ABH x Jackie Aina Palette Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Jackie Aina Palette Review

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I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon when it comes to Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows. Moreso than other brands, makeup lovers treat ABH palettes like Pokémon – they just gotta catch ’em all. Following the incredibly successful launch of Modern Renaissance, ABH eyeshadows garnered a bit of a cult following. Somehow it seems, no matter the color story, makeup enthusiasts feel compelled to buy every one of their new palette launches.

As much of a makeup hoarder as I am, I’ve never been one to adopt the collector mindset. Half of it is that I just can’t afford to buy every new launch from a brand. The other half is that I’ve got a vague desire to Marie Kondo my life and only buy things that bring me joy.

To that point, previous to this palette launch the only ABH eyeshadow palette in my collection was Soft Glam. And while there had been moments of consideration towards some of the brand’s other launches, nothing pulled me in quite so hard as this one.

Palette Details

Now, if you aren’t following Jackie Aina on YouTube, you may first want to question what you’re doing with your life, followed promptly by going to check out her channel. Jackie has been creating videos for over a decade, and has been a champion of inclusivity in the beauty industry. Her makeup skills are ridiculously on point, she always keeps it real with her reviews, AND she’s hilarious.

That being said, I was delighted to see that she was collaborating with ABH. Not only is that a huge win for POC, but I also knew whatever they cooked up would be fantastic.

Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

The Jackie Aina Palette sports the same 14 pan layout as ABH’s previous permanent launches, with brand new shades formulated to flatter all (but especially deep) skin tones. The palette does contain some shades labeled as pressed pigments (we’ll get into that in a little bit) and is made in the USA. It contains grams 9.8g net weight of product (0.7g per shadow) and has an 18 month shelf life. The palette is considered Limited Edition (so it’s anyone’s guess how long it will be around), and comes with a slightly higher price tag of $45.

Packaging & Design

Unlike ABH’s permanent palettes, their limited edition releases often sport some fun exterior packaging. Jackie’s chosen design definitely aligns with her personal brand: extra, but also chic. It’s got a faux croc skin texture, with a shimmery, iridescent finish. I honestly prefer this to the velvet packaging of the permanent palettes, which are extremely difficult to keep clean.

Otherwise, there’s nothing new to see here. The interior layout, including a dual-sided brush and mirror are identical to every other previous 14 pan palette ABH has launched.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Jackie Aina Palette Review

Color Story & Finishes

As much as I love Jackie and am happy to support her, ultimately my decision to buy this palette was made by its GORGEOUS color story. If you frequent my YouTube channel, you’ve probably seen a bit of a trend when it comes to my makeup style. I’m either rocking a blown-out, colorful look (often pinks and purples), or warm toned neutrals. That being said, this palette has just about every shade I reach for on the daily.

I’m also known for frequently rocking sparkles on my eyes, and this palette has no shortage of those either. There’s actually a really perfect balance of textures and colors that give this palette tons of versatility. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you get:

  • Soleil metallic soft peach with a gold shift
  • Supreme* matte rosy pink
  • Pinker*matte mid-tone cool plum (has just a hint of shimmer)
  • Big Wig*matte rich purple
  • Dwollahs metallic golden olive
  • Credit deep matte plum brown
  • Lituation metallic deep taupe with a violet shift
  • Zamnsparkling rose gold
  • Wiggalesemetallic cranberry red
  • Shookingtonmetallic violet with a blue shift
  • Trust Issuessparkling white gold
  • Edgesmatte deep peach
  • Sponsoredmetallic chocolate with a teal shift
  • Ginger matte caramel brown

*Pressed Pigments

As a note about pressed pigments, the reason a brand cannot call these shades eyeshadows is that they contain pigments that are not considered safe for use in the immediate eye area by the FDA. Often times these pigments are used as an alternative to Carmine (a red colorant made from beetles) so that a palette can be considered vegan.

It is important to note that these very same dyes ARE considered eye safe in the EU, and many people feel that the FDA’s regulations on these pigments are out of date. The reason for concern with these pigments is that they can cause staining to the skin, or, in rarer cases, an allergic reaction. I personally have had no issues using these shades on my eyes, but you may want to patch test them on your arm first.

I would also highly recommend watching Jackie’s announcement video, where she talks about each shade in depth and how she chose the names!

Palette Performance

Honestly, I’ve been nothing short of impressed every time I’ve reached for this palette. As much as I enjoy Soft Glam, I feel like ABH and Jackie really outdid themselves this time. The matte shades are what we know and love from Anastasia – rich pigmentation, superior blendability…and a lot of fallout. You definitely want to use a light touch when dipping into these shades, as it doesn’t take much to pick up a ton of product on your brush.

Also, as a person with a lighter skin tone, I was really blown away with how easy it was to make some of these richer colors work for me. The shade Ginger, for example, is a BEAUTIFUL crease color. It can be built up to its full opacity, or easily sheered out for a nice wash of warmth on the eyes.

The metallic shades are also gorgeous, but vary in texture from shade to shade. Soleil, Lituation, Wiggalese, Shookington, and Sponsored all seem to have a similar, more classic shimmery formula. They’re super smooth, intense, and give the eyes a really pretty sheen. Dwollahs and Trust Issues have a slightly thicker, almost chunky texture that I find needs a little more smoothing and can be prone to fallout. That being said, the shine they give is absolutely stunning.

Finally there’s Zamn, which is in a whole league of its own. This shade is intensely sparkly and impactful, but a little messy to work with. I would recommend applying this shade with your fingers over a brush, and using a glitter glue for the best lasting power. It definitely adheres well to the eyes all on its own, but without a tacky base you may notice shimmer particles migrating to your under eye area throughout the day.


These two looks just barely scratch the surface of what is possible with this palette. I love that it can lean completely neutral, completely colorful, or somewhere in between. My go-to quick and easy look is pictured at the top row above. I’ll apply Ginger in the crease, Sponsored all over the lid, and Trust Issues or Soleil in the inner corner to highlight. The end result is incredibly dimensional because of the duochrome nature of Sponsored (which honestly might be my favorite shade in the whole palette).

Or, you can take things in a completely different direction and focus more on the purple and pink tones as I did in the second look. There I applied Shookington all over the lid, a mix of Supreme and Pinker in the crease, and Big Wig on the lower lash line (you can also watch this Instagram tutorial of how the whole thing came together).

And, if you’re ever feeling stumped, you can always default to ABH’s pre-set quads. A fun fact about their palettes, they choose to lay out their shades so that each group of four shadows (arranged in a square) compliment each other in a look. For example, you can try Soleil, Supreme, Zamn and Wiggalese, or Dwollahs, Credit, Edges, and Sponsored.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Jackie Aina Palette Review

Final Thoughts

I know this is a big thing to say, but this may be my favorite palette that ABH has done to date. Not only do these shadows perform absolutely beautifully, but the color story just knocks it out of the park for me. The shades are unique and fun enough to keep things interesting, while still being practical and easy to wear. The colors also feel perfectly appropriate for fall without being overly predictable and overdone.

To be honest I’m kind of sad that it’s Limited Edition, as I feel like this palette would have made a perfect addition to their permanent lineup. Either way, if you’ve never experienced the ABH eyeshadow formula, and these colors speak to you, I would 100% recommend picking this palette up!