Get Glittery With The Beauty Crop Gazing Palettes

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A trio of colorful, sparkly new palettes has just launched from The Beauty Crop and I am SO beyond excited to share them with you. The Gazing Palette collection takes its inspiration from the beauty of the sky – from the twinkling stars at night, to the rosy hues of dawn, to the blazing sun – and delivers three ultra-pigmented 12-pan palettes that are sure to spark your makeup creativity.

The Beauty Crop Gazing Palette Collection

The Details

Each of The Beauty Crop Gazing Palettes contains twelve richly pigmented shadows in matte, metallic, and glitter finishes. They are formulated without talc, parabens, or mineral oil, and are infused with jojoba and coconut oils for an extra buttery, blendable texture. As is the case with all Beauty Crop products, they’re also vegan and cruelty-free.

The Gazing Palettes retail individually for $24.50, or you can purchase them in various bundles. The Holi-Gaze Makeup Set ($35.50) contains both the Sungazing and Stargazing Palette, and the Gazing Palette Vault ($50) contains all three for an awesomely discounted price. If you want to get an even sweeter deal you can save an additional 10% on your order by using code LITTLEBLUSHINGBIRDIE at checkout.

Packaging & Design

While they may not be the epitome of luxury, the theme and design of the gazing palettes is undeniably fun. Each palette is made with laminated cardboard and has a mesmerizing holographic shift. The shade names are printed directly below the pans for easy reference and are perfectly on-theme for each palette. The palettes have a magnetic closure that is relatively secure, but do not have a mirror. While this may be disappointing to some, it’s most definitely what keeps the price point under $25.


The value of these palettes is a little tricky to measure, as it largely depends on what you’re comparing them to. They are most certainly a better value than your typical high-end palette, but about on-par with similarly priced brands. Each pan in the Gazing Palettes contain 1.6g of product, which is more than your typical eyeshadow single. This puts each palette at a net weight of 19.2 grams, at a cost of $1.28 per gram.

For comparison, the Juvia’s Place Saharan Palette contains 18 grams of product and retails for $20, making the cost per gram only $0.90. The Pixi Beauty ItsEyeTime Palette, which retails for $24 and contains 14.4 grams of product, works out to $1.67 per gram. To note, both of these palettes also contain 12 shades and do not have a mirror.

Long story short, yes I think the $24.50 price point is very fair for these palettes. When you take into consideration not only the amount of product you’re getting, but also the quality of the shadows and variety of finishes, I think they’re a pretty good deal.

The Beauty Crop Gazing Palette Collection

Formula & Performance

From the moment I first laid eyes on these palettes, I had a feeling they were going to be something special. The live swatches I saw online were absolutely stunning, and I’m happy to report they perform just as beautifully in real life. Now, The Beauty Crop states that these palettes contain three different formulas, however my experience has proven otherwise.

Mainly the discrepancy for me is with the mattes. There are some shades that come across as a true matte with absolutely no sheen, and others with a satiny, almost pearlescent finish that falls somewhere in between a matte and a metallic. To be honest, both formulas seem to be very easy to work with, so I’m not calling this out as a flaw. It’s more that when you are looking at the pans, it may be a bit unclear at first as to what you’re actually working with.

As for the metallic shades, I feel like these Gazing Palettes deliver a more traditional formula that is less chunky and sparkly than we’ve been seeing with a lot of new eyeshadow releases. They’re very smooth to the touch, and can easily be applied with a brush or with your finger. They also foil well if you want to intensify the pigmentation and shine.

Finally (and perhaps the most fun) are the pressed glitters. These are surprisingly easy to work with. Even though this formula feels like a loose glitter to the touch, it actually has a silicone base. This helps the glitter stick to your lids and decrease fallout during application. You can easily pick them up with a brush if you prefer not to use your fingers. I would still recommend applying these glitters over a sticky primer to get the most longevity out of your look. Otherwise you may experience a bit of fallout throughout the day.

