New For Spring 2019: The Cover FX Perfector Face Palette

Cover FX Perfector Face Palette

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There’s a new face palette on the beauty scene this spring that’s creating quite a bit of buzz. The Cover FX Perfector Face Palette is a travel-friendly complexion palette that claims to have everything you need to give your face the perfect glow-up. The palette was included in March Boxycharm boxes (which is how I got my hands on mine) and has therefore received quite a bit of attention over the last couple of weeks. With a retail value of $45, its worth more than double what Charmers paid for their boxes. That being said, if you’re not a Boxycharm subscriber and you’re experiencing a bit of makeup FOMO, I’m here to (hopefully) help you decide whether this palette is actually worth your hard earned money. Let’s take a closer look!

Cover FX Perfector Face Palette

Palette Overview

As I mentioned before, the Cover FX Perfector Face Palette retails for $45. Each palette contains a single shade of contour, a single shade of blush, two highlights, a “brightener” and a finishing powder. The palette is available in two color varieties: one for light to medium complexions, and one for medium to deep complexions (for reference, I have the light/medium version). All Cover FX Products are Vegan and Cruelty-Free, and this particular palette is also free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil, and talc.

Cover FX Perfector Face Palette

Packaging & Design

While the packaging of The Perfector Palette is relatively understated, I love the fact that it’s so sleek and compact. The exterior is made of cream colored plastic with a matte finish. It’s not quite as velvety as the NARS Soft Touch packaging, but it won’t be as likely to show fingerprints, and should be fairly easy to wipe clean. You also get a very large mirror inside that easily stays upright on its own, making this a perfect palette for traveling. Inside the palette, each of the pans has the product type (not the shade name) printed beneath it, and features a pretty embossed design in the pan itself.

Size-wise this is one of the smaller face palettes that I own. You can still easily fit a brush into all of the pans (the contour is perhaps a little challenging, especially if you’re used to bronzing with a large fluffy brush), but I would have liked to see a little more product per pan for something that costs $45. For comparison, the Too Faced Natural Face Palette, which retails for $44, contains a net weight of 24 grams of product, while the Perfector Face Palette has 19.4 grams.

Soft, everyday makeup look
Everyday makeup look

Quality & Performance

As a whole, I’ve really enjoyed using this palette for my everyday looks. The contour and blush shades are smooth and buildable, and never end up looking patchy or harsh on the skin. The highlights are also fairly buildable, with the shade Divine packing a bit more of a punch than the shade Starlight. They also look very nice when mixed together.

The “Brightener” shade, Moonbeam, is effectively just a third highlight. It’s a bit more intense than Starlight or Divine, and is perfect to pop on the high points of the cheeks for a bit of extra glow. Again, this could be worn alone, or layered in with either or both of the highlight shades, depending on your desired effect.

Cover FX Perfector Face Palette Swatches

The only product in this palette that confuses me is the shade Stellar, which is labeled as a “Finishing Powder”. At first I thought Cover FX was trying to channel the vibes of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders by creating something subtly shimmery and light diffusing. Alas, this is essentially a matte, light pink powder that is filled with tiny flecks of micro glitter. The end result is far from a soft focus finish. Instead it just makes you look like you have glitter fallout all over your face. Beyond that, the shade is too pink to look natural on my under eye area, or even all over my face.

Fortunately I like the other products in this palette enough to forgive the tragedy that is the Finishing Powder. Had Cover FX not included that product, and instead included a second blush (maybe making it a uniform size with the other blushes and doubling the size of the Brightener shade to make 6 evenly sized pans) I think they would have really knocked this one out of the park.

Cover FX Perfector Face Palette

Final Thoughts

Overall I’m really happy to have this palette in my collection. Despite the fact that the Finishing Powder was a total fail, the other powders are beautiful enough that I still find myself reaching for this palette on the regular. I could definitely see myself taking this palette on weekend trips and getaways, as the powders all look relatively natural and soft on the skin, and hold up pretty well after several hours of wear. I do think that, for the amount of product you’re getting, the price tag of $45 is a bit high. When I consider how much more product I get in my TF Natural Face Palette, and how gorgeous the packaging is, it’s hard for me to recommend The Perfector Palette over it.

That being said, the Natural Face Palette only comes in one color variety, which may not be be the most suitable for those with deeper complexions. I appreciate that Cover FX tried to be more thoughtful about this, given that face palettes (moreso than eyeshadow palettes) are rarely universally flattering. As a person with a light/medium complexion I think I personally prefer the Too Faced Palette to this one. However, I do still think the Cover FX palette is pretty and will continue to use it.

If you’ve tried this palette (especially the medium/deep version) I would love to hear your thoughts! Have you been able to make the Finishing Powder work for you, or does it also make you look like a glittery mess? Leave a comment down below and tell me more about what your experience has been!