Summer Stitch Fix Review

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I don’t know how things are in your neck of the woods, but in my neighborhood, it’s seriously feeling like summer. Connecticut has the luxury of being ice cold in the winter, sweltering hot in the summer, and generally confused during the spring and fall. But really, I shouldn’t be complaining, even if the thermostat is rising above 90. I’m a summer baby, and I’ll take the heat and sunshine over frostbite inducing temperatures any day.

Now that it’s officially time to bust out the warm weather clothing, I figured I was due for another round of Stitch Fix. For those of you who missed last season’s post, Stitch Fix is a personal shopping and styling service. Every time you schedule a fix, your stylist will look through your profile (you can even link a Pinterest board for visuals) and pick out 5 clothing and accessory items he or she thinks you’ll love! After your fix arrives you have 3 days to try everything on, see how things work with your wardrobe, and decide what you want to purchase. If there’s anything you don’t love, you just send it back to Stitch Fix in the prepaid mailing envelope they give you. And if you love everything, you’ll get a 25% discount when you purchase your entire fix. There is a $20 styling fee to have a fix created for you, but that fee will be automatically applied toward anything you choose to purchase.

I personally like to schedule a fix every season, just to give my wardrobe a little refresh. However, you can schedule them as frequently as every couple of weeks, or as infrequently as an annual treat. You’re never roped into any monthly fees, and you can also set price points for different types of clothing to help your stylist create a fix that fits within your budget. Basically, Stitch Fix is really what you make it out to be, which is one of the things I love about it. It’s gotten me to be a little more adventurous with my wardrobe, and has helped me to find some pieces I love that I might never have thought to try on!

So, confession. I made a bit of a boo boo with this season’s fix. Everything turned out fine in the end, and I learned some valuable lessons in the process, but yeah…let me tell you the story.
As I mentioned before, I like to do a seasonal fix. Stitch Fix autoschedules for me every three months, so I don’t have to remember when it’s time to order. My summer fix was scheduled to arrive at the end of June, which was perfect as I knew I’d be back and settled in from my trip to Firefly. However, what I failed to anticipate was that my stylist would start working on my fix while I was gone. This meant that I totally dropped the ball on actually sending her a note or reviewing my profile. Needless to say, when my fix arrived, I was less than thrilled. Of my five items, only one of them was remotely appealing to me. Even though I was bummed, I also knew that I had given my stylist very little to work with, so I decided to give things another go. I ended up keeping one piece (which we’ll get to in a minute) and sending everything back.

Before I rescheduled a new summer fix for myself, I went back through my profile to see if there was anything else that needed tweaking. After a careful look through, I realized that I had entirely misread a few questions, and my answers really weren’t the best fit for the kinds of styles I was looking for. Of course my stylist would keep sending me flowy, non-form fitting tops when I was telling her I don’t want to show off my stomach!

So, once I got my act together, fixed my profile, and sent a new note to my stylist, I had a new fix created and sent out to me a week later. This time around I had much better success, and ended up with a whole bunch of fun new clothing to add to my wardrobe!

If you’re wondering what I decided to keep from my original fix, it was this colorful Pixley Eve Floral Skirt ($64). I love the pencil shape and high waistline, which I think helps to create the illusion of curves on my slim frame. When I was out and about shopping for my birthday I found this Express Off the Shoulder Ruffle Crop Top ($39.90) that I think pairs perfectly with it for a sort of sexy, but not over the top ensemble. To continue to amp up the going out factor, I finished things off with these Mossimo Scarlett Lace Up Pumps ($32.99) that are a surprisingly stylist Target find.


For my replacement fix, I was sent four really cute summery tops and a fun pair of sandals. Here are some of the looks I’ve created to show them off!

Mint green is my jam, so I was all about this Papermoon Lucy Sheer Yoke Knit Tank ($44). I realy liked the little detailing on this top, which features dainty cutouts, and sheer mesh neckline. It’s really light and breezy, which is perfect for a hot summer day! For this outfit I decided to pair it with these distressed white denim pants from Express (similar). I found these great BCBG gladiator sandals at Marshalls for $30, but these ones from Target will give you a similar feel and are equally affordable.

The next top I got was this Le Lis Lavania Lace Knit Top ($48). I love lace detailing (which I’ve mentioned to my Stitch Fix stylist on more than one occasion), but I don’t have any tops like this in my collection. Truthfully this top was a little bit wide for me I think, but I liked the color and style enough that I knew I could make it work. I feel like its also the perfect kind of top to pair with a chunky statement necklace.

At first I was a little unsure of how this Crescent Edita Crochet Detail Top ($54) would fit me, but I actually really liked it once I put it on. It definitely channels a super boho vibe, and is really lightweight and breezy. Probably my favorite thing about this top are all the little embroidered details and cutouts. The little buttons in the back are just darling! I think it looks really awesome paired with dark denim, and these Nine West Yippe T-Strap Sandals ($89). Speaking of which, these sandals are super comfy, and are made of a pale lavender gray suede. I think they’re going to go with a ton of stuff in my closet!

This final outfit is one I actually just wore out the other night! I found these pink White House Black Market skinny jeans at the outlets, but these ones are very similar. I thought they were the perfect thing to pair with this Papermoon Violet Scallop Detail Blouse ($44), which has one of the coolest (and yet bra friendly!) backs I’ve seen on a top in a while.

Ultimately I decided to keep everything in my fix, which means that everything ended up being 25% off! It ended up costing me $189.25, which averages out to less than $40 an item. As you probably have realized from the other clothing and shoes in this post, I’m usually more of the bargain hunting, outlet shopping type. To me, Stitch Fix is my splurge. A special treat to myself. As a result I think my closet has developed a healthy balance of high and low end fashion, all of which I’m excited to wear!

I will also say that after trying on all of these tops, I have decided that I am desperately in need of a better fitting nude strapless bra. The one I have is kind of old and doesn’t stay up as well. With all of these sheer tops I’m going to need to remedy that situation!

If Stitch Fix sounds like something you’d be interested in trying, you can join using my referral link. I’m also always happy to answer any questions you have about how things work.