Bloomingdale’s Exclusive: Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips

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Guys, I am SO excited to finally have my hands on my very first Charlotte Tilbury products! As a makeup addict/lover of all things rose gold, Charlotte’s line seriously speaks to my heart. Truly the only reason I haven’t added her products to my collection is that they come with a luxury price tag, and given my current state of budgeting I’ve had to make some tough calls about what can and cannot be purchased off my wish list. However, the stars apparently aligned, and I was gifted two of her latest lip launches at a recent beauty event. I was over-the-moon thrilled to finally get to experience her makeup first hand, and to let you all know whether or not they are actually worth the splurge!

With the continued popularity of liquid lipsticks, it’s unsurprising that Charlotte Tilbury would want a piece of the action. The Hollywood Lips Matte Contour Liquid Lipsticks offer incredible pigmentation in an ultra-lightweight, soft-focus formula that claims to leave your lips looking wider and fuller in one application. They retail for $34 a pop and are available in 10 classic shades of nude, pink, and red. In addition to the original collection, Charlotte Tilbury also released two exclusive shades for Bloomingdale’s, which is what I have here to show you. Walk of Fame is a vibrant, orange-based red, while Sweetheart is a classic nude pink. Both of them are absolutely stunning (which I’ll give you a peek at in a moment), and lovely additions to the original shade range.

Right off the bat, the packaging of these liquid lipsticks is absolutely stunning. They’re quite sleek and slim, yet with a nice weighty feel, and of course the rose gold is very luxe and feminine. I honestly expect nothing less from Charlotte Tilbury, and really any lipstick with $34 price tag. I love that you can easily see the shade through the packaging, which makes life much easier if you own multiple colors. That being said, I did feel like the color in the tube was slightly deceiving compared to the way the colors look on the lips. The tube makes the colors appear a bit more muted than they apply (although it was actually a pleasant surprise for me when they ended up looking even more gorgeous on my lips).

Perhaps the most unique part of the design of this product, though, is the applicator. It’s got a relatively thin doe-foot, with a deep curve cut out in the middle to allow it to hug the natural contour of your lower lip. This gives you the flexibility to apply a lot of product to the lower lip with relative ease, but to also carve out your lip line with a ton of precision using the more pointed tip. Considering that the formula is incredibly pigmented, I thought getting a clean, even application was not too finicky or difficult.

Speaking of which, let’s chat a little bit about the actual liquid lipstick itself. The formula has a very lightweight, mousse-y texture that doesn’t feel dry or tightening on the lips. I was actually pretty amazed at how comfortable it felt. That being said, this is not the kind of liquid lipstick that will dry down and become completely transfer-proof. This is often the trade-off for liquid lipstick formulas, sacrificing comfort and moisture for kiss-proof longevity. Reading more into the description of this product, it’s clear what side of the fence Charlotte Tilbury wanted to land on. With ingredients like sea lavender and beeswax, it looks like this formula was designed to plump the lips and lock in hydration, leaving the lips looking smooth and supple while still maintaining a matte appearance.

Being completely honest, I can’t say that I noticed a “filter like effect” on my lips. In my experience, any matte formula is going to enhance at least some of your texture or natural lines. However, it was definitely less drying and shriveling than other liquid lipsticks I’ve worn. And even though it was not the most transfer-resistant formula, the color did stay bright and bold for many hours of wear. Long story short, if you’re going to sit down for a burger, you probably want to take this lip product off before eating, lest you end up with lipstick smudged all over your face. But if you’re just talking, maybe having a drink or two, and going about your day, this lipstick will hold up for several hours and still look fabulous.

As far as the color range for the entire Hollywood Lips line, you’ll find a very traditional lineup of shades to choose from. There are no crazy bold magentas or blues to be had. Just your classic nudes, pinks, and red toned varieties that are pretty universally flattering. The two Bloomingdale’s exclusive shades I received are basically a perfectly little sample of what you can expect.

When I hear the name “Hollywood Lips” I immediately think of 1940s style, old Hollywood glam, and Walk of Fame is basically the best shade to encapsulate that feeling. It’s a true firecracker of a lip color – a vibrant red with a strong orange base (my personal favorite kind of red). Wearing this shade made me feel like a starlet, and I could definitely see myself reaching for it whenever I want to channel my inner Marilyn Monroe.

Then you have Sweetheart, which was much more pink than I was expecting from looking at the color in the tube. I actually really fell in love with the way this shade looked on the lips, which was very soft, feminine, and sweet (making the name oh-so-appropriate). I could see myself pairing this shade with a bright, flushed cheek and a soft shimmery eye for that dreamy, fairy-tale princess kind of look.

At the end of the day, though, the big question at hand is whether or not I would have chosen to spend $34 of my own money on these liquid lipsticks. While I am head-over-heels in love with the way Walk of Fame looks on me, I think I would have been hard-pressed to spend so much money on a shade I’ll only occasionally wear. Sweetheart, on the other hand, is something I could see becoming an everyday makeup staple, and is much more justifiable from that perspective.

All in all I was very impressed with the Hollywood Lips formula, and I think if you are comfortable splurging on a luxury lipstick, you won’t be disappointed by these. Also, if you’re someone that loves the look of matte lips but hates how drying most formulas out there are, these might be a solid investment. I would highly recommend checking out the entire collection, and seeing which shade speaks to you!

Which Hollywood Lips shade is calling your name?

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