The Beauty Crop Sungazing Palette

The Sungazing Palette

If you’re a lover of warm toned neutrals, the Sungazing Palette is where it’s at. Inspired by the shining sun, inside you’ll find an array of gold, bronze, and orange tones. Of all of the Gazing Palettes, this one is perhaps the most balanced with its finishes. It contains two satiny mattes, three pressed glitters (in some seriously fun colors), and seven metallic shimmers. While you can most certainly create a complete look using this palette (which is the case with the look I created below), it’s notably lacking some of your standard anchoring shades (matte cream, black, and brown).

Now, I honestly don’t believe that every palette needs to have these colors, and odds are you probably have them elsewhere in your collection several times over. Just know that if you want to step out of the orangey-bronze realm, you’ll probably need to use this palette in tandem with something else.

Get the Look

If you’d like to see how this look came together, I actually filmed a tutorial of it for my YouTube channel. I used the shade Sol in the crease, Amber in the outer corner, Apollo on the lid, and Sunshine as a topper.

The Beauty Crop Dawngazing Palette

The Dawngazing Palette

Given the rising popularity of berry toned eyeshadows, the Dawngazing Palette is something I think a lot of people will gravitate towards. It gives me serious Urban Decay Naked Cherry vibes, but at about half the price (not to mention you also get glitter, which is a big plus in my book). The Dawngazing palette was inspired by the early morning sunrise, delivering a variety of pink, purple, and peach tones.

You get many more matte shades in Dawngazing compared to the other palettes (I count five), along with six metallics, and a single pressed glitter. Given the range of light and dark tones, and the greater number of mattes I think this palette definitely has the most standalone potential. That being said, it’s also very monochromatic. You can create a look that leans more peach, or a look that leans more purple/berry, but your creativity is a little limited unless you bring in another palette.

Get the Look

To create this look above, I used the shade Sunrise as a transition in the crease, layered with the shade Carina and Twilight in the outer corner. On my lids I used the shade Aurora transitioned into a bit of Lynx. I also lined my lower waterline and upper lashline with the Persona Cosmetics Pencil Eyeliner in Brown.

The Beauty Crop Stargazing Palette

The Stargazing Palette

If you’re looking to be a bit more creative and adventurous, the Stargazing Palette will probably be your top choice. With a futuristic, space-inspired color scheme, you’ve got a lot of interesting jewel-toned options to play with.

The Beauty Crop claims that there are matte shades in this palette, but I honestly don’t see any. The closest shades to being matte are Luna and Orion, however both have a notably pearlescent sheen to them. I don’t really mind this because I wouldn’t typically use Stargazing as a standalone palette anyway. However, I wanted to note it in case you read the description and were expecting some flat, true mattes. To me, Stargazing is an amazing accent palette, offering tons of options to spice up a boring, neutral look.

On that note, I think that this palette paired with either of the previous two Gazing palettes could make for some really fun combinations. The pink and purple glitter in Stargazing palette would be especially flattering layered over some of the Dawngazing shades. The olive green color Halycon would be killer next to the bronze and gold tones of Sungazing. Really, the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

Get the Look

This final look was inspired by a Milk1422 Face Chart. The only additional shadow I reached for outside of the Stargazing palette was a matte black. On my lids I used the shades Hydra and Neptune. In the crease I applied the shade Vega with the Venus glitter layered over top. In the inner corner I applied the shade Celestial with Supernova glitter layered over top.

Final Thoughts

Having tried quite a few products from The Beauty Crop before, these honestly may be my favorite release of theirs to date. They did an excellent job with creating cohesively themed palettes, from the shade names, to the color stories, to the inclusion of more fun, sparkly textures. I think the price point is spot on, and that the bundles are a total steal.

While I think any makeup lover would enjoy these palettes, I think they’ll be especially appealing to what I’ll call the “makeup curious”. That is, those people that mainly wear the same neutral shades day in and day out, but every once in a while think about experimenting with color. If you’ve found yourself wanting to be a little more adventurous with your looks, but know aren’t so keen on the idea of spending $40+ on a colorful palette, this may be the perfect option for you.

Given how much I’ve been loving these palettes, I wanted to give my readers the chance to win a set for themselves! I’ll be giving away the entire Gazing Vault to one lucky winner. All you need to do is enter through my landing page on Gleam. Please note, this giveaway is open to US residents only. Good luck, beauties!