FabFitFun Winter 2018 Unboxing & Review

FabFitFun Winter 2018 Unboxing & Review

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My winter FabFitFun collection has arrived, which means it’s time yet again for me to dish my thoughts on the products I received. Did I get my $50 worth? Were there any stand out faves? FabFitFun had some killer boxes in 2018, so the winter collection had a lot to live up to. Let’s see how it fared.

FabFitFun Winter Box 2018

What is FabFitFun?

FabFitFun is a Seasonal subscription service that delivers fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and fitness goodies right to your doorstep. Each box retails for $49.99 (including shipping) and contains over $200 worth of product. You can choose to pay for your subscription on a season-to-season basis, or upgrade to an annual membership with a one time payment of $179.99. In addition to saving yourself $20, annual members also get early access to sales and box add-ons, as well as more customization options than regular subscribers. If you’re interested in signing up for FabFitFun, you can use my referral link to save $10 off your first box. This is not an affiliate link, but the referral link all subscribers get. Using my link earns me $15 in FabFitFun credit, so thank you in advance if you decide to use it!

The Winter Box

This winter’s box is appropriately cozy, with lots of options to keep warm or pamper yourself on a chilly day. All subscribers received nine items within their boxes, ranging in total values of $290 to $335. Unlike previous boxes where a bonus freebie from the box sponsor was automatically included, this season subscribers had a choice to add on a bonus freebie while supplies were still available. I missed out on the pasta sauce (which actually looked pretty delicious) but managed to snag a can of the new V8 Hydrate. For a veggie infused juice I actually found it to be pretty tasty. I don’t really buy juices or sports drinks, but I wouldn’t turn one of these down if it was offered to me.

FabFitFun Winter 2018 Lifestyle Items

Lifestyle Items

Aside from the V8 juice I just mentioned, I received three other lifestyle items in this season’s box. One of these was a choice item, the other two were selected for me at random. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

FabFitFun Winter 2018 Bearpaw Set

The item I chose for myself was this Bearpaw Headband and Pop-Top Glove Duo ($45). The other option subscribers had was a Morcoccan Gold Hair Mask, which, despite my general preference for all things beauty, was something I knew I didn’t need any more of. I’ve definitely gotten quite a bit of use out of this duo since receiving the box, but was a tad bit disappointed in its quality (especially for the suggested retail price). The headband is sherpa lined and super cozy, although perhaps a bit bulky for the size of my head. The gloves, however, on the thin side, and didn’t have the best stitching. They’re also a bit big for my hands (apparently I’m just a tiny person). Long story short, I know I’ll continue to get use out of these this winter, but I don’t think they’re worth more than $15-$20 as a set.

Mark & Graham Colorblock Throw

The next item I received was this gray and ivory Mark & Graham Colorblock Throw ($49). All subscribers received this blanket in one of two colors. I honestly would have been happy with either of them, as both options were very neutral. It’s very soft, but quite thin, feeling more like a blanket scarf to me than an actual blanket. It’s also not particularly large (definitely a blanket for one), which makes me wonder why the heck it retails for almost $50. I could see myself reaching for this throw more in the warmer months, when I want something a little more lightweight to cuddle with on the couch. But for now, given how brutally cold the winter can get in New England, it’s probably not going to get a ton of use.

Way of the Will Essential Oils

The final lifestyle item I received was this Way of the Will Elevate Essential Oil Set ($31). Subscribers were sent either this product, or a Coconut Sugar scented Body Cream. I had been interested in experimenting more with essential oils as it was, so I feel like I lucked out with this one. Since receiving this box I’ve started keeping both of these oils, along with some Grapeseed and Avocado Oil, on my nightstand for easy access at bedtime. A few drops of Eucalyptus oil along with Peppermint oil massaged onto your temples and chest work wonders for sinus congestion and migraines. The Sweet Orange oil is apparently helpful for stomach cramps and headaches as well, although I haven’t put that one to the test yet. Again, I think $31 for two bottles of essential oil is a pretty steep price. I would MAYBE pay $15 for this, but definitely not over $30. Still, they certainly added value to the box for me.

