Huda Beauty New Nude Eyeshadow Palette Review

Huda Beauty New Nude Palette

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Huda Beauty has added a new eyeshadow palette to their lineup, and it’s quite possibly the most Instagram-able one yet. The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette contains a collection of 18 dreamy and romantic shades in a variety of unique textures that have beauty lovers (myself included) all a-twitter. After many rounds of swatching, playing, and testing this beaut out, I’ve got quite a few thoughts to share. Let’s take a closer look.

Huda Beauty New Nude Palette

Palette Overview

The Huda Beauty New Nude is definitely not your typical neutral palette. If the name leads you to expect browns and beiges, you may be surprised to see pinks, peaches, mauves, and berries instead. Apparently to Huda Beauty, “new nude” means not exactly nude at all. Some people may find this a bit disappointing, but I personally love the direction the brand took.

The twists don’t stop there. Huda Beauty also delivers some unexpected new textures with the New Nude Palette. Inside you’ll find ten buttery matte shadows, four duo-chromatic reflective shades, two pressed glitters, one pressed pearl, and a sheer concealer base. The reflective shades in particular seem to be the standout of this palette, dispersed with nuggets of iridescent sparkle that are as pretty to look at in the pan as they are on the eyes.

Now, I personally haven’t tried either of Huda Beauty’s previous 18-pan palettes, Rose Gold and Desert Dusk, however I did hear a lot of the feedback and criticism regarding their formulas. It seems that Huda Beauty attempted to up their formulation game with New Nude, infusing their mattes with ingredients like aloe vera and coconut oil for a buttery, blendable feel, and their pressed glitters with “innovative silicones” to improve adherence to the eyes. The palette is also free of talc, not tested on animals, and retails for $65.

Huda Beauty New Nude Palette

Packaging & Design

I’m pretty sure a large chunk of the beauty community on Instagram can back me up on this, but New Nude is undeniably pretty to look at. While they kept with the theme of putting brand founder, Huda Kattan’s face on the front of the palette, I’m glad that they decided to steer away from a black interior for something more in line with the overall color story.

Now considering the $65 price point, the actual quality of this packaging isn’t anything to write home about. It’s made of laminated cardboard and has a magnetic closure, as is the case with many, many other palettes. You do get a very large, heavy mirror with excellent clarity. However, the design is such that it can’t stand up on its own.

As a beauty influencer, I appreciate that the shade names are printed right below the pans (which makes talk-through tutorials a million times easier), and that there isn’t a lot of wasted, empty space or unnecessary bulk that will make this palette take up extra space in my collection.


In trend with Huda Beauty’s other 18-pan palettes, New Nude retails for a not-so-insignificant total of $65. With many other popular Sephora brands pricing their largest palettes anywhere from $40 to $50, you may be feeling a bit swindled. However, it looks like a large part of the increased cost comes from the fact that Huda’s palettes are simply larger and contain more product than their competitors.

In New Nude you get a total weight of 19.7 grams of product, averaging out to a cost of $3.30 per gram. For comparison, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette has only 10.36 grams of product and retails for $42, making the cost per gram $4.05. Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette works out to $3.70 per gram, and the Natasha Denona Lila Palette (which is significantly more expensive, but also significantly larger) ends up being $3.44 per gram.

Long story short, this palette is comparatively expensive. It’s also comparatively large. Whether or not its worth spending the extra cash really comes down to whether or not you plan on utilizing the majority of the different shades and finishes.

Speaking of which…

Huda Beauty New Nude Palette Swatches

Shade Selection & Textures

As I mentioned before, the New Nude Palette is definitely more “new” than it is “nude”. Even though the shades are far from being neon, they definitely read more colorful than they do neutral on the eyes. Basically, if you don’t enjoy pink and purple looks, this palette is probably not right for you.

That being said, I think this palette’s approach toward color is very wearable, and with the variety of different textures available, can lend itself to daytime and glam looks alike. If you want to keep things more work-appropriate, stick to the mattes. But if you want to transform a look for a holiday party or special occasion, you’ve got no shortage of options to do so. The reflective shadows in particular add an intense amount of sparkle and shine, and the glitters just take things to another level.

The pressed pearl shade has a gorgeous formula, with a more traditional metallic sheen and opacity than the reflective shades. I would have been happy to see the concealer shade swapped out for another, lighter champagne tone in this formula that could be used as an inner corner or browbone highlight.

