Friday, July 3, 2015

Birthday Beauty Wishlist

When I was a kid I used to hate that my birthday fell on a holiday weekend, and in the summer at that. It was impossible to have a well attended party with all of my friends traveling or with busy with family plans, and I never got to have cupcakes to celebrate at school (such a travesty, I know). Now that I'm a bit more grown up, though, I couldn't imagine a better birthday. I always get a day off, either on my actual birthday, or the day after, and I get some pretty sweet fireworks to celebrate! So far I'm not entirely sure what my actual plans are for today aside from dinner with my bestie, but I'm sure that as a whole I'll have a lovely long weekend.

I'm also a big advocate of self gifting for birthdays. At this point in my life I'm mostly past parties and presents and other celebratory activities, so I usually take it upon myself to make sure I feel a little extra special. And of course, my favorite way to treat myself is almost always with a little bit of retail therapy. I've always got a pretty lengthy beauty wish list, but here are the items I'm currently coveting the most!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 2015 Flashback

Happy 1st of July, all! I've always had a particular fondness for this month. The summer is in full swing, 4th of July celebrations will soon be under way, and it's my birthday on Friday, so that's always something to look forward to. It looks like my friend is taking me out to dinner to celebrate, which should be lovely, AND I don't have work because of the holiday. Basically, I'm in good spirits and I'm really looking forward to the rest of this month.

Before I get too carried away, though, I should give June a proper goodbye and take a quick look back at all of the happenings on Little Blushing Birdie last month.

June 2015 Glambag

As June has come and gone it's time to finally round up the last of my monthly posts with my Glambag review. Things have been solidly better in the Ipsy world over the last couple of months, and I'm generally feeling pretty pleased with my decision to stick with my subscription (things were getting a bit dicey towards the end of last year). The theme this month is "Swim into Beauty", and while nothing I got was really waterproof or pool friendly, there was definitely some good stuff packed inside that little cosmetics bag. Let's take a peek inside, shall we?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 2015 Favorites

It's been another whirlwind of a month! I feel like June was especially crazy, as work had been particularly stressful and my time and energy for blogging was much less than usual. Fortunately I had a wonderfully relaxing week of vacation that got me back up on my feet and feeling recharged. I've got at least 12 posts in the drafting stages (including a delicious recipe for blueberry lemon cheesecake bars), so get ready for July to be full of amazing things!

Anyway, back to the real reason you're here. I've got a lovely little collection of makeup, skincare and other goodies that I've been using non stop this month to share with you.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 2015 Birchbox

It's Birchbox time yet again! I have to say, it always bums me out a little bit that I tend to receive my boxes towards the middle of the month, because I hate to be rushed in trying everything, but I also like to actually get my reviews out before the end of the month. What a conundrum, I know. Still, I suppose good things are worth waiting for, as was this month's box. Shall we take a peek inside?