My Latest Wardrobe Staple: The JORD Cassia Watch

JORD Cassia Watch

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If you read my blog with any regularity, you’re probably well aware that I’m a full-on nerd for all things beauty. I love reviewing makeup and skincare, and never tire of sharing my tips and product recommendations with you. At the same time, I’ve been itching to branch out and incorporate more fashion and lifestyle content here and on my YouTube channel. Anyone that knows me offline will vouch for the fact that I’m more than mildly enthusiastic about the things in my closet, so why wouldn’t I want to bring some of that passion to this space?

And of course, with the universe and it’s perfect timing, not more than a few days after I decide I’m going to start on this new adventure does JORD approach me about collaborating for the holiday season. JORD is known for their beautiful, handcrafted wooden watches, and they graciously offered to gift me the timepiece of my choice in exchange for an honest review.  I’m not going to lie, I don’t think I had ever seen or heard of a wooden watch prior to this, but as soon as I started perusing their website I knew I was all in. JORD’s watches are (no pun intended) incredibly timeless, with sleek, sophisticated designs for men and women. And let’s be serious, there’s something insanely cool about a wooden watch. It’s unexpected, unique, and perfectly channels that casual-enough-to-wear-everyday-but-stylish-enough-to-dress-up kind of vibe.

With my not-so-subtle love for all things rose gold, choosing the Cassia Walnut & Vintage Rose Watch was pretty much a no-brainer. However, there are honestly a number of other gorgeous options I could have been equally happy with. So let’s take a closer look at my lovely new watch, and chat a little bit more about what my experience with it has been!

Cassia Wooden Watch

If this is your first time laying eyes on a JORD watch, there are probably a couple of things running through your mind. If you’re like me, one of those things is is how ridiculously cool a wooden watch band looks. The other is what the heck does JORD mean and how do you pronounce it (it’s Danish for “land” and is pronounced “YOAD”, like toad. Also, you’re welcome)?

Each JORD watch is handcrafted from wood that’s sustainably sourced from around the globe. From East African Ebony to Hawaiian Koa, there’s an impressive variation in colors, tones, and finishes to choose from. And with a sleek and minimalist aesthetic, JORD’s watches allow the unique characteristics of each wood to truly shine. JORD also uses the finest materials for its clasps, movements, and watch faces, to ensure they’ll be something you can wear and enjoy for many years.

As much as I am a girly girl, I really appreciate the fact that many of JORD’s watch designs are unisex. You can certainly narrow down your search on their site by Men’s or Women’s styles, but there are several that show up in both categories. This to me is the beauty of a wooden watch, which is inherently neither masculine, nor feminine. It’s an all-occassions, all-persons type of accessory that I think you don’t see very often.

If budget is a concern, you’ll be happy to know that JORD watches come at a variety of price points. You can score a beautiful unisex watch for only $139, or splurge on a luxury men’s watch for $429. Considering the quality of the craftsmanship and materials in each of their watches, I think their price points are more than reasonable. BUT, you can also save 25% on your next order with my discount code (we’ll get to that in a bit!) which makes the deal even sweeter.

Cassia Watch
Cassia Wooden Watch

One of the things that has impressed me most about JORD so far is the attention to detail they put into the packaging and presentation of their watches. When my watch arrived, it was encased in a beautiful Cedar box, and came with all the basic necessities to maintain and care for my watch in its first few months of ownership. If you want to add a personalized message to your box, you can also add on custom engraving for $35, which might be a nice little touch if you’re giving a watch as a gift. Their shipping was crazy fast, (I had my watch within two days of ordering) and it’s doesn’t cost a penny to ship your watch anywhere in the world.

Another thing I greatly appreciate is the fact that when you place an order for a JORD watch, you can customize the size of your band. If you also have #tinywristproblems, you understand how difficult it is to try and buy a watch off the shelf that isn’t at risk of flying off your arm. JORD watch bands, however, can be customized down to the 1/4 of a centimeter for only $10, saving you the hassle of going to a jeweler to have your watch sized after the fact (which you can still do, if you prefer).

Cassia Wooden Watch

As for my Cassia timepiece, I’ve fallen more in love with it than I even expected. I love the brushed metal detailing, which I think allows it to look a little more dressy while still being appropriate to wear everyday. The watch face is very large, but it doesn’t feel bulky or cumbersome on my wrist. The snap closure feels very secure, and the watch itself hasn’t had any kind of weird technical timekeeping issues. But most of all, it’s just so darn pretty that it makes me happy to wear.

It looks amazing with my rose gold wedding ring (I wear it on my left wrist), and has been so fun to style against other pieces of jewelry in my closet. I think I picked the perfect watch to accent my wardrobe, and I can’t even tell you how many compliments and questions I’ve gotten about it since I started wearing it on the regular.

Cassia Wooden Watch

If you’re looking to be a total rockstar this holiday season, you won’t go wrong gifting that special someone a JORD watch. And if that special someone is yourself, you’ll get absolutely zero judgment from me (I’m all about that #treatyoself lifestyle). As I mentioned before, JORD is hooking up all of my readers with a sweet discount to use now through December 19th! All you need to do is sign up here, and your exclusive code for 25% off will be emailed to you. That would make my Cassia Walnut & Vintage Rose Watch only $149.25, which is honestly a total steal. Don’t forget to tell me in the comments below which watch style is your favorite, and whether you think you’ll be gifting or self-gifting one of these beautiful watches this holiday season. Happy Shopping!

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