Speaking of which, the concealer is perhaps the most puzzling part of this palette. I understand the reasoning behind its inclusion, allowing you to easily create a “cut-crease” effect or to prime your lids on-the-go. However, I’ve never been a fan of mixing cream products in powder palettes like this, as they have a tendency to attract rogue fallout and become incredibly “dirty” over time.

Overall I’m pleased with the selection of colors and tones in this palette. My one biggest critique is that there aren’t any very deep matte shades to add dimension. The darkest color in the palette is Love Bite, a jammy sort of berry tone, that, while beautiful, is more vibrant and colorful than it is rich. I get that the overall vibe of this palette is soft, and that a deep smoky look isn’t what the brand was going for. I just think that the inclusion of a single deeper shade would have made the palette a bit more versatile.

Quality & Performance

Given the price point of this palette I’m definitely not disappointed in its quality. The looks I’ve done have been beautiful, and stayed vibrant without creasing on my eyes all day. Using it, however, did require a little bit of a learning curve.


Let’s start with the mattes. These are very smooth, beautifully pigmented shadows that build and blend on the eyes with ease. The formula is incredibly soft (think ABH Modern Renaissance or Soft Glam), which leads to a large amount of kickup in the pans. If you use an extremely light touch, you can avoid making a giant mess. However, if you’re someone that tends to be a bit more more heavy handed, this palette may be frustrating to use.

As far as fallout on the face, I didn’t find this to be a big issue when blending the matte shadows on the eyes. Again you just want to make sure you’re tapping off excess product from your brush, as its easy to pick up a lot at once.

Pressed Pearl

Then you have the pressed pearl formula, of which there’s only one shadow in this palette. This one performs very similarly to other metallic shadows I’ve used. It has the most punch when applied with a finger or a wet brush, but could also be buffed out for a soft sheen.


The most difficult formula in this palette to work with is hands-down the reflective shadow. They’re very creamy to the touch, but also have a chunkiness that makes them extremely prone to creating glitter fallout. Of all the methods I’ve tried to apply them, I think patting them on top of a glitter glue with a finger gives you the best results. The concealer base that comes in the palette does also help these shadows to stick, although I think my Too Faced Glitter Glue works even better.

I was not a fan of how the reflective shades applied with a wet brush. The resulting texture was very chunky and seemed to enhance the look of texture on your eyelids. A dry brush, on the flip side, doesn’t have the ability to hold on to enough product to build it up easily on your lids. If anything, I found going back in with a little product on a dry brush after applying with my fingers helped to intensify the sparkle, moreso than adding any additional opacity.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The final look that you get on the eyes with these shades is stunning, with a brilliantly glittering, sparkly finish that is unlike anything else in my collection. It’s just not the easiest formula to work with.

Pressed Glitters

These pressed glitters are also a lot of fun, but as is the case with all glitter, can still create a little bit of a mess. They do honestly stick to the skin fairly well without any additional primer, but a glitter glue will help reduce fallout and prolong wear time. Because of the silicone base you can actually pick these glitters up fairly easily with a stiff brush, but I generally just use my fingers to apply. Either way, they add a really beautiful sparkle to your look with much less effort than a pot of loose glitter.

Concealer Base

The concealer in this palette was actually better than I think I expected it to be, given that most palette type concealers are essentially trash. It’s fairly sheer, almost more like a tinted primer. The texture is a bit tacky, which is helpful to adhere the reflective shadows to your lids and to intensify shine. I don’t think it’s the best thing to use for a super-sharp cut crease, however if you don’t mind a softer look it’ll get the job done. I’m most curious, though, to see how well it’s holding up 6 months from now, or if it will have dried up or changed at all in consistency without being airtight.

Huda Beauty New Nude Palette

Final Thoughts

While New Nude may have its faults, I have absolutely zero buyer’s remorse. The color story is essentially me in palette form, and I’ve loved every single look I’ve created with it. The reflective shades, while not being the easiest shadows I’ve ever worked with, are truly something special. Will this palette speak to everyone? Certainly not. But if you’re feeling equally twitterpated every time you scroll past this palette in your insta-feed, I’m fairly certain you won’t be disappointed should you choose to pick it up.