FabFitFun Winter Box 2018

Beauty Items

As a beauty junkie, I can’t really complain about receiving such a beauty heavy box this season. However, most of these products weren’t particularly exiting to me.

I was, in fact, over the moon to see the Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo ($44) as one of our options. I’m a huge fan of Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray, which is a (totally overpriced) miracle worker when it comes to creating voluminous, tousled hair. Fortunately, the other two options weren’t all that appealing to me, making the choice a no-brainer. I could have picked a silver necklace from Lele Sadoughi (I never really wear silver) or a Jewelry Portfolio from H Halston (I already own at least 4 similar travel cases). I haven’t had a chance to try this formula out yet, given that I’ve got a bunch of other dry shampoo to use up first, but am excited to have it on hand.

The second beauty item that I chose was the Sherrie Matthews Acupuncture Jade Stone Roller ($45). Now, I actually purchased a rose quartz roller as a FFF add-on in the summer, so I didn’t really NEED this product. However, I do find stone rollers to be beautiful little tools to have on hand, and I couldn’t resist adding a green alternative to my collection. Now I know you don’t need a roller to give yourself a facial massage, however I think they do add something to the experience. I’ve found them to be particularly soothing when I’ve been stressed or sick, as they help relieve facial tension and promote lymphatic drainage.

FabFitFun Winter 2018

Then there were three beauty items that all subscribers received: the Thrive Causemetics Brilliant Eye Brightener ($24), the Ahava Hydration Cream Mask ($33), and a pack of five BLAQ Hydrogel Eye Masks ($29). Of these three, the only product I decided to hang on to were the eye gels. I have no less than four similar eye brightening sticks in my collection, as well as a number of hydrating masks and creams. Knowing that Christmas was right around the corner, I decided both of these products would be better loved and appreciated by someone else and gave them away as gifts. Speaking of which, I also grabbed this Spongellé Buffer as an add-on, after overhearing my mom talking about wanting to try one so that I could gift it to her as well.

As for the eye masks, I tried these out the other day and was generally pretty pleased with how they worked. They actually stayed in place once applied, and felt really cooling and hydrating on my under eyes. To me, eye gels are a splurge item, and not something I would normally go out and purchase. I’m happy to have received them in the box and to have them on hand for special occasions, but I don’t think I’ll end up repurchasing more when they’re gone.

And then there was the epic fail of this box. Okay, maybe epic is a bit of an exaggeration, but I was still pretty disappointed. Subscribers were supposed to receive either a Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick, a set of four wooden coasters, or a pair of Body Sliders. I was apparently supposed to receive the coasters (although I would have REALLY preferred the lipstick), but due to a manufacturing issue, didn’t end up getting them in my box. Instead I was sent a mystery replacement item, valued at around the same cost. That item ended up being the Doucce Punk Volumizer Mascara ($25). Not only did I just get this item at Gen Beauty a few months ago (and not really care about it then), but I also have at least 10 brand new mascaras on hand. Needless to say, this went directly in the giveaway pile and I was pretty bummed.

FabFitFun Winter 2018 Unboxing & Review

The Final Verdict

The total retail value of my Winter FabFitFun Collection ended up being $325, although I think that’s a far cry from what these products are actually worth. If I was to reassess based on what I’d actually pay for these items, I’d total the value to be about $150.

Still, $150 is triple the $50 that I spent, so I can’t complain about not getting my money’s worth. I’ve been getting a fair amount of use out of the Bearpaw Duo, the essential oils, and the jade roller, and will undoubtedly be reaching for the dry shampoo in a month or two. I also I ended up with a few Christmas presents, which actually was pretty helpful.

All in all, this wasn’t my favorite FabFitFun box to date, but it wasn’t a total fail either. Such is how it goes with subscription boxes, though. Not every single box is going to knock it out of the park, and at the very least, you hope you’ll at least receive enough to have not wasted your money.

If you’re a FabFitFun subscriber, I’d love to hear about your winter box. Did you enjoy it more than I did? Any favorite products? Were you also one of the people that ended up getting a mystery item in lieu of the coasters? Share your experience with us in the comments below!