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PR, FTC Disclosures, & Affiliations

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’ve got a passion for test driving beauty products. The products I review are a mixture of things I have either received complimentary as PR (Public Relations) from a brand or agency, and that I have purchased myself. Any product that was sent to me au gratis will be clearly indicated as such.

The majority of my posts are also not sponsored, that is, I am not being paid to create them. However, any post that was created directly in partnership with a brand will be clearly indicated as such. Regardless of whether or not I receive compensation in the form of free product or payment, you can rest assured that a positive opinion cannot be bought from me! All opinions I express will reflect my genuine experience of the product, and should a brand take issue with this, the collaboration will not move forward.

I also work with certain brands as an affiliate, which means that I can earn a small commission from purchases made after being referred from my site.  If a post contains affiliate links it will be disclosed with a tag right at the top, so that you may choose whether or not you would like to use them. All of the brands with which I have an affiliate partnership will also be listed below.

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