Festival Beauty Essentials

Festival Beauty Essentials

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With the coming and going of Coachella, the festival season is finally underway! As a latecomer to the party (as I so frequently am) I had never been to a music festival until my boyfriend/partner-in-awesome and I decided to spontaneously buy tickets to Firefly last year. It was an exhausting and exhilarating experience, and the only reason we aren’t going back this year is because we weren’t too enthused about the lineup.

Alas, even with only one festival under my belt I definitely learned a thing or two about what to pack. While a lot of the fun of attending a festival like Coachella or Firefly is in sporting flowy, skin baring clothing and fun, colorful makeup, there are also some practical necessities to consider. Like how to not feel absolutely disgusting after four days in the sun without a shower. Or end up with a horrific sunburn. So, before you start picking out eyeliners and flash tattoos, consider these total lifesaving beauty products that, while perhaps a little less glamorous, will totally help you to look and feel your best during your trip!

For the Daytime

If there is one take home message when preparing for a festival, its that you NEED sun protection. Whether you normally burn like a lobster just looking out a window, or consider yourself a golden goddess, SPF is an absolute must have. Odds are you’re going to get a lot of sun exposure in the days while you’re there, and even if it ends up being overcast UV rays can still be incredibly strong. Do yourself a favor and slather on some sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 or 35.

For body I’m personally a fan of the Hang Ten Mineral Sport Natural Sunscreen. It’s a nice, non greasy, water resistant formula with an SPF of 50 and isn’t over the top expensive. There are a ton of great sunscreens for face, but I personally love the lightweight formula of Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47. Lips can easily be overlooked, until they burn and you’re in a whole new world of pain. Make sure to protect them too with an SPF laden lip balm. Every summer I rely on Coola Liplux Peppermint Vanilla, which smells great in addition to offering your lips sun protection. There’s also an unscented SPF 30 version if you’re looking for something a bit stronger (or don’t like fragrance).

Your hair can also take a beating being exposed to the sun all day long. A few spritzes of Fekkai Pre-Soleil Hair Mist will not only protect your hair from UV damage, but it will also keep it hydrated and frizz free. If and when your hair starts to look a little greasy at the roots, you’ll want to have a dry shampoo on hand (especially if shampooing looks like a near impossibility). The gentle, soothing formula of Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk is always a great option. If it’s your face that’s looking like an oil slick, a package of blotting sheets will become your new best friend. They’ll instantly soak up any patches of greasiness and shine, leaving your complexion with a nice, matte finish.

Speaking of best friends, I won’t go anywhere during my festival stay without a Bath & Body Works PocketBac. Between the frequent port-a-potty use and the general lack of availability of sinks, hand sanitizer is basically your only means of minimizing germs.

For the Night

Behold, the mighty cleansing wipe. When showers and bathrooms are few and far between, these will be a complete godsend. I can’t speak for other festivals, but the Firefly grounds were particularly dusty last year, and when you’re sweaty and covered in sunscreen your skin basically becomes a dirt magnet. Thankfully I had an ample supply of güd Natural Cleansing Wipes on hand, which I’d use to de-grime myself at the end of every night. They’re so affordable, they smell great, and seriously are the closest thing to a shower you might get for four days.

Since I usually wore makeup during the day I needed something with a little more scrubbing power to get everything off my face. I personally love these Yes to Grapefruit Exfoliating Wipes, however, the Yes To brand also has other wipes for those with dry or sensitive skin if you want something a little gentler. If you need a little extra help getting off stubborn eye makeup, these Simple Eye Makeup Remover Pads should do the trick.

Even if you were a total boss about sunscreen during your time on the festival grounds, its always nice to have a soothing after-sun lotion on hand. Coola’s Environmental Repair Plus Radical Recovery After Sun Lotion combines agave, aloe, and a variety of plant oils and extracts to nourish and repair sunburned skin on both face and body.

Festivals can be such an amazing experience, and packing smart will definitely save you a lot of stress once you get there! Even if you aren’t planning on attending a festival this year, all of these products would be equally great for a beach trip or other outdoor adventure, so you may want to keep them in mind. If you’re curious about my trip to Firefly, or would like to hear some of my general tips and recommendations for festival going, let me know!