M.O.T.D. Cosmetics Eye Can’t Even Brush Set Review

MOTD Cosmetics Eye Can't Even Brush Set

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Fellow makeup junkies, there’s a new brush set on the scene, and I’m here to spill all the details! The M.O.T.D. Cosmetics Eye Can’t Even Brush Set is a 7-Piece collection of stunning brushes designed to take your eye makeup game to the next level. I love discovering up-and-coming brands, so when M.O.T.D. reached out I was beyond excited to give their brushes a try. Not only is their aesthetic 100% up my alley (you know I’m all about that rose gold life), but they also have a mission I can totally stand behind.

M.O.T.D. Cosmetics Eye Can't Even Brush Set

Who is M.O.T.D. Cosmetics?

M.O.T.D. (Makeup Of The Day) Cosmetics is a brand committed to unleashing the inner artist within all of us. While they eventually plan to expand into the world of color cosmetics, M.O.T.D. initially launched with a line of cruelty-free and vegan makeup brushes. Brand founder Chantal Azamian started M.O.T.D. with the mission to help makeup novices find confidence while also tapping into their creativity.

Each M.O.T.D. brush is named in a way that’s not only cheeky and cute, but also straightforward and easy to understand. By eliminating the guesswork, M.O.T.D. hopes to empower their customers, and help them get the most out of their brushes. Additionally, M.O.T.D. brushes are made of high grade synthetic fibers that will not only hold up well over years of use, but are also less likely to harbor bacteria than those made with animal hairs.

M.O.T.D. Cosmetics Eye Can't Even Brush Set

Eye Can’t Even Brush Set

The Eye Can’t Even Brush Set contains the seven most recent additions to the M.O.T.D. eye brush lineup. While M.O.T.D. already had a great selection of eye brushes to choose from, these latest launches round out the collection even more. You can purchase all seven brushes individually, or if you’d like to save some cash, you can buy them in this bundle for $67, saving you $11 on the total retail price.

M.O.T.D. Cosmetics Eye Can't Even Brush Set

Brush Specifics

While these are not the first eye brushes to launch from M.O.T.D., the Eye Can’t Even Set is pretty comprehensive, containing just about everything you need to create a complete eye look.

First up we have the Seamless Sheer Blend ($12), which is a light density, fluffy blending brush that’s perfect for sheering out color in your crease or softening transitions.

The Build and Blend ($12) is very similar in shape and size, but is a bit more stiff and densely packed that the Seamless Sheer Blend. This brush has more ability to build up color in addition to blending it out.

Then there’s the Come Through Contour ($12), which is a fluffy angled blending brush that allows for more precise work. Whether you want to intensify a small portion of the crease, or the outer corner of the eye, this brush easily packs color on and diffuses it out.

M.O.T.D. Cosmetics Eye Can't Even Brush Set

The Masterpiece Crease ($10) is perhaps the only brush with a slightly confusing name. You could definitely use this brush to build up color in your outer corner or in your crease, but it’s not going to easily buff out color the way the Build and Blend or Seamless Sheer Blend will. This brush is essentially an oversized pencil brush. I personally really like it for adding color to the lower lash line, or applying highlight to the inner corners of my eyes.

The Sultry Smudge ($10) is a classic smokey eye staple. It’s perfect for softening pencil liner on the lash line, or packing on eyeshadow in the same area.

I’ve never been a huge fan of flat concealer brushes for actually applying concealer to my face. However, Under the Covers ($12) is great for applying concealer to your eyelids when creating a cut crease look. It’s a little large, so if you have small eyes this may not be your ideal cut crease brush.

And finally, every eye brush collection needs something solid for your brows. The Brow Chicka Wow ($10) contains an angled liner brush on one end, and a spoolie on the other, making it the perfect companion to use with brow pomades and powders. The angled brush side is also quite thin and not to rough or scratchy (like some other brow brushes I’ve tried). It could easily double as an angled eyeliner brush for this reason.

M.O.T.D. Cosmetics Eye Can't Even Brush Set

Quality & Value

So far I’ve been really impressed with the quality of these brushes! The bristles are incredibly soft, and I haven’t noticed any shedding during use. They’ve held up through a few washings without losing their shape or starting to fall apart, which gives me the impression they will last for years with the proper care. The brushes included in this particular set are versatile and practical, and I’ve had no issue finding ways to get regular use out of every single one.

The only potential downside I see to these brushes is the cost. While being far from outlandish, M.O.T.D.’s brushes are still more expensive than what you might find at your local drugstore, with a price point akin to brands like Sigma and Luxie. As a person that loves makeup, I have absolutely no issue spending a little more money on high quality brushes that will last. However, I know that not everyone will see things the same way, especially considering how many amazing affordable alternatives there are on the market. Ultimately it always comes down to budget, and what you personally feel comfortable with.

That being said, you may be wondering whether or not these brushes are worth purchasing over their similarly priced competitors. I LOVE Sigma and think they make some of the best brushes you can get in their price range. At the same time, Sigma is not what I would call everyday consumer friendly. Their brushes were designed with makeup artists in mind, and while I think anyone could benefit from having Sigma brushes in their collection, just the sheer number of options and styles they have to offer could easily overwhelm the average person.

And this to me is where M.O.T.D. shines. Not only are their brushes high quality, but they’re also designed with the makeup novice in mind. They’re a little more luxe than something super budget-friendly, while still being extremely accessible.

Final Thoughts

In short, if you’ve been curious about these brushes, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by them. And of course, if this particular set doesn’t call your name, M.O.T.D. has many others to choose from. I’m personally excited to see what else the brand has in development, and look forward to seeing their future launches!

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