Spring 2016 Stitch Fix | Try on & Review

Spring 2016 Stitch Fix Outfits

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Can anyone tell me why it looks like a winter wonderland outside? It’s April, Mother Nature. Let’s get with the program. Regardless of the state of the outdoors, I am insisting on channeling all things Spring. My Stitch Fix has arrived and I am ready to share my pretty new clothes even if it’s too cold for me to actually leave the house wearing them.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with Stitch Fix, it’s a fashion-forward personal styling service. After you fill out a detailed profile outlining your sizes and style preferences, your Stitch Fix Stylist will pick out 5 clothing and accessory items to suit your tastes. When your box arrives you have three days to try everything on, see how things work with your existing wardrobe, and decide what you’d like to keep. Then you return whatever isn’t your jam, and buy whatever you love. Want to keep it all? You’ll get a 25% discount on your entire Fix if you decide to purchase all 5 items. Having your own personal shopper only costs $20, and this styling fee gets credited back to you as long as you keep at least one piece from your fix.

It’s a pretty excellent concept, especially if you’re one of those people who hates wandering aimlessly through the mall, or barely has time to eat breakfast in the morning, let alone go shopping for new clothes. I personally have been enjoying Stitch Fix as a way of introducing new and unique pieces to my wardrobe that I might not have thought to buy for myself otherwise. Which brings us back to today’s post! I wanted to show you all what I got in my Spring Fix, and share my thoughts on the process and what I decided to keep.

About Stitch Fix

One of the things I appreciate most about Stitch Fix is that you have complete control over when you get a Fix. I’ve set my preferences to have a new fix automatically sent to me every three months (or once a season), but if you’d rather manually schedule your fixes that’s always an option. You can get them sent as frequently as every 2-3 weeks, or opt to splurge once or twice a year. There’s no monthly fee, and no cost to subscribe.

Also, as a note to mommies-to-be, Stitch Fix also offers maternity clothes. There’s an option in your style profile to let your stylist know that you’re pregnant and when you’re due, and she’ll help you style your bump along the way!

So let’s get into the items from my Spring Fix. Overall I think my stylist did a great job of taking my feedback both from the notes I sent her and from my Pinterest board. I just did a ruthless clean out of my closet, so I decided that I was only going to let myself purchase pieces from my fix that I absolutely loved. Here’s a breakdown of what I decided to buy!

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What I Received

Stitch Fix Spring 2016: Papermoon Maikai Halter Swing Knit Tank Top & Lila Ryan Dorianna Skinny Jeans

Papermoon Makai Halter Swing Knit Tank Top ($48) – KEPT

I really loved the floral pattern on this top, and its soft, flowy style. It’s super comfy, and fits in perfectly with my current wardrobe. Definitely a keeper!

Lila Ryan Dorianna Skinny Jean ($98) – RETURNED

This was probably the most difficult piece to decide on. These white denim jeans fit me really well, and were stretchy and comfortable, but ultimately I decided that they weren’t special enough for me to invest $100. I have a sneaking suspicion that I could find another basic pair of white jeans for half the price without trying too hard.

Spring 2016 Stitch Fix: Pixley Amadeus Crochet Detail Top

Pixley Amadeus Crochet Detail Top ($64) – RETURNED

While I can definitely appreciate adding in some boho elements to an outfit, I think this top was a little too vintage for my liking. I think the fit was pretty solid, but I worried that this wouldn’t be something I’d reach for in my closet.

Spring Stitch Fix 2016: Olive & Oak Lenette Chambray Shirt Dress

Olive & Oak Lenette Chambray Shirt Dress ($78) – RETURNED

My stylist totally picked up on the fact that I appreciate a good shirt dress from my Pinterest board, however, the fit on this particular piece was what made me ultimately decide to pass. The length was perfect, and the style grew on me (especially once I added a belt and some jewelry), but I generally felt like I was swimming in it. Most notably the fabric under my arms was really gappy and loose and laid a little weird. Fortunately I got a GORGEOUS dress in my last fix, so I still have something new and fun in my wardrobe to wear this spring.

Spring 2016 Stitch Fix: Teal Mia Esie Laser-Cut Flats

MIA Esie Laser-Cut Flats ($49) – KEPT

After wearing these flats around some more I decided that I really wanted to add them to my collection. They’re a fun pop of color, and the soft suede fabric is actually really comfortable. I totally never would have picked these out for myself, but now that I’ve tried them on I’m loving the way they look.

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned in my video, I think Stitch Fix is a really awesome company, and I’m more than happy to be an affiliate for them. Basically, this just means that if you decide to subscribe through one of my affiliate links, I’ll earn a small commission. I seriously appreciate everyone who supports me and my blog, but also completely respect your choice to not use an affiliate link if it makes you uncomfortable. Ultimately I want to bring you all the best quality content possible. I only choose to work with brands I love and think my readers can get excited about, but also won’t hesitate to share shortcomings when I see them. It’s all about honesty, friends!

If you have any questions about Stitch Fix, ask me in the comments below. I’d be more than happy to help you out. If you’re interested in getting your own fix styled, you can use my referral link and we’ll each get $25 towards our next fix! And if you’ve already given Stitch Fix a go in the past, I’d love to hear your feedback. Did you have a good experience? Was your Fix a bust? Let me know what your experience was like!