Elevate Your Wardrobe with Your Bijoux Box

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As a self-proclaimed girly girl and lover of sparkly things, I’ve always had an appreciation for jewelry. From dainty necklaces to chunky bracelets, I’m a fan of unique and pretty pieces that can accent my wardrobe. Maybe it’s my Mom’s fault (who frequently nagged me to at least put on a pair of earrings before I left the house), but I’ve come to believe that an outfit really doesn’t feel complete without accessories. Even if it’s just a pair of simple studs or a watch, that little extra touch can really elevate your whole look.

It’s been a long time since I’ve received any kind of jewelry subscription service, so when Your Bijoux Box reached out to me to collaborate, I was totally down. Every month Your Bijoux Box curates a collection of three unique and stylish pieces to send to your doorstep, along side a fun little bonus gift. So if you’re curious to learn a little bit more about this service and what subscribers were sent in the April box, keep on reading!

Your Bijoux Box Spring 2018 Garden Party Collection

Subscription Overview

Each monthly Your Bijoux Box costs $39.99 and includes shipping within the US. You can also save some extra money if you pay for 3, 6 or 12 months in advance. Unlike some other similar services, all Your Bijoux Box subscribers receive the same three pieces in their monthly box, which, while perhaps less custom tailored to your specific preferences, also means you’ll never have to deal with the FOMO that comes from seeing other people get items that you didn’t.

The theme of April’s Your Bijoux Box Collection was Garden Party – a perfect tribute to all things spring. I appreciate that the three pieces we received work so well together. The collection as a whole would be perfect for a springtime special occasion. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Pearl Jacket Earrings

Pearl Jacket Earrings

The first piece from the April collection were these super adorable Pearl Jacket Earrings. I honestly don’t own too many earrings in this style, but I always get a ton of compliments whenever I wear them. They’re definitely a more unique and stylish alternative to a drop earring, giving you both the appearance and stability of a stud with the little extra flare beneath your ear lobe.

The combination of yellow gold and white pearls is right up my alley, and will easily pair with tons of different outfits in my wardrobe. Not to mention the fact that it’s the kind of piece that can easily be dressed up or down. All in all I think this was a great piece to include and something that will flatter a lot of different people on many occasions!

Garden Party Necklace

Garden Party Necklace

Next is this sparkly statement Garden Party Necklace. One of the coolest features about this piece is that it doesn’t have a traditional clasp. Instead, it has an adjustable slide, so that you can always ensure the neckline falls exactly where you want it to. It’s also WAY easier to take on and off yourself than trying to fuss with a lobster claw or other type of hook.

Style-wise I think the combination of pink stones, pearls, and flower details in this necklace are perfect for springtime, and would be a wonderful way to dress up a look. With this time of year being the season of weddings and showers, I could easily see this type of piece getting a lot of use.

All About Rose Gold Watch

All About Rose Gold Watch

Then the final piece that we received this month was the All About Rose Gold Watch. The style of this piece is very chic and minimalistic, and would work just as well for everyday wear as it would for an event. That being said, I could not for the life of me figure out how to adjust the band, leading me to believe that it’s set at one size.

Unfortunately for me, I have an incredibly tiny wrist, so much so that I can easily slip this watch right off my hand after its clasped. This was a huge bummer, because I love rose gold and I think that the simplicity of the white, numberless face against the metal band is really stylish and something I would love to wear. Alas, this may be something I need to pass on to a friend, as it’s just too big on my wrist to be comfortable.

***UPDATE, turns out the band on this IS adjustable, you just need some pliars to do so***

Bonus Item

As for this month’s bonus item, we were sent this adorable package of cheeky vintage inspired coasters. I’ve seen these kinds of things around at different gift stores before and have always thought they were really cute. Maybe I’ll need to bust these out at my next girls’ night!

Your Bijoux Box Spring 2018 Garden Party Collection

Final Thoughts

Overall I’m pretty pleased with my first Your Bijoux Box. I think they did a great job staying on theme and curating a collection that would work well both worn together or individually. The style of the pieces themselves were really cute and the quality all felt decent for fashion jewelry. It was a shame that the watch didn’t fit me better, and will be a future concern of mine with other bracelet style items.

Now, in comparison with most beauty subscriptions I’ve tried, $39.99 is quite a bit to spend on a monthly basis. The cost breakdown per item averages out to just over $13, which I think is fair if you were to consider how much you’d pay for similar items at a typical fashion jewelry retailer. Ultimately I think the appeal of this box is more for the fun and the surprise than it is for the value. If you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe and experiment with some fun new jewelry, this might be the perfect way to treat yourself and get out of your comfort zone at the same time.

With Mother’s Day being right around the corner, I could also see Your Bijoux Box being an awesome gift. A lot of people buy jewelry for their loved ones to celebrate the occasion, so why not give them three months worth of fun pieces instead?

If you’re interested in checking out Your Bijoux Box for yourself, you can use the code WELCOME to get a free bonus sparkle with your first box. And, if you aren’t ready to commit to a monthly subscription, you can still shop for individual pieces that catch your eye in the Your Bijoux Box shop! See something you love? Tell us about it in the comments down below!