New in For Spring 2018: Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Perfector

MUFE Ultra HD Perfector

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Spring is officially here, and I am SO ready to start switching up my makeup routine. I always prefer to take things in a lighter, brighter direction as the weather warms up – from glowy blushes, to fresh-faced bases, to glossy lips. So of course, this new launch came to me at the perfect time! Thanks to Influenster I had the opportunity to test out the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Perfector in exchange for an honest review. This lightweight perfecting base is designed to blur the look of imperfections on the skin while still being fairly sheer, natural, and easy to apply. After having a few weeks to put it to the test I’m finally ready to report back and share my thoughts with you!

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Perfector Shade 04 Golden Sand

The Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Perfector ($36) is a sheer, breathable skin tint that blurs the look of pores and other imperfections while still managing to make your skin look like skin. With an SPF of 25 you’ll get light sun protection (Octinoxate and Titanium Dioxide are the sunscreen agents) that’s perfect for everyday wear. Each of the 10 available shades is designed to flex and suit anywhere from 3 to 5 different skin tones, ameliorating the need to find that “perfect match” that’s required with a full coverage foundation. The sheer, buildable formula is lightweight enough that you can apply it with your fingers, making it a great product for quick, on-the-go makeup days. It also comes in super convenient squeeze tube packaging that you don’t need to worry about breaking or creating unnecessary spills inside your bag.

Now, the Make Up Forever website does suggest that this product is ideal for anyone but those with oily skin, which is exactly the skin type of yours truly. I kept this in mind while testing this product, knowing that I wouldn’t judge it as harshly if my skin was looking ridiculously greasy by the end of the day.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Perfector Makeup Look

After giving this base about 5 or 6 solid tries, my general impression is pretty positive. I have a feeling this will be a spring and summer favorite for a lot of people, especially with how fresh it makes your skin look and how easy it is to apply.

I’ve personally never been a huge fan of tinted moisturizers, which usually make my face feel greasy and provide my skin little to no coverage. The Ultra HD Perfector, on the other hand, brings the easy, natural finish that most people hope to get out of a tinted moisturizer without feeling heavy or greasy at all. Upon first application I felt like this product gave my skin a really beautiful, healthy finish with a bit of a glow. It also really did seem to blur out the look of my pores, while not completely covering up my birthmarks or freckles. If one of your big complaints of wearing foundation is that it makes your face look like a mask or that it completely cancels out the natural appearance of your skin, this is probably a product you’ll really enjoy. And of course, if you do have a pimple or other mark that you would like to be less apparent, you can always add a little spot concealer as needed.

I was sent shade 04 Golden Sand to test, and I found it worked really well with my skintone. I tend to wear light/medium shades in the fall and winter, and more medium shades in the summer with a golden undertone, and this seemed to blend into my complexion pretty seamlessly. Make Up For Ever also shared that by being flexible, each shade should be wearable for most people in the summer and in the winter, making the need to purchase multiple shades unnecessary. Considering this product is already $36, I can appreciate not needing to purchase a “summer” and a “winter” shade or needing to mix two colors together to get a perfect match.

All that being said, the hydrating nature of this product is definitely not ideal for oily skin. It never really sets down when left unpowdered, and will easily transfer off your face if touched. Last week I shared an 8 hour wear test using this product, and after about hour 4 I was looking beyond dewy, even after setting with powder. Fortunately a few blotting sheets solved the problem, but it’s very apparent that I couldn’t wear this product for an entire day without touchups.


Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Perfector

The final verdict? Despite the fact that this product is perhaps not ideal for my skin type, I do appreciate a lot of its benefits. I really liked the way that it made my complexion look after an hour or two, and I think that anyone whose face doesn’t crank out a ton of oil will probably appreciate the fresh, glowy look it provides. I will continue to use this product, just knowing that blotting and repowdering will be essential steps to keep it looking fresh past the 3 to 4 hour mark.

If you’ve also tried this product, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Did you like the coverage? Did this work with your skin type or did you find that it also made you too shiny? Let us know in the comments below!

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