my typical style. It’s a little bit more bohemian, and the giant natural stone pendant is a little bit bulkier than something I would normally choose. However, I’m going to be a bit more open minded and try it out with some flowy tops or dresses. I think it might also layer really well, so we’ll see how it works out!

Tiffany Bracelet (Gold)
The Tiffany bracelet is a gold metal and pink ribbon bracelet.
Retail Value ($14)
Wantable Price ($3.73)

At first I was a little bit underwhelmed by the ribbon accent on this bracelet, but I think it’s growing on me. I think the amber/dusty pink/gold combination is perfect for spring (and also super girly, which I did ask for). I think this would be another great piece for layering, although my bracelet collection is severely lacking. I may need to build it up a little before I can try that style.

All in all I think this was a great first box, and I’m totally excited to continue with my subscription and see what my stylist comes up with next month. This time around I think I’m going to ask for some pieces that would layer well. The total value of everything in my box came to $75, which is definitely a great deal! I should also note that the Wantable prices I quoted on each of these pieces above is extra low because it only totals to $20 ( I had a 50% off coupon code). Even at the full box price of $40 you’ll always get more than you paid for and also have the whole surprise element unlike a normal trip to Charming Charlie’s.

Interested in joining Wantable? Use my referral link and I will send you lots of love! You can either purchase a one-time box for $40, or subscribe monthly for $36. $4 of your monthly subscription will be credited back to you, so when you’ve received 9 boxes you can get the 10th for free! Subscribers can always skip boxes (if say you’d rather only purchase one per season instead of one every month) or cancel anytime they’d like. You can also subscribe to more than one collection (makeup and accessories, for example) and even skip alternate boxes if you’d like to receive each one every other month. The possibilities are endless! Okay, not endless, but plentiful. Either way, it’s definitely something worth checking out.

Are you a Wantable subscriber? What collection do you receive? What piece have you loved most so far?