Holiday Gifting for Beauty Lovers

Holiday Gift Guide 2019 for Beauty Lovers

A portion of this post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant. All opinions expressed are my own. This post features products that were gifted to me for testing and review purposes. This post also contains affiliate links, which means that if you click them and make a purchase from the referred site, I can earn a small commission.

If you’re in need of some gifting inspiration for a beauty lover in your life, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite holiday gift sets, makeup launches, and other goodies to get you started. Almost everything is also under $50, which will hopefully be helpful if you’re shopping on a budget.

Holiday Gift Guide 2019 for Beauty Lovers

Blockbuster Gifts

To kick things off I thought we’d first take a look at some of my favorite larger gifts and gift sets that are available this year.

Sephora Favorites Lashstash Kit 2019

Sephora Favorites Lashstash Mascara Wardrobe

$48 $34

When it comes to holiday beauty gifts, Sephora Favorites kits are always a solid recommendation. Sephora hand-picks some of their most popular products in mini and full-sizes, curating insanely gift-able sets at a discounted price. Of all of this year’s offerings, the Lashstash Mascara Wardrobe is hands-down my favorite.

Inside you get two full-sized mascaras, 8 mini mascaras, and a pair of Huda Beauty faux mink false lashes, that when purchased separately would cost you a whopping $135. I thought the original selling price of $48 was already a great deal, but the current sale price of $34 is insane. That’s less than the cost of the two full-sized mascaras alone!

Seeing as it’s recommended that you toss your mascara after three months of use, this set would have someone fully stocked on mascara for all of 2020 and then some! Or, if you’re into DIYing your own gift sets, this would be perfect to purchase and break apart (no judgment if you keep something for yourself, either!).

MODA Holiday Brush Set 2019
Gifted Product

MODA Metallics Full Face Kit


It’s no secret that I love MODA brushes. They’re affordable, cruelty-free, and entirely synthetic, making them incredibly durable and easy to clean. For the holiday season they’ve released super fun, sparkly gift sets with brushes from their metallic range. There are three different versions available: gold, rose gold, and silver, each with five different face and eye brushes and a rhinestone detailed brush cup.

These brushes would be a perfect gift for makeup lovers and newbies alike, and would look beautiful sitting on a vanity or bathroom counter! MODA frequently has sales around the holidays, so I would definitely keep an eye out for a discount. You can also always save 10% on your online purchases with code BLUSHINGBIRDIE at checkout!

EM Cosmetics Magical Moments Set

EM Cosmetics Magical Moments Holiday Collection


Much like their founder Michelle Phan, EM Cosmetics is the epitome of sleek, sophisticated style. Their products are gorgeously packaged and formulated, while still maintaining a reasonable price point.

Being incredibly curious about the line, I picked up one of these Magical Moments sets as a holiday treat to myself and have been nothing short of impressed by all three products (you can see them in action and hear more of my thoughts in this Makeup Playtime video).

Each Magical Moments set comes with a full-sized Infinite Lip Cloud (a liquid lipstick), a full-sized True Gloss, and a full-sized Brush Tip Illustrative Eyeliner, all packed inside of a cute, black cloth zip case. When purchased separately these products would cost $61, so you’re definitely getting an amazing deal by purchasing them as a set.

There are also two different color varieties available, Faded Clementine (pictured above) and Magic Hour (rosy toned nudes) so you can pick the perfect set for your (or your giftee’s) beauty aesthetic. Personally I’m all about orange-toned lips, so this was an easy choice for me! Faded Clementine comes across more as more of a dirty pumpkin shade, which strikes is the perfect balance of vibrant and wearable in my opinion.

Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Palette

Too Faced Gingerbread Extra Spicy Palette


There’s no denying that Too Faced knows how to get festive with their holiday makeup launches. This Gingerbread Extra Spicy Palette not only has THE most adorable aesthetic, but it also performs well AND smells like a cookie. The vibrant, warm-toned shades are incredibly on-trend, and could be used for subtle and glam looks alike.

If you’re curious to learn more about the palette and see swatches of all 18 shades, I’d recommend checking out my full review!

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System
Gifted Product

Smile Brilliant Sensitive Starter Kit

Price Varies

If you’re looking for a less traditional, but highly practical beauty gift, you might want to consider a starter kit from Smile Brilliant! If someone has a springtime special event like prom or a wedding, a brighter, whiter smile might be the perfect gift to give.

I was first introduced to Smile Brilliant back in 2018, after finishing up a year long stint of Invisalign. As a daily coffee drinker, my teeth had become pretty heavily stained, and I wanted to show off the end results of all my straightening with a whiter smile. I had a really great experience with Smile Brilliant, and still use their whitening gel to keep up my results.

Smile Brilliant offers three different whitening kits, depending on how much gel needed to get the results you desire. A safe bet is to opt for the T6 system, which has enough whitening gel to remove average stains. You can also always purchase additional gel in the future if more ends up being needed!

I would also personally recommend opting for one of the sensitive kits over the non-sensitive ones, regardless of your giftee. The whitening gel is identical, however the sensitive kits also include a desensitizing gel that not only helps to reduce tooth sensitivity after whitening, but also helps to rehydrate your enamel and prolong your results.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Smile Brilliant kit, code LITTLEBLUSHINGBIRDIE15 will take 15% off your order. I also am really happy to announce that Smile Brilliant has offered to hold a giveaway for my readers! One lucky person will win $149 in credit towards their next Smile Brilliant purchase. All you need to do to enter is provide your email address through this link on the Smile Brilliant website. The giveaway will be open through December 6th and is open to residents of the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Holiday Gift Guide 2019 for Beauty Lovers

Gifts Under $25

If you’re looking for something a little more petite and budget-friendly, all of these gift ideas are under $25!

Pistaché Skincare Pistachio Hand Cream

Pistaché Skincare Hydrating Hand Cream


Hand cream is a winter essential, but not everyone will treat themselves to a formula as luxurious as this one from Pistaché Skincare. It sports the same scrumptious scent as their “Boyfriend” Body Butter, which personally reminds me of pistachio biscotti or some other kind of delicious confection. It’s got an extremely light, almost whipped texture that melts into your skin and won’t leave your hands feeling greasy.

DefineMe Fragrance Petites Fragrance Oil Kit
Gifted Product

DefineMe Petites Fragrance Oil Kit


Cruelty-free fragrances are surprisingly hard to come by, which is one of the things I love about DefineMe! All of their perfumes are made in the United States with high quality, vegan ingredients that are never tested on animals.

Knowing that fragrance is highly personal, a sampler kit like this one is a great way for someone to experiment with the line and figure out which scents are their favorite. DefineMe’s scents are also designed for layering, so having all six on hand to play with is also a perfect way to discover your favorite combinations!

If you do decide to make a purchase from the DefineMe website, you can use code BLUSHINGBIRDIE to save 10% on your order.

Sweet Water Decor Eyelashes Jewelry Dish

Sweet Water Decor Eyelashes Jewelry Dish


Finally, I wanted to recommend a cute little beauty inspired gift that wasn’t actually a beauty product. This super sweet catch-all dish is perfect for stashing jewelry while doing your makeup. Sweet Water Decor also has tons of other adorable giftable things, including candles, mugs, and more. I’d highly recommend checking them out!

Holiday Gift Guide 2019 for Beauty Lovers