Wet N’ Wild Pro Brush Collection for Holiday 2017

Wet n Wild Holiday Brush Set 2017

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Friends, I have absolutely no reason to add more makeup brushes to my collection. And yet, this new set from Wet N’ Wild for the holidays was so darn pretty and such a ridiculous value, I couldn’t resist picking it up to review for you. The new Wet N’ Wild Pro Brush Collection contains 10 beautiful, cruelty-free brushes for only $30, and contains just about everything you need to create a complete makeup look. Having used them now for a couple of weeks I’m finally ready to report back and let you know what I think! So let’s jump into things and I’ll show you exactly what’s in this set.

Wet N' Wild Pro Brush Collection

The Wet N’ Wild Luxe Brush Collection contains 10, cruelty-free synthetic brushes for face and eyes. While some synthetic brushes can be plastic-y and cheap feeling, these are anything but. The bristles are designed to mimic the feel of natural hair, and are the perfect blend of being sturdy and soft. From the number of times I’ve used these brushes they have had absolutely no shedding, and maintain their quality through several washes. The handles sport an ergonomic design with a small dip to perfectly position your thumb. They’re also insanely pretty to look at. They’ve got a silvery-pink metallic finish that looks incredibly chic against the solid white bristles. There’s definitely no debating that these will make a beautiful addition to any vanity.

The set retails for $30 and is exclusive to Walgreens. While you can find it in store, you can also order this set online and have it shipped to the store for free, allowing you to cash in on those EBates deals and online coupon codes. Even without the extra savings, you’re still only paying $3 per brush, which is a pretty solid value if you ask me.

Perhaps the only downside to this brush design is that white bristles are prone to staining, particularly if you are using very pigmented eyeshadows. I have noticed that a few of my eye brushes are not as bright and white now as when I first got them, having been used and washed multiple times. Granted, makeup brushes are meant to be used, and odds are if you’re using them often they’ll spend more time dirty than clean anyway, but it’s something to be aware of nevertheless.

Wet N' Wild Pro Brush Collection

As for the types of brushes in this collection, I really appreciate that Wet N’ Wild is staying up on what’s trendy for makeup application right now. You’ve got some great options for highlighting and contouring, powdering your face, or creating a seamlessly blended eye look. Here’s a quick breakdown of each of the brushes and what they’re suggested to be used for (pictured above from top to bottom).

Large Powder Brush – Use to apply loose or pressed powder.
Blush Brush – Use for applying powder or cream blush to the apples of the cheeks.
Flat Contour Brush – Use to apply cream or powder products for defined face contouring.
Precision Foundation Brush – Use to buff in liquid or cream foundation.
Precision Setting Brush – Multipurpose brush best used to set powder under eyes and highlight.
Tapered Highlighting Brush – Use to apply highlighting powder or cream to cheek bones, cupids bow or the bridge of nose.
Fluffy Blending Brush – Use to blend out harsh lines after eyeshadow application.
Tapered Blending Brush – Use for applying and blending eyeshadow in the crease.
Precision Flat Face Brush – Use for applying a liquid or cream products to smaller areas of the face.
Dome Pencil Eye Brush – Use for precise application in the outer corners of the eye.

Wet N' Wild Pro Face Brushes

So let’s start out with the larger face brushes. I’m a huge fan of the shape of the Large Powder Brush. The slight taper at the top allows you to powder more precisely, getting in places like the space between your brows or around your nose with total ease. While I typically prefer an angled shape to apply my blush, the rounded shape of this Blush Brush is perfect for bronzing up the perimeter of your face. If you do want to use it for blush, I would suggest using a light hand and building up the color gradually so you don’t go overboard. The bristles are soft enough to blend things out beautifully, they’re just a little less precise than a more slim lined shape.

The Flat Contour Brush in this set reminds me a lot of this $21 Real Techniques Bold Metals Contour Brush, but for a fraction of the price. It’s a bit thinner and less dense than the Real Techniques one, but it still blends out contour on your cheekbones really nicely. The only brush of this variety I’m not in love with is the Precision Foundation Brush. While the shape is fine (although I’m a little curious about how it dips in the center), my issue is that the bristles are not packed as densely as I would like for applying foundation. I think they have a little too much give, which soaks up more product and makes application a bit lighter and less full coverage.

Wet N' Wild Highlighting Brush

I think the real stars of this set, though, are the two smaller face brushes. I am head-over-heels in love with the Tapered Highlighting Brush, which is small enough to highlight targeted areas, but soft enough to not apply too much product at once. Also, the Precision Setting Brush is absolutely genius for setting your undereye area with powder. Its small, tapered shape gets right in that area between your undereye and your nose with ease. You could also probably use this brush for contouring if you weren’t a fan of the flat shape!

Wet N' Wild Eye Brushes

Then you get four smaller detail brushes for the eyes and face. The one brush I probably could have done without is the Precision Flat Face Brush. While I totally appreciate that it could be handy to tap concealer onto a pimple or other imperfection on your face, I think I would have preferred to see an angled brow or liner brush in its place instead. The eye brushes, however, are perfectly curated. You get a Fluffy Blending Brush for softening harsh lines and perfectly blending out the crease, a Tapered Blending Brush which can apply color to the lid or crease, and a Dome Pencil Brush for blending out the lower lash liner, or smoking out that outer v. They’re all incredibly soft and apply shadow really beautifully.

Wet N' Wild Pro Brush Collection

While there are tons of brush sets popping up for the holiday season, this is definitely one of the best I’ve seen yet! Not only are these brushes incredibly beautiful, but you can’t get much better quality for the price. Whether you’re looking to replace or build up your own brush collection, or on the hunt for a gift for your favorite makeup junkie, I think you won’t be disappointed if you decide to pick this up. I have a feeling they’re going to be pretty popular, though, so I would make sure you grab yours quick before they’re gone for good!

Which of these brushes would you use the most?