Lazy-girl Approved Products from Eva NYC

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I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. As a person who gets up every day at 6 am and still has minimal time to get myself together before work, I love that I can do the bare minimum and still have it look all right. Most days I’ll just comb it out with some leave-in conditioner, throw in a little sea salt spray, and let it air dry. I know that if I put in 20 minutes of effort with a blow dryer and a round brush I could give my style a little oomph, but most days I am supremely lazy before the sun comes up.

While my hair certainly fits my low-maintenance lifestyle, it seems to be even lazier than I am. It’s the friend that doesn’t want to take their sweatpants off and get dressed when everyone is going out on Friday night. It refuses to hold any kind of a curl, slips out of braids, and falls flat after an hour. Forget the party, my hair just wants to Netflix and chill 24/7. Every time I see a picture of a girl with long hair styled into big, beautiful curls I just want to yell at my head, “can’t you just…try? Just a little?”

The struggle is real, guys. The struggle is real.

In the end, I’m always on the hunt for hair products that strike a happy medium for me – something that will help my hair look great while still being realistic for my hectic, ain’t-no-body-got-time-for-that lifestyle. Recently I got sent a package of goodies from Eva NYC to try out, and I’m happy to report they’re right up my no-fuss alley. I’ve sampled a few products from this brand through Ipsy before, but this is the first time I’m giving their brand a proper review. So if you’re on the hunt for some great, lazy-girl friendly hair products, keep on reading!

As a person with notoriously greasy roots, dry shampoo is an absolute staple of my haircare arsenal. The Freshen Up Dry Shampoo ($11.99) quickly became an everyday favorite of mine, as doesn’t leave any white cast behind and smells absolutely incredible. This dry shampoo uses rice starch to help absorb the extra oil from your scalp, which is much more lightweight than aluminum starch or other common dry shampoo ingredients. That being said, this is not the most heavy-duty formula, either. If your hair is looking super grimy this might not have enough oomph to get it looking fresh again. For me, this is the perfect same-day hair refresher. I usually shower in the mornings, and by the time evening rolls around my hair has almost certainly fallen flat and looks kind of blah. This is exactly what I need to revitalize my style and get my hair looking freshly washed without needing to take another shower (cause really, when do I have time for that to happen?).

If there is one other hair necessity in my arsenal aside from dry shampoo, it’s got to be texturizing spray. Since my hair is straight as a dang stick it needs every bit of help possible to create volume and movement. This Surf’s Up! Texture Spray ($11.99) is pretty excellent, as it has the best of both a sea salt spray and a texturizing spray all rolled into one. It adds a bit of grit without making your hair too sticky or heavy, which allows it to build upon itself and create that whole sexy, tousled vibe. The other great thing about it? It’s fast. You can spray, tousle, achieve perfectly undone hair in 30 seconds or less. I’m not sure how well this kind of product would work in coarse, thick, or curly hair, but if your hair is naturally straight or wavy, I think a few spritzes of this product will totally change your hair game.

Now, with my hair being already pretty straight and fine I sometimes get worried about using oils or serums. I can’t really afford to put anything heavy or greasy in my hair that will weigh it down and make it look limp. Fortunately I’ve been getting along pretty well with this Get Glossed Hair Serum ($14.99). My hair is on the long side (maybe 4 inches past my shoulders), but because it’s so fine I don’t typically need to use a lot of product in it. I’ll take one pump, rub it between my hands, run it through my hair from mid-shaft to the ends, and then brush it through with my Wet Brush. It seriously smells GLORIOUS. It’s candy sweet without being cloying and I can’t get enough of it. It definitely makes my hair noticeably smoother and shinier without it feeling heavy or weighed down AND has the added benefit of containing Keravis protein, which will make your hair stronger with each use. I’ve basically swapped out my usual leave-in conditioner step for this serum and my hair has totally been loving it!

The last product I received from Eva NYC was really intriguing. I’d never seen or used a product like it before, and it reminded me a lot of a sheet mask, except for your hair. The Skip the Spa Thermal Hair Wrap ($11.99) is basically a deep conditioning treatment that you can do outside the shower. Inside each packet is a plastic head wrap that’s filled with a magical concoction of 38 different plant oils, amino acids, antioxidants, and royal jelly. After you’ve washed and towel dried your hair, you put on the head wrap, make sure its snug and secure it with a little sticker at the top, and then massage the product into your hair (from outside the wrap). The plastic wrap traps the heat from your head, which activates the ingredients in the treatment and helps them to better penetrate your hair. You let the treatment process for about 20 minutes, take off the wrap, rinse out your hair, and then style as usual. The effects of the wrap are supposed to last at least a week, leaving your hair hydrated and brilliantly shiny.

It’s been about three days since I tried this wrap out, and I can honestly say that it totally made a difference in the texture of my hair. Even after washing it I still feel like it’s even smoother and more frizz-free than usual. I’m so curious to know how this would work out for a person with thicker or curly hair. My instincts tell me they would love it!

Now, you may be wondering how a 20 minute treatment could possibly be considered lazy-girl friendly. Here’s the thing – unlike a deep conditioning mask you use in the shower, you aren’t trapped anywhere waiting for it to do its magic. The wrap stays really securely, which means you can throw on a robe, go do your laundry, go wash the dishes, or take care of whatever other life business you need to get to in the meantime. You don’t need to hang out in the shower or under a heat lamp burning your precious time. Also, since the effects are so long lasting, its something you only have to plan for maybe once or twice a month. Is it an extra step beyond normal conditioner? Sure. But as far as pampering treatments go, it’s incredibly easy and won’t slow you down.

Overall I’ve been really impressed with Eva NYC’s products! First of all, they smell incredible. Each one is a little bit different, but they’re all generally sweet and addictive. Every day I’ll catch a whiff of my hair when I’m sitting at work and have a silent moment of appreciation for how awesome the scent is. The quality of their ingredients is definitely on par with a lot of high-end brands, but their price tags are WAY more reasonable. I’m also pretty sure this brand is not excluded from coupons at Ulta, which means you can even save yourself a couple of bucks if you’re curious to try anything out. I also really love the colorful packaging and think the bottles look super cute sitting on my dresser!

Eva NYC carries a lot of other really awesome products, a few of which I’ve got my eye on (I’m looking at you Up All Night), and I’d definitely recommend checking out their website to see their other offerings. Is anything calling your name? Tell me in the comments below!

Are you a lazy girl when it comes to hair? What are your favorite styling products?