The Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette is Back! (and Looking Better Than Ever)

So, I’m bumming around the Sephora website, not looking for anything particular, and lo and behold, a miraculous sight appears before my eyes. Laura Mercier has re-released their Artist’s Palette for Eyes (now called the Eye Art Artist’s Palette) and it looks like it might just be part of their permanent collection! I can barely contain my excitement.

I. Love. This. Palette.

But really, though. It’s probably one of my most treasured makeup items, but since it was a Limited Edition product I haven’t talked about it since it sold out. I figure it’s kind of mean to constantly rave about something to my readers that they can’t go out and purchase (“This palette is so amazing! I can’t live without it! TOO BAD YOU CAN NEVER OWN ONE!”). But now I can sing its praises totally guilt free. Everyone wins!

If you’d like to see how this palette swatches and listen to me ramble on about why it’s so great, you should check out the review I wrote back during its original 2013 launch. It appears that the color selection and layout of the new palette is identical to this one, and that the only things that have changed are the packaging and (unfortunately) the price. 
The new packaging is quite pretty, sporting a purple-toned abstract floral design, however I’m not 100% sure what material it’s made out of. The old design had a textured case that had a really luxe feel and was quite sturdy, and I’m not entirely sure how well the new one will fair by comparison. Also, the price has increased from $48 to $55. Would I still purchase this palette at the higher price? Probably. But it does kind of bum me out a little to see it jacked up that much in the span of two years. On the flip side, this 6 color Dior palette costs $62 and doesn’t have nearly as much variety, so I guess value for money is really a relative thing. 
Basically, if you are looking for a palette that’s versatile enough to use for both everyday and special occasions, has high quality, beautifully blendable shadows, and don’t hate purple, you need to check this out. It really is something special!

Do you own this palette? Have you purchased the new or old version? If not, will you be putting this on your wish list